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  1. Collinb - well I Picked up the remote you showed . It is surprisingly small . I almost grabbed it back in March , but finally did it . It is just what I need . Thanks .
  2. wood whisperer did a review not long ago , not super impressed as I recall .
  3. Second point , the Rikon has a bag filter . A cannister is a big upgrade , in CFM and filtration .
  4. I have had 3 1HP machines over the years , and think they are all limited at best . CFM claims are unreliable . If the Dust Right has a bigger impeller , it will move more air . My Rikon has a 9" impeller , and it was the weakest of the 3 I have owned . Have a look at Grizzly also . 650 CFM at the end of a 4" flex line is a reach . If you find one w/ 10" - 11" impeller , you'll get much better results . I'd advise larger DC , even if you had to wait a while . If you expect to be in the hobby long , a 1HP machine will soon be " too small ".
  5. 2 inch hose is for shop vacs/ extractors - not your central DC system . Exceptions are TS over-arm port , router table fence only , possibly under the bandsaw table . Do some research on DC vs. Extraction from small tools , there are differences .
  6. I use 2 in my miter station . 12" DeWalt and a 7 1/4" that can be handy also . That said , I generally then go to the crosscut sled for final sizing . Just depends on what it is .
  7. I gotta say , Meatwad is one of the best "nicknames " I've seen . Well done , welcome .
  8. I did a box for 2 12"x24" filters , from the Jay Bates idea . If it extends the life any , or keeps the internal area cleaner , I'm happy .It sure can't hurt .
  9. Are you hoping for "work stations" w/DC in them , and avoid a large central DC and pipes ? It's possible , but a 1HP collector or the shop vac/dust deputy aren't ideal for everything . Plan well .
  10. Alright . I'm not very tech savvy as it turns out .It flew over my head , and I wondered each time I heard it . Thanks .
  11. I don't want anybody to violate a sacred secret , but what is Marc talking about with the Q. O. S. ?
  12. blackoak

    new remote

    I was leery of the price . Almost too good to be true .
  13. blackoak

    new remote

    that is very interesting . what are it's limitations ? I looked at the link and I was not sure .
  14. Hand plane ? Powered planer ? What exactly is the question ?