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  1. The old version of Wood Talk got to be a hassle to keep on You Tube . Is that still the case ? I assume that nothing has changed , but I have not heard , either way .
  2. I am curious what specific 3 HP collector you have , and what you will be hooking up to ? Is it lathe only ? If space is getting tight , have you considered a shop built cyclone . Saves room compared to a 3 HP DC with a Dust Deputy/ Barrel sitting nearby . Hundreds of them on YouTube to consider . Might work for you .
  3. My first shop built cyclone used the cyclone in Tom's post . Had a 2HP grizzly blower , worked great w/ 6' PVC ducts . I also wonder if he is still in business ? I think it was $200 or so . It was less than a Dust Deputy XL . Anyway I traded it for my daughters first car to my buddy , about 2 yrs. ago .
  4. The Grizzly Growler is a poorly designed cyclone. Period. It is way too short for it's diameter and length . It also has a 7" exhaust out the top side- again , too big given it's size . It could be modified , but I'd buy the Super Dust Deputy XL . It will work great with a 3 HP 2-bagger .I almost bought it , just for the barrel , with plans to modify it .Oneida is really good , that carried the day for me .
  5. I have had a few 1HP collectors , and I currently use 2 " Duststoppers " in workstations I've built . For the investment of a 4" to 2" reducer , I would see how they did together . Collecting from a lathe is something I've never done.
  6. I would wonder about using 6" to 4" reducer from the top of the dust deputy to the 6" inlet on the blower . I don't know on that cyclone how it might change your CFM . Leaving the blower opening at 6" will pull more air , but what will the smaller dust deputy move thru it ? A reducer is about $12.00 , but in your situation I would try that . Who knows ?
  7. Being retired makes me cheap and blessed with time on my hands . I'd probably break the bench apart , save all I could (casters , etc. ) , for the next shop furniture build . It's coming I'm sure .
  8. Congrats . When I saw three motors in that thing , it reminds me of a Fuji HVLP, I think Onieda has something here Let us hear how it works out . .
  9. The same guy modify's a Grizzly Growler cyclone, in an effort to improve "fine "dust collection. I was struck by the flex hose everywhere, and its overall poor design. I bet when he does some research on it [ duct-vs- flex ] , it will be what he needs .
  10. I have been following this build. Don't know this mans name, but I like his channel. He's very clever, in many subjects. I think his router table is as nice as I've seen for a "shop built" project. Eight video's long is a lot, however. Love the motorized fence and lift.
  11. In my experience , avoiding cheap fasteners ( HF for the most part ) is wise . I have Grex , Senco , Rigid , Bostich , and Harbor Freight , and garbage in equals jamming and aggrevation . Not an item to get cheap on . just my opinion .
  12. Just had a look at it . It 's impressive for sure . Way out of my budget however . I've got my central DC , and 3 separate work stations w/ DC in them ( shop vac-dust deputy etc. ) But if I were starting from scratch , that system could replace alot of what I currently have . I like it.
  13. another +1 on Flexzilla . Love the hose , the reel itself I would give a B .
  14. I am old and retired, and find the best thing is to have "good shoes" on . K Cooper mentions being barefoot alot , I find my back will start screaming . Even slippers is a problem . I could do it years ago , not now .