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  1. I'm not sure what machine/software I'm going to go to yet- I certainly have a lot of research to do. The machine is just fine-not broken down. I don't really want to get into the issues of why I am no longer going to be using my Carvewright other than saying that it is due to customer dissatisfaction. I don't want this to become a thread either bashing a company or defending it. I'm happy to answer questions about my experience (positives and negatives as there are certainly both) privately if you'd like to email or PM me, but really this was just a post to show off my last project and
  2. I appreciate the support guys- I'm not leaving the world of CNC woodworking (though I will be stepping away for a while) but am going to be doing so with a different system than the Carvewright. Thanks again, and I do appreciate your kind words- V/r Lawrence
  3. I apologize if I brought personal issues inappropriately to this forum- I've adjusted my post. Thank you V/r Lawrence
  4. I understand that here and on several other forums my name and projects have sometimes been associated with the Carvewright machine. I have very much enjoyed my machine but for several reasons this will be my final Carvewright project. As always thank you for your support, V/r Lawrence .... another journal for a teacher
  5. I have a single small block plane my dad gave me, however I do have a couple of special tools that were purchased "in memory of" some friends or family members. I originally got the idea from my Father, who used his inheritance to purchase a Skill saw after his Dad died. When I was there and he used it he would tell a story about Grandpap and his memory lived on. 30 years later, he still has that old Skillsaw and the last time I was home I saw and mentioned it and sure enough, 5 minutes later we were laughing about the time Grandpap's hammer head flew off three stories up and broke his
  6. I just bought a domino... kind of wish I'd waited and got a refurb, but no biggie as I'm thrilled with it Lawrence
  7. very nice- and yes... expect that edge detail to be "borrowed" - I really like it too Lawrence
  8. great little projects- sure to be heirlooms Lawrence
  9. Thanks for the kind words guys... I moved on to my next project tonight... this time in solid cherry that I resawed down to 1/4 inch. The top is a friction fit lid and the label is a custom label I made with my CNC paper cutter from vinyl and was inspired by the label on the whiskey which goes inside. Basically I cut the gold label out and then laid the black label over top. They blend quite nicely together and I'm pretty happy with the result. The bottle itself is laser engraved (not by me, though a laser engraver will probably be on my "to buy" list after our trip around the country
  10. This is a box that I was asked to make for my outgoing Commander (to be from the Enlisted men and women of our squadron). The officers provided the gin to put in it. (good stuff too... it's the old man's favorite) The box itself is made of 1/4 ply that I added home-sawn quarter sawn white oak veneer to (outside.. inside I added plainsawn red oak veneer to ensure the ply didn't bow) I covered the edges of the ply with black walnut "L" beams that I glued up. The hinges are heavy brass hinges. The finish is lacquer outside and black flat paint inside. The details add-ons are from a combinat
  11. sorry I missed this before- hope you heal quickly my friend Lawrence
  12. That looks amazing (I hope you don't have cats looking at the paper involved!) Great job, Lawrence
  13. there is a lot of very nice woodworking in those little boxes- well done Lawrence
  14. thanks all- I do appreciate the kind words and support- the only problem I have now is that more orders (to the tune of 9 so far) are rolling in... Lawrence