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    I'm fairly new to woodworking and still learning the basics. I started out turning pens and other small things and have moved to building small boxes and simple furniture.

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  1. Hi all, Last night I started working on a project when I heard a very disturbing sound from my 10" Craftsman contractor's saw. As I was feeding a piece through the blade, the saw started to shake slightly and it sounded like something was rubbing or grinding. I immediately turned off the saw, unplugged it, and removed the blade. I checked what I could, tightened any loose parts, and started the saw again with no avail. Any suggestions? Jeremy Glen Burnie, MD
  2. Hello, My name is Jeremy Meeks and I am still very wet(wood) behind the ears when it comes to woodworking. I live in Maryland and convinced my wife to let me rebuild and convert our two-car garage into a shop. I was very lucky to inherit a full woodworking shop last year and since then have turned many pens and other small objects. I've built small pieces of furniture and most recently found a fascination with refinishing old hand planes. I check the Wood Whisperer site and blogs several times a week to learn as much as I can so keep it coming! Jeremy