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  1. As regards the short grain on the bun, not to mention the delicate horn, or as I call it the crown, I can only say that I've never been a gambler, but I don't fear risk as such. There is risk in the design of both bun and crown, to be sure, but I think the benefits of the design outweigh the risk even as they call on the user of one of my planes to handle it with care.
  2. Hello, fellow knuckle draggers - I received an honorable-mention ribbon for this No. 3 infill in the "Design in Wood" juried competition at the San Diego County Fair at Del Mar this week. The wood is Honduran rosewood finished very simply - a hand rubbed coating of Tried and True Danish oil topped with three coats of Myland wax. The iron is A-2 pitched at 50 degrees; it's 1/4 inch thick, 1 3/4 inches wide. The sides are 1/4-inch mild steel dovetailed and pinned into the base, which is O-1 tool steel, also 1/4 inch thick. That's a cyma curve on the tote, with radii in the proportions of