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  1. I use 2 in my miter station . 12" DeWalt and a 7 1/4" that can be handy also . That said , I generally then go to the crosscut sled for final sizing . Just depends on what it is .
  2. I gotta say , Meatwad is one of the best "nicknames " I've seen . Well done , welcome .
  3. blackoak

    Air filtration

    I did a box for 2 12"x24" filters , from the Jay Bates idea . If it extends the life any , or keeps the internal area cleaner , I'm happy .It sure can't hurt .
  4. Are you hoping for "work stations" w/DC in them , and avoid a large central DC and pipes ? It's possible , but a 1HP collector or the shop vac/dust deputy aren't ideal for everything . Plan well .
  5. Alright . I'm not very tech savvy as it turns out .It flew over my head , and I wondered each time I heard it . Thanks .
  6. I don't want anybody to violate a sacred secret , but what is Marc talking about with the Q. O. S. ?
  7. blackoak

    new remote

    I was leery of the price . Almost too good to be true .
  8. blackoak

    new remote

    that is very interesting . what are it's limitations ? I looked at the link and I was not sure .
  9. Hand plane ? Powered planer ? What exactly is the question ?
  10. how do you like the Jet 10/20 drum sander ? I think it might work for me , but wondered how others felt .
  11. Glad to see it . It will lower the fine dust levels getting to the bags . If you can replace some of the flex hose w/ pipe , you will see improvement even more .
  12. The old version of Wood Talk got to be a hassle to keep on You Tube . Is that still the case ? I assume that nothing has changed , but I have not heard , either way .
  13. I am curious what specific 3 HP collector you have , and what you will be hooking up to ? Is it lathe only ? If space is getting tight , have you considered a shop built cyclone . Saves room compared to a 3 HP DC with a Dust Deputy/ Barrel sitting nearby . Hundreds of them on YouTube to consider . Might work for you .
  14. My first shop built cyclone used the cyclone in Tom's post . Had a 2HP grizzly blower , worked great w/ 6' PVC ducts . I also wonder if he is still in business ? I think it was $200 or so . It was less than a Dust Deputy XL . Anyway I traded it for my daughters first car to my buddy , about 2 yrs. ago .