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  1. Douglas Fir most likely, from one of the big stores or a local lumber supplier.
  2. Hi Wood Talk, I'm fairly new to woodworking. This will be the first project where I designed everything and I have some tool restrictions, but I need your opinion on whether it will work. I'm trying to build a floating bed frame, with a bottom base, a top base and shelves sticking out of the top base. I've attached a picture and the Sketchup file. I have couple concerns: 1) I only will have a miter saw and a kreg jig to make this, so I will likely spend a lot of time picking out the lumber pieces making sure they're straight. Are 2x8s a good choice for this? 2) I want to make sure the shelves are strong enough to support sitting on, do I need to build anything under them as support? 3) I designed the bottom frame to be 70" long, but given the top is 88, can I get away with something shorter? 4) How would you attach the bottom and top frame to each other? I'd like it to be reversible, so I was thinking one of those metal plates with holes for screws in it to attach the back pieces together. 5) I can probably nudge the budget up a bit to get something nicer for the top shelf boards which will be visible, what would you recommend? Thank you all for your feedback. Floating Bed Frame.skp