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  1. Thanks for all the info. I am going to get the HF system when I am down in St Paul. My latest problem is the motor in my table saw crapped out (Delta 36-390C) I suspect from all the saw dust. So I guess I will be pulling it out and hoping with a little cleaning it will be back and running. If not, it is time for a new motor, or a better saw, just a question of money.
  2. in answer to your questions 3 machines table saw, mitre saw, and router table. One tool at a time or a ducted system really depends. I would like to avoid the cost of putting all the ductting in but I also know it would be a pain to shift between machines. How worried - I will were a respirator when sanding. Would something like a dust separator work okay? I really do not want to invest too much money if I can avoid it. John
  3. I am in the process putting my shop together and have to figure out out dust. The shop is in a 2 car garage with one car that has a home in it so things have to move around. I live where it is cold, I mean cold! (Winnipeg, MB, CDA) so I am worried about the performance of flexible pipe that is on the Rockler Wall mount Dust Collector. The other option I see for someone like me is the Harbour Freight System. I am little worried about the noise it would create. I am certainly not as good as most of you folks and would appreciate any help in dealing with dust. Thanks John