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  1. I'm not close enough but I wanted to be first just once. VERY generous offer!
  2. Thanks gents. Yes it was certainly challenging in a lot of ways - certainly more so than just a plan slab table top should have been. I'm very happy with the result and I have a new favorite finishing technique. Now I need to make chairs
  3. Okay ... done. Life kinda got in the way of getting this put back together. The leaves still need another coat but here's the main table:
  4. I'm working on a rebuild for my family's table, but the design is simple, can showcase the wood, and is a leaf design. Here's a Stickley that's similar: Here's my project page where you can see the new top:
  5. We do have a "Half-Price Books" store. Problem is with as sprawled out as cities are these days, I could be looking at 30 miles for a library and double to find a specific store. I'll just have to keep it in mind when we go past one of those areas. The wife will wonder why I all of a sudden want to go shopping with her.
  6. So ... sell it to me. Mostly thinking cutting out dovetail waste.
  7. Inspired by Jeff Jewitt: New Wood: Sand to 220. Distilled water wipedown to raise grain followed by a 220 sanding Old Wood: Bleach and sand to 220. TransTint Brown Mahogany @ 3.4% in distilled water (Jeff calls for 3.0%) General Finishes SealACell Sealer followed by a scuff-sand with 320 General Finishes Brown Mahogany Gel Stain (Jeff calls for Candlelite) (so far) 1 coat General Finishes ArmRSeal Satin
  8. I'll have to do that, thanks for the tip. I was going to type up the history of the table and put it in an envelope tacked inside that column. I can add that info as well.
  9. I'm digging it for sure. It's exactly as I'd hoped. Now I have to get through three more coats or so and get it back in the house.
  10. Work and life got in the way for a bit. This afternoon I got the first coat of Arm-R-Seal on the base and the top of the table. I continue to be happy with the results: Here's a pic of the sample chip I was trying to match, Stickley's Onandaga: And here is one of Stickley's sample chips on the table: I don't want to sound too proud, but I'm thinking I nailed it.
  11. See here's how good Knew marketing is - after seeing saws for $20 I wonder what's wrong with them. The mass flopping about is a good point. I was thinking of using this to help cut the waste on dovetails and things like that. 12" of throat where I only need a few is probably too much. Is there any way to tension these, or do you compress the frame when you put the blade in?
  12. Lee Bussy

    Fret Saw?

    Anyone have an opinion? Olson Saw Sf63507 Fret Saw Fret Saw, Flat Wire Frame - $21.95