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  1. Mine too looking at some of the grizzly offerings for that as well. They shipped me a gift certificate because my saw went on sale 3 days after I bought it
  2. I just got the go691,i think. It's the long rail version. And the mobile base is pretty solid once the saw is in it and the wheels are down. You can move it a little bit, but you have to try. Normal operation it's just fine.
  3. I've made these before and used a circle cutting jig for my router. Just take multiple passes and go slow on that last inch or so. I did mine with the plywood standing one end holding the router sideways. Probably not the safest but I had zero issues. If you want to buy a 6in hole saw like the previous poster said that would be easier. I just can't justify it unless I was making multiple sets.
  4. If you had multiple boards to cut you could clamp them together like a panel glue up and bring the router to the boards. Use a straight edge as a fence and add some sacrificial boards to each end.
  5. New blade will be next. Hard enough to justify the saw purchase to the boss let alone a 120 blade. Got friends showing up in about an hour so we will see how it goes. I still need to figure out exactly where I want it so I can wire an outlet. That's next weekend though.
  6. Trying to leave the top on. From what I've read these saws are pretty dead on from the factory. Got a few friends coming over after work tomorrow. But it will take more than a few beers. Thanks everyone for the response. Pretty excited to get it up and running. Gave my jet contractor saw to my brother before we moved to our new house.
  7. yea i think i might try that, the only thing is that its on a pallet, on a pallet, which is strange to me. i have the mobile base so i will have to negotiate the saw on to that as well. i got the 691, i think. its the long rail version.
  8. so my new grizzly saw just showed up and i quickly unboxed everything wanting to start the assembly and it struck me. How the hell does one get this saw off the two pallets that it sits on. My friend and were talking about buying a harbor freight engine hoist and simply returning it or setting up a block and tackle system on the roof of my garage. Im sure we can just man handle it off. i will have 4 available friends, none of witch are body builders, but where can i grab the saw by. can the whole thing be lifted by the top or do we need to get underneath some how. I know many of you have done this and im probably way overthinking it. any tips would be great. thanks.
  9. It is an un air-conditioned garage. Will mostly have the door open when in working in the garage. I live in Orlando FL so it never really gets cold here. I think I will vent outside right near my dryer vent. Will have to redesign my system but that's fine because I haven't purchased anything yet. Thanks for advice
  10. if i vent outside how much fine dust will i be spraying on the neighbors/ my yard?
  11. So I just finished putting together my new harbor freight dust collector and plan on adding cyclone. My question is, is there any reason i cannot vent the dust collector into my attic. I dont store anything up there and the attic itself is vented. Would there be some sort of static charge build up or something. Cant say that I have seen anyone talk about or do this. Thanks in advance for any response. Brian.
  12. I've talked him down a little already sight un seen. He will throw in a small wall mounted dust collector as well
  13. Either this or a new grizzly. Grizzly will be cheaper by a few hundred dollars including shipping. Gave my contract saw to my brother and this will be my last saw. Not sure if I want to buy used even if it looks like it is in great shape. Plus I will have to drive over an hour to get it and rent a trailer
  14. Hey everyone. I am about to close on my first house and am going to finally have room to work. My 10' by 10' "shop" has been good for getting me started but with but with a larger space comes larger tools. Looking at purchasing a grizzly table saw and wondering if anyone had a coupon lying around. If so and you don't need it hit me up. Thanks