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  1. Chris208

    Why I show my work..

    Was somebody asking to see your work? Thanks
  2. Chris208

    Plans For a Roubo workbench

    I did my own. It's a super simple design. Very easy to figure out without paying for plans.
  3. Chris208


    We can do it on my bandsaw. I'll be over there this weekend packing the shop. I can only resaw 6 inches, but that slab looks like pretty straight grain, so you could rip it into 6 inch strips, resaw those, and glue them back together for the top. If we're careful where we cut, the glue lines will be invisible. Chris
  4. I'm between homes currently, so the table will have to wait until we get into the new house. My new shop is epic. I'll text you a pic. Also, come get this block plane!
  5. Cory!! maybe I've been lucky, or maybe it's our climate here in beautiful southern Idaho, but I have not experienced Many wacky wood movement issues. You know I build slow (still working on the coffee table), and the top is still flat as a pancake. It's had good air movement, but it's just been leaning against a wall. I've only had a milled part move significantly once. The only time something went wonky is when I milled something, and didn't allow for airflow.
  6. Chris208

    Wall Mounting Options

    Corey, What's it gonna hold? The amount of weight will narrow down your options. You can borrow my Domino if it would help. Chris
  7. Chris208

    Mortising Machine Chuck Repair/Replacement?

    I am the genius who knocked it off my bench! Stupid gravity.
  8. I'm going through this in the next few months. I'm gonna store everything until I'm in the new house. I love my tools, and it took me a lot of time and effort to get where I am. I expect I could buy them all again if I sold them, but I don't want to count on that and find out my money aint right. Keep your stuff. Chris
  9. Chris208

    White Oak Bookcase

    I really like this. Clean, unadorned. Good craftsmanship. Good job.
  10. Chris208

    Bowed wood and panel glue ups

    Cory, I think it will be fine, but getting a new board would be safest. Is there structure to secure the panel to near the middle of the bow?
  11. Chris208

    First large-scale project: walnut desk

    Nice work, Cory! Chris
  12. Chris208

    Sharpening Bleedingblue's plane iron

    The Norton flattening stone is rubbish. Go buy a course diamond plate for flattening the stones. It's also useful for regrinding bevels. When I do this, I find that switching between my diamond stone, and my 1000 waterstone makes regrinding go much more quickly. I have no idea why. Totally counter-intuitive.
  13. Chris208

    Olive's Bed

    My wife would have preferred that too.
  14. Chris208

    First large-scale project: walnut desk

    Drow - I'm in West, West Boise (Eagle and McMillan). We should get together sometime. Chris
  15. Chris208

    Steamer Trunk

    Really cool. Great work. Chris