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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the saphire vs rubin. Never used saphire before. I prefer granat over rubin as will on my ETS. Seems to last better.
  2. I'm strongly considering picking one of these up. There's a decent thread over on the FOG forum (Festool Owners Group) about the RAS 115 being retired. Here's Festool's official response to abrasive availability going forward: "We are planning for long-term support of the pads and abrasives for the RAS 115 for the foreseeable future and as long as there is reasonable demand." Link to FOG thread
  3. You could check out He's located not too far off of Merle Hay Road just south of 35/80. Small hobbyist operation.
  4. I think you hit the nail on the head with the Domino point. Add the systainer with the optional metric bushings and you are within $20 of a Domino! That's just plain crazy. They don't even provide the drill bits. I own a few woodpecker products, and really like them. But, really wonder where they come up with some of this stuff.
  5. anodyne


    Hey Coop. Haven't cooked on a Traeger, but have actually been researching pellet grills a lot lately. Traeger started the whole pellet grill thing, but haven't advanced as much as others from what I've read. Few other brands to check out are Green Mountain Grill for the cheaper side. A lot of people recommend Rec Tec as the best of the import pellet smokers. I've really want the Mak 2 Star General, but it's pricey. Check out They have a section for most of the major brands.
  6. Before I got the FS2700 I would join my 1400 and 1900 together to cut full sheets. You can make nice cuts, the setup to make sure the rails are aligned just takes longer. If you go this route I'd get the 1900 as the second rail so you have a little more room for your start and end cut. Also, check out the Betterly guide for alignment, which aligns the rails so much easier than a long straightedge. The Makita guide rail connectors are better than the festool ones (can be found on Amazon). Also, another tip I wish o knew about when getting the saw. Have your dealer swap out the regular 55"
  7. Looking great John. Can't wait to see it finished. Are you going to post a video so we can hear how it sounds when you are done?
  8. Been really enjoying following your build Brad. The twist on the legs is very cool! Congrats on the drum sander as well.
  9. Great looking table. Really like the curves. I've got a very similar wedge space between a couch and chair that I've been contemplating something similar for. Well done! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. From a sound perspective Ghost nailed it. Mass is definitely your friend. It will definitely help with bass, and can help with imaging, depending on how revealing your speakers are. If you have kids/animals in the house, it will also help to keep the stands from being inadvertently knocked over. From a design perspective, I'd aim for making the stands so that you can change the amount of contents in them, using a removable piece on the bottom. Sometimes you need to add/take away some mass to find the sweet spot sound wise. Sand is a great cheap way to get mass, just make sure the sand is
  11. Congrats on the jointer Eric! It's one sweet machine. Picked up the 60HH in the Black Friday sale and keep on wondering if saving the cash for the parallelogram was worth it. I'm sure those fears will subside when it finally arrives. You got yours fast? Where did you order from? Got mine through the Woodsmith store.
  12. I waffled back and forth between the 60HH and the PJ-882HH. Ultimately pulled the trigger on the 60HH. I hope the decision to save the difference won't haunt me.
  13. Looking forward to consuming another one of your builds Shane. Checking in on the forum and your builds over lunch helps get me through the day sometimes!
  14. Just thought I'd throw this out there, incase anyone is looking at the Supermax 19-38. Acme Tools has what appears to be a new Supermax 19-38 offering. It's the 19-38 on the closed stand (which is normally a $370 option), for the same price as the normal open stand unit ($1,400). Checked a few other dealers, and don't see anyone else with this yet. I keep on flirting with buying one, but after dropping the cash for a new jointer in the Powermatic sale, it will likely be a while be for I do. Wonder if they are trying to step things up because of the new Powermatic drum sander. http://www.a