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  1. hOne thing I believe is the Oneida cyclone body itself is the best for a limited height situation . I found it tough to build my system and keep it short enough. The blower / cyclone in 1 piece -vs- a stacked blower on a DD xl was my challenge . A possible solution is a very small bin or barrel, but I didn't want that either. Chestnut has helped many people here, myself included . Great information.
  2. you should look at Oneida's V-systems for small shops . Great for 1 man situations, if you have the budget .Short cyclones { jet , laguna , grizzly , etc. }have limitations.
  3. ,I also started w/ the grizzly DC, added a cyclone . I made a change on the outlet side as well as the inlet. Bought the 7" inlet for the 3HP model , but also increased the discharge side , opening that from 6 x 8 to 6 x 9 inches w/ an oversized "plenum" down to my filter stack . I cut apart the DC housing and made the increase , then welded it back together . This changed it from 48 to 54 sq. inches, roughly 11 % . I have no test measurements to offer , but hopefully it helps . Trying to get everything possible from a small DC is a "rabbit hole "for sure , but all it costs is my time . I'm planning an impeller change also . Continental Fan has something I think will be an improvement . We will soon see.This will get me up to $1000 on a shop built cyclone . I will report back the results .
  4. Frank Howarth has a "gantry crane" video that could be of interest. Do you need to get under a garage door opening? A short version made of 2 x 4 stock w/ a HF hoist or block and tackle , and casters ?
  5. just to sum up , I modified the cabinet to allow the Dust Deputy to work w/ this bin I have. Had to tweek the doors and face frame , and the mobile platform it rests on . I guess it's a "do it right the first time "thing . I will be interesting to see if the Duststopper catches on .
  6. This is being installed in a built in "miter station" , and the space for the vac. / separator / bin is 24" D, 36'W, 40" H . As I stated before, the bin I'd like to use is a no go w/ the DD. Given that however, a bin w/ the DD that would fit under the 40" H seems the obvious step. My first choice in bins works beautifully in that small space , yet it is 33 gal. in capacity, only 13" H . Huge capacity for a miter station. Thanks to everybody who has commented.
  7. Thanks Issac , I think you hit the nail on the head . I guess I'll try it , I can always use it on the floor to vacuum that . I get a little obsessed w/ dust collection sometimes .
  8. The parts I wonder are 1 - how much of the bucket must be retained as a "cone" to effective ( 1/2 - 2/3 ? ) . 2 - miter saws create what exactly in chips / fine dust ? All chips ? 50 - 50 ? More fines ? If the consensus was "mostly fines ", I think I would replace the bin , and go w/ Dust Deputy . This bin I would like to use is the reason for my flip flopping . Also the the miter station has a 12 inch , a 8.5 inch , hard piped w/ 2.5 inch pipe and fittings . the only flex is from the blade guards to the pipe . I know , overkill .
  9. Hey John, yes I remember that thread , but the search didn't find it. I think Gee-Dub has a point on the limited capacity potentially . I can take 1/2 the bucket and connect it with the large bin below for massive capacity, but I wonder if sticking with the DD is the way to go . I have a bin that would be ideal w/ the duststopper, and not w/ the height of the DD and its hoses on top. So really, my bin is the problem, which could be replaced if ness. The DD is a "known" good performer , nothing to worry about. Just didn't want a DD on a 5 gal. bucket.
  10. It's sold at Home Depot , and I'm having trouble getting the link to it to post . Sorry
  11. I'm curious if anybody has tried this , because I don't see anybody talking about it much. To me , it looks like a thien baffle in it's design . Great on "chips", Fair on the "fine dust". It would save me some space on a DC system inside a miter station , as opposed to a small Dust Deputy . There is a few Youtube reviews , and it catches all the chips "in the bucket" The fines are what I'm worried about .
  12. Could be metric , slightly different .
  13. I also think that 4 inch DD will give you the best results w/ a1 HP machine , It's a shame its only sold in combination with that fiber barrel. Take those dimensions and build one , rather than a thien baffle . Might be worth a try.
  14. Who knew ? probably everyone but me . I assumed the tax of the sellers home state applied . Did some online shopping and no tax added . That pays for the shipping , more or less . Thanks
  15. thanks , I'll check on that