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  1. You might offer to meet them half way, so long as they covered your expenses. With that being said, if you COULD find a freight company to ship your two boxes, it would probably be cheaper for your client and a lot less trouble for you.

    I would imagine you'd have to build a plywood crate for each chair to insure that your chairs arrived in the best condition. That's a consideration that you'd have to figure into your price. I don't really see how it could be cost effective for your client.

    It's a great compliment to you that she's wanting to have you build the chairs for her.


  2. In my shop the machine that gives me the most concern is the jointer. Running the board across the cutters time after time draws me into a false sense of security. I've even caught myself looking out the widow as I'm making a pass across the blades with a board.

    You all are going to laugh, but the tool in my shop that has caused me the most damage is the cardboard box cutter. I box and ship wood almost daily and use a box cutter when boxing up wood for shipment. I've cut fingers more times than I can count and have stabbed myself in the stomach twice when the blade slipped. It's another case of having done something so many times that my mind wanders and isn't always concentrating on what I'm doing.