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  1. Chris208

    Lifting cabinet saw solo

    When I got my sawstop PCs, I was so excited to get it set up that I didn’t want to wait for help. I picked it up solo. Make sure you clean the grease off the top thoroughly. Makes it slippery.
  2. Chris208

    Drawer slides for super wide drawers?

    What kind of slides did you use that failed?
  3. Chris208

    Bubinga or

    Does it have a distinct smell when you cut it?
  4. Chris208


    While I agree wholeheartedly with this approach, his wife prolly ain’t buying it. Women, yo. Good luck!!
  5. Chris208

    Learning to joint wood

    The table saw jig would work fine for this. A problem you might have is with bowed, cupped, twisted boards. The planer wont fix that without a jig (planer sled). This will help you get one flat face to reference from.
  6. I vote knife hinges. Build a mock-up to practice the install.
  7. Chris208

    Drill bits

    Hi all, I’m looking for a large set of good drill bits for wood. Clean holes. Brad point and twist bits included would be nice I’d like multiples in each size, especially the smaller bits. Any recommendations? id prefer not to pay over 50-70$$. Thank you!
  8. Chris208

    It’s a Coffee Table

    They don’t tighten things up, but they keep things from getting loose, if that makes sense. If you build something with the through tenons, put the glue only on the part of the tenon tenon that lives in the mortise. In my case, this was the inch closest to the shoulder of the tenon If you put is on the mortise, cleaning up the tenon will be difficult. Same if you just slather up the whole tenon
  9. Chris208

    It’s a Coffee Table

    The top is two 11" boards. The wood that I built this from was 12 feet long, 12 inches wide, 6/4 and completely clear. really beautiful stuff. I got it from a local hardwood flooring manufacturer for like $2 a board foot. The giant hamster is a 19 year old cat. She mostly just hangs out on the couch.
  10. Chris208

    It’s a Coffee Table

    The wedges turned out perfectly. I cut them close on my table saw, and then fit them individually with my smoother. Easy peasy.
  11. Chris208

    It’s a Coffee Table

    Minwax wipe on.
  12. Chris208

    Ribbon cutting board

    Thanks Coop, I’ve only made 1. Maybe beginners luck. I might make a few more for Christmas gifts, so we might find out. Where did you have problems with the two that weren’t up to snuff?
  13. Chris208

    It’s a Coffee Table

    I’m almost over 40. Dope is a superlative from 90s rap music. meaning better than good/incredible/dope. My kids talk like 90s rappers. Quality parenting.
  14. Chris208

    Ribbon cutting board

    My son had an incredible 2nd grade teacher. I made this for her. These are surprisingly easy to make once the process is clear. Hard maple with walnut, Purple Heart and santos mahogany ribbons. Quick fun project.