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  1. Sorry folks, let me clarify my "can't afford" another A/C unit comment. I cannot afford to install a second central A/C unit just to cool the garage and my current central A/C unit doesn't have the power to cool the garage as well as my house. I hope that makes more sense. This is the direction that I'm looking at currently. Do you find there are any problems with saw dust hampering performance in the unit? I'll definitely take a look at honeywell, they seem to have a good track record.
  2. My shop lives in my garage, but I live in south Louisiana and temperatures can get well into the 3 digits during the summer months. I'm trying to figure out a way to cool it off so I don't miss 5-6 months worth of wood working during the year. There are no windows in the garage, so I was considering cutting a hole in the brick wall for a window unit until I realized it would break our HOA agreement to have a window unit poking out. So window units are out of the question. The only option I see would be to leave the house door open, but the last thing I want is saw dust and varnish smells all over the house, besides my wife would kill me, or a portable A/C unit. So my question for the community is this, does anyone have any portable A/C recommendations? Does anyone have any other suggestions that I haven't thought of? PS. I can't afford a second A/C unit and my current unit isn't powerful enough to add the garage.
  3. using a router on a lathe? my mind is blown.
  4. Hello everyone, I picked up a grizzly lathe a while back and absolutely love it. I kind of wish I had gotten one that changed speed via a dial, but that is neither here nor there. I want to turn some small legs for a monitor stand. I saw Norm using this pretty nifty device on an old episode of this yankee workshop to copy the exact shape of his template and thereby making an exact copy of the legs. I did a search for a grizzly attachment, but couldn't find anything so I contacted grizzly support. They couldn't supply me with any information on where I could find anything either. So at last I come to my fellow woodworkers for help. Is there such a thing as a universal copy attachment for lathes? I know I could just use my calipers and whatnot, but this seems faster and easier. Here's the lathe I have for reference: http://www.grizzly.com/products/10-Cast-Iron-Bench-Top-Wood-Lathe/G0624
  5. I have yet to try bowls. maybe one day...
  6. So I ended up going with a small grizzly. I've been practicing my beads and whatnot on some monitor stand legs. Lately, I've taken up pen turning and holy crap, I am in love. I haven't done any non-lathe work in the shop in about a month (also had a baby, so that takes up a lot of time too). Thanks to everyone for the advice.
  7. Hi turners, I've been turning a few pens lately. I would like to brand a logo and some words onto the pen, but I have no idea how to go about it. I thought about making my own brand, but I have no idea how to go about it or how to heat it. So my question to the group is this: Is there a place to get brands custom made that won't break the bank? Is there a better way to go about putting the logo on the pen?
  8. I picked up a standing band saw, but it didn't have a fence and I'd like to do my resawing there as I still don't feel quite comfortable doing that on my table saw (I'm still too green). At the only woodworking store nearby, the only fence I could find was the Kreg fence for $150. I'd be willing to drop $150, but I want to make sure my money is well spent. Is there anything I should be looking for while shopping around online? Does anyone have any suggestions for a decent fence that isn't $200+ (that's a little overkill for what I need).
  9. Sorry Tom, someone just purchased it on Ebay. Only have the block plane and tool roll left.
  10. Just wanted to give everyone one last shot at: - Adjustable Mouth Block Plane - $150 - Low Angle Jack Plane - $220 before I post them on ebay
  11. saw and chisels have shipped
  12. These are brand new in the original packaging. ****** - Adjustable Mouth Block Plane - $150 ********SOLD******* ****** - Low Angle Jack Plane - $220 ********SOLD******* ****** - Dovetail Saw - $100 ********SOLD******* ****** - Mortise Chisel 1/2" - $50 ********SOLD******* ****** - Mortise Chisel 1/4" - $50 ********SOLD******* - 12 pocket leather tool roll - $50
  13. My lovely wife got me a lie nielsen block plane for my birthday, but I already have one. Would you sell it and get another plane to add to your collection or would you save it to either use the iron or use it for parts or pass it along to your son when he's older? This would probably make a good poll.
  14. They came in. Unboxing these things was quite an experience. You can certainly tell the quality when you pick them up and, WOW, do these things work like a champ.
  15. Thank you! I tried looking for techniques on distressing and all I found were people hitting the wood with chains and poking holes in it and things like that. I'll look into those search terms.