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  1. Chris208

    Free DJ-20 Jointer Cutterhead

    Please message me to arrange payment and shipping. Thanks again.
  2. Chris208

    Free DJ-20 Jointer Cutterhead

    I’ll take it. Thank you you for offering this.
  3. Chris208

    OneWay Multi Gauge find

    That’s a great find. A really weird thing to find in an antique store.
  4. Chris208

    Replacing thickness planer Delta RC-33

    Bigger bites per pass. Fewer passes. The 735 is a great planer, but it’s still a lunchbox.
  5. Chris208

    So this happened today... New SawStop.

    Congrats. I’m going on 2 years with the same saw. Absolutely fantastic.
  6. Chris208

    18th Century Style Kids Workbench

    Put it together. Find out if it needs to be returned. The wooden parts can be reused on the replacement, if needed, and that’s the most time consuming part. Their response was not good, but their point is valid. It seems like there is a high probability that you’re complaining about nothing.
  7. Chris208

    Christmas gift showoff thread

    Why the cheap shot at TSA? They do important work in a thankless repetitive job.
  8. Chris208

    I like wood with character, but....

    Nothing 3 years drying and $400 in epoxy can’t fix. Alternately, a nice hot fire.
  9. Chris208

    Replacing thickness planer Delta RC-33

    I have the same delta planer. It’s fantastic. I wouldn’t get the dewalt 735. It a fine planer, but the power difference is no joke. Maybe Look at grizzly, or find a place that can fix your beast of a planer. Many of the parts for the 15 inch grizzly planers are compatible.
  10. Chris208

    Lifting cabinet saw solo

    When I got my sawstop PCs, I was so excited to get it set up that I didn’t want to wait for help. I picked it up solo. Make sure you clean the grease off the top thoroughly. Makes it slippery.
  11. Chris208

    Drawer slides for super wide drawers?

    What kind of slides did you use that failed?
  12. Chris208

    Bubinga or

    Does it have a distinct smell when you cut it?
  13. Chris208


    While I agree wholeheartedly with this approach, his wife prolly ain’t buying it. Women, yo. Good luck!!
  14. Chris208

    Learning to joint wood

    The table saw jig would work fine for this. A problem you might have is with bowed, cupped, twisted boards. The planer wont fix that without a jig (planer sled). This will help you get one flat face to reference from.