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  1. I live on the side of a hill. When I built my shop the engineer said I'd be smart to build up the grade instead of cutting out the side of the hill. That way I could pour a solid concrete foundation. I had several truck loads of good ole Missouri clay delivered and the guy doing the earth work ran over it many times with his dozer to pack it. Doing it this way solved my drainage issues. I used keyways ( I think that's what they are called) so I could control where the concrete floor cracked with expansion and contraction. There's so much that goes into building a shop and many ways to get it done. You'll see many different opinions on how to do it. I can't say I did mine the best way possible but it's how I did it. +1 on the high ceilings if you can do it. Mine are 10 feet high. No worries about swinging boards around. I too have no problem with an all concrete floor. Good luck!
  2. There's a lot to be said for a celebratory nap!
  3. Yep! I fell for "her" line! I think she married me because she thought I had money. Ha!
  4. We started pretty early!
  5. Forty years ago today this beautiful girl became my wife. She's been quite the blessing to me.
  6. I checked Lee Valley first and the size bit I want was sold out.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I ordered a couple of Freud bits off of amazon.
  8. I'm in need of a 1 1/2" Forstner bit. I bought a set of bits several years ago and don't need another set - just the 1 1/2" one. I'd like to buy a high quality bit and am looking for suggestions as to where and what I should buy. The bit that I'm needing to replace has gotten too hot and is quite dull. Rather than try to sharpen it I'm just going to replace it. Thanks for any help.
  9. I throw mine in the dumpster. I guess I really should take them to the recycle place next time.
  10. I own a Grizzly 17" bs. I'm not a fan of their guide bearings. I recently replaced them with Carter guides and bearings and now love the saw. In the rare occasion that I need to contact Grizzly's customer service I have nothing but positive comments. Most of my equipment is out of warranty but I know if I have a problem all I need to do is pick up the phone and talk to a professional. They never ask if my machine still has warranty.
  11. Check the blade for any kind of residue. You'll want all the teeth to be nice and clean. Wow! I sound like my dentist!
  12. I think it looks fine. A great addition to you shop.
  13. There was very little smoke. There were flames. I saw it burning along the cyclone end of the power cord. It burned about 12" of the cord and the flames didn't last for more than a few seconds. The electrician didn't say the sawdust caused the problem - he just thought that what i saw burning might have been the fine sawdust on the outside of the wire. I'm sure he put stranded wires under the lugs. There was no soldering done.
  14. Oh , one more bit of info that you all might find interesting. The electrician thought that the short duration of the flames might have been the fine layer of sawdust on the outside of the power cable burning. I'd not thought of that until he pointed out the thin layer of sawdust on the rest of the power cable.
  15. The electrician said it could have been caused by vibration or by the plug heating and cooling thus loosening one of the screws. He was talking "electrician language" so I might have missed something. All I know is it works and I'm a happy camper once again.
  16. The verdict is in.......bad plug. Everything else checked out okay. Cyclone started like it was new after replacing the plug. I swapped the electrical work for a cypress bluebird house. Everyone happy!
  17. Will do. Have camera ready.
  18. I'm having an electrician come out just in case there is another problem other than the plug. I imagine it's just the plug and have bought new ones, but just in case there is some other problem he'll be here. I've attached 220 plugs several times and know how to do that. I'm just being cautious.
  19. What did I do today??? I started a fire by turning on my cyclone! Then I went to the house to change my underwear and pants!
  20. Here's a picture of the damaged plug and the wire that was burning. My electrician will be out this evening to check things out. You can see the burn on the middle white part and the burnt wire. I'd say I was lucky it wasn't worse.
  21. I took pictures using my phone - not sure how to get them from my phone to my computer. I'll try to take more with my camera and post them. I have talked to my electrician and he'll be out this evening to work on it. He suggested that I get a new both ends of the plug. He was also concerned that the breaker didn't trip. I sent him pictures of the damage and of the breaker. He said I had plenty of breaker but he's going to check it out. More later.....
  22. That's good advice. I'll have him check it. It's nice when your wife works for a construction company and the electricians are a bargain!