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  1. I guess we all have some superstition, putting on your shoes left foot first, doing certain things in an particular order, and so on, some may even call this OCD, I always give up my first bait to the lake gods before casting my first line, We all seen the movie where a guy will wear the same shirt or hat so his team will win, or have that special item it insure luck, I would even guess that ever one hear has a little superstition.,
  2. ncfowler

    Too hot

    hot all day, then a passing thunder storm, and a free sauna when the rain burns off, Don't like the weather in NC wait 15 min it will change,
  3. been at the beach, so I will reply now, yes it is fret-less markers are made of maple, with oak dot markers, and the fret board is rosewood, on this one I used a 46dia string, but you can use what ever you want, tuned to a G.. I don't play much kinda can't hold a tune and tone def, at least that what my wife says,
  4. I got bored the other day while waiting for my guitar supplies to show up so I made this Diddly bow,
  5. ncfowler


    Yesterday while going to my last building of the day, I stopped by a cabinet shop that always have a scrap pile kindle, I took a chance to see if they had any thing I could use, I ran across the owner, we talked for a while and he said he has a bunch of shorts, and blanks he can't use, I ended up getting some spalted maple, and some other blanks around 4' in length and ranging in widths. I end up paying $10 for over 25bf. The owner said to stop by any time I need any more, Sometimes stopping and asking is all it takes,
  6. No, mainly because I don't know how, and every guitar is not the same, and there are many ways to build them, I start by sorting through my boxes and finding the one that talks to me, and if I want to make it a four or three string. I then start laming up the neck for that box, figuring out what woods I want to use, I like the way tiger maple looks so most of my outside lams are tiger maple, then I figure out what type of pick up I want to use, and what wood I want to use for the fret board, most fret boards I use are rose wood, or something that has some good grain contrast, the list goes on
  7. The other day my friend asked me is I could make a deal on a Cigar box guitar so he can donate it to make a wish, I told him not to fret, (pun intended) I put together this electric box guitar, and donated it. My friend belongs to the Moose and every year they have a auction and all the proceeds go to Make A Wish,
  8. you tube is a good start to get a handle on the game
  9. I think after that we need something to take our mind off it,
  10. Well I had a SKS. that I was trying to sell, my fellow co-worker said he was looking for one, after a few months he suggested to do a trade, he had a band saw and full size drill press he picked up at a estate sale a few years ago, I decided to do the trade, both tools were in mint condition, down side is they are Homires tools, (Chuck Homires ), did some reviews on line and found they are the same quality as Harbor Freight, or Northern tool, after playing with them running thru their paces they are not bad, the saw held it's line and the drill press had no wobble and both ran smoothly, even t
  11. hey I need to book them for my Daughter wedding. Wait my daughter is not getting married, never mind
  12. been using them for some time, and yes you can sharpen them, goggle it, like stated above they will chip, Ceramic knifes have become more available over the last few years, the prices have come down since the first one I got over 10 years ago, We have several ones my wife likes using them, I have my own steel kitchen/ butcher knives that my wife will not use.
  13. nope just don't know what to say or think, just totally confused,
  14. I made a few, and tried to repair them, in the end making a new piece, or starting over, most mistakes made are because of not paying attention, being over confidence, rushing, or thinking that it can be fixed latter. I learned over time taking short cuts, and rushing through a project usually ends up with some mistakes.
  15. Hoya De Montray. JR'S tobacco store is just down the road,