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  1. 14" Walker-Turner bandsaw. Spent three decades in my father's shop, then 5 years in mine. I added a LOT of upgrades. New urethane tires, Kreg fence, Carter Guides, a rolling base, a switch (!), new bearings and it comes with an unopened 1/2" woodslicer resaw blade that fits. I originally intended to keep it set up purely for rip cuts, but I have a big 19" saw and the 14" just doesn't get rolled out often enough to be worth the effort. Before I had two, the thing was a workhorse. No drift at all. I'll be sad to see it go, but would love it to go to an appreciative home. $675 located in Mon
  2. 10+ inch wide 10/4 ash. Stayed with the grain as best I could, but at that thickness, I didn't find runout a big concern. The stretcher is attached with knockdown Z-bolt hardware from Lee Valley
  3. Here's something similar I designed and built for a client last year. Large wide stock joined with half laps.
  4. I love my Grizzly 490X. 8" wide, 76" long. $1375 with Sprial cutter. ($875 without, but the spiral is SO nice) I wouldn't even bother with a benchtop one. A lot of my rough lumber comes in widths just under 8" so it's perfect for me. I use it constantly.