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  1. Final update, finished the chest about a week ago, just found the five minutes to write the post. I had a 12" wide board that was long enough, so cut two pieces from it. Hasn't cupped yet, so fingers crossed it doesn't long term. Glued and clamped Out of the clamps and after about 3 minutes with the cabinet scrapper. Routed the small 1/4" champher to match the bedroom set And finally finished and in place. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  2. Quick update from my lunch hour. Got the case sanded and glued up. Need to sand the legs then apply the finish. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  3. Made some progress this weekend. Got the rails cut and sized. Here is the first dry assembly of the chest. Ended up needing to glue 1/4" strips to the sides of the board I had for the side panels. Works out that these are not overly noticable due to grain match and most of the strips being in the grooves. Got the grooves cut into the legs to hold the panels. Cut the bottom panel with the track saw and table saw. Then notched the corners with a jigsaw and speed square. And missed it by that much on the first fit. [emoji3] Finally a full dry assembly of the box. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  4. Started with a sightly different project with my 6 year old daughter this morning. Practice build for what will be a birthday gift for her grandfather. Working with a hand saw reminds me why I love my table saw [emoji41] Managed to get a bit more work done today. Not likely to get anything done tomorrow as I will be at the inlaws. Finished shaping the lower rails. Love them curves [emoji3] Everything also got sanded to 220. Put two coats of wiping poly on the panels, they will get final coats with the rest of the chest later. Got the front and back assemblies glued up. Got a wall full of clamps, but only two over 40". So these got clamped one at a time. And assembled. Panels for the sides and the plywood bottom are up next. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  5. Made some progress today, got the panels cut and test fitted for the front and back assemblies. Hoping to start the glue up if these this coming weekend, fingers crossed. Got the material for the sides planed. More tenons and grooves. Finally got started on the curves for the lower rails. Only got one done today, should be able to get the other three tomorrow. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  6. Grooved in the rails where cut using a rip blade at the table saw, the ones in the legs were done with a router and edge guide. The vertical dividers do fit into the same groove. The groove is almost 3/8" so I wasn't concerned about thickness of the tenon. The tenon are a nice tight fit. I cut the tenon a hair to long so the vertical divider has a bit of wiggle vertically, so it looks a bit funny if you get up close to it.
  7. Kept forgetting to take photos, but got a few. Got the tenons cut for the rails. Photo of the rails partially cut. Used the table saw with the rip cut blade in. I was to lazy to set up the dado stack. [emoji3] Mortises got cut with my 1/4 spiral bit in the router then squared up with chisels. Rails dry fitted for the front and back. Grooves cut to house the panels. And finally a test fit of everything so far. The veriticals at a bit looser than I would like, I may end up needing to place a few 1/16 shims to tighten then up. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  8. Manged to get some shop time today. Started work getting the front and back assemblies. Parts rough cut: Got the legs glued up and in clamps as well. Planned a few of the parts thick, hopefully going to get around to starting the joinery on these tomorrow. Legs out of the clamps, will get jointed and planed tomorrow
  9. Yep going with a natural finish. The bedroom set is mainly clean straight grain alder so trying my best to match that.
  10. Wife wants a blanket chest for the end of the bed in the master bedroom. The rest of the set is alder, so this will as well. This will be my first time working with alder, so should be a learning experience. Here is the working design so far, based on several designs found online. . Not sure on the top right now. I currently have it as a single panel, not sure if I need breadboard ends or if cleats under the panel would be enough to keep it flat. Got the lumber last week, should be ready to work starting this weekend. Till next time.
  11. Looks like it is just 20% off the 24" and 31", which is better than nothing.
  12. Dimensions ended up at 30.5" wide by 49.5" long by 23" high. The play area is 25"x44"x2.5".
  13. Just got this email from Tool Nut
  14. Thanks for the replies everyone. It is 5 coats of minwax satin wipe on poly.
  15. I have always wanted to build the gaming table from the guild, but my current housing situation prevents me from having such a large dining table. I opted to go for a coffee table design instead. The design is based off the guild gaming table with a few tweaks. This was my first unpainted project, also my first time working with rough lumber from a saw mill instead of s3s wood from Big Orange or Rockler. Finish Product Another photo before I got the lower lid attached. Due to my inability to drill a straight hole, I opted for a finger pull on the lid. Accessory rail. My fiance was impressed enough that I got approval for the barrister bookcase The ladies enjoying a game Cauldron Quest