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  1. Hi, First this is my first entry into WT although I have been a guild member for some time. So, to cut to the chase, I want to upgrade from my Clarke contractor saw to a SIP 01332 cabinet saw. I have been into woodworking as a hobby for about 2 years. I live in Scotland UK and to be honest have not heard ANYTHING about the SIP brand. I have since done some research and mostly from the manufacture have some positive response...Can anybody give me some opinons or experience with this bit of kit? I was set on buying a KITY 619, but this SIP kit came up unexpectantly on e-bay,albeit used and with a lot more features. Thanks in advance, Matt
  2. ditto on the above Europe affiliates...also company here in UK called Rutlands gets a lot of business I think.
  3. I am making a wardrobe using 3/4 oak veneered mdf for the first time. In general, I am using Marc's 1 sheet/ 2 sheet bookcase video for reference. One of the sessions I have done is making my own saw guide to cut down the full sheets into manageable sections. I am very new to woodworking and have never needed to cut down full sheets in a tiny workshop with limited tools and one of the issues I am struggling with is how to clamp down the guide and have clearance under my circular saw for clamps??? I hope this doesn't sound stupid but any ideas would be appreciated.Thanks in advance, Matt
  4. What do you think...sweet...took 3 short passes with the file to the spade bit!
  5. Thanks Pete, what a great idea! I am having the same problem with three of the the 4 cutters that came with the kit..I haven't tried the 4th one yet. this thing isn't miles away but tapping the plug in would just make it better. As it is white oak I am not expecting too much movement and am inserting the plugs to match the grain. I am obviously still a rookie at this stuff, but it's almost as if the downward pressure and design of the cutter bits may be compressing the plug just enough to make it a slightly slack fit? I am heading to the workshop now to find my files. Thanks again everyone.As a new woodworker I hope you guys appreciate how much I appreciate your time to help. Signing up to the Guild has been the best investment I have made into this hobby so far. I was about to give up on a design I had in mind and would have really diminished the effort. Matt
  6. Thanks Tim, was using a straight cutter on the whole and did try a couple with the tapered but I didnt think to flip it around and try the fit that way. Back the shop I go... thanks again Matt
  7. I used a 1/2 plug cutter for the plugs (obviously) and have tried a 1/2 drill bit and a 1/2 spade drill bit?? same reult if I use other size plug cutters with corresponding bits??
  8. Hi,This is probably a stupid question but that hasn't stopped me before...I am trying to make some walnut circle plugs to fit into oak table legs. I have purchased a plug cutter kit, 1/4 to 5/8. The problem is the plugs fit just slightly loose. Where I have seen on the internet anybody talking about plugs they always seem to say "to lightly tap plug into hole with mallet" which is what I want but my plugs just fall right in leaving a fairly visible line around the plug. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance, Matt
  9. Thanks Mike, I feel Iam doing all of your suggestions (except the coping sled, but I will get around to that) and I shall least if you agree I sholud be cutting copes first, that gives me a starting point. Keggers, thanks also, not a silly question as I also thouhght this might be the problem but on double checking cutter instuctions was that I needed at least 5/8 work surface while I am working with 1 inch. If this is a case of just learning to get it just right then fair enough...I just dont want to waste a lot of time time on being ignorant..if you know what I mean when there is this opportunity to use other peoples experience. Cheers again, Matt
  10. HELP!!! I am a guild member and relatively new to woodworking...about 18 months. I would like to take on some raised panel doors for the kitchen and decided to build some shop roll around cabinets with raised panel doors to get some experience. I am useing reclaimed pine for the rails and stiles that are 1.5 inch wide by 1 inch thick for this. I bought a rail, stile and raised panel cutter bit that I think is the same or similar to the one Marc used in "Raising Arizona".It has a 1/2 shank it cuts a 3/8 tenon and groove in the rails and stiles. Here is the problem...I cannot seem to get the 2 test pieces to line up!!! I have watched "Raising Arizona" 25 times and the main point for me is that Marc says to cut the rail ends first, leaving about 1/16 of an inch, no need to measure, just eye ball it and then use the cut rail piece to line up the stiles for cutting the "negative" cut with the rail cutter. I have also tried to measure anyway. It seems no matter what I do I cannot get this to work!!!AAGGHHH!! Any ideas on what I am doing wrong??? Thanks in advance Matt
  11. Good Evening all... Just a quick note to say hello! I have finally saved up enough to join Guild and want to get stuck into this hobby...Have been playing around with this for about 18 months as I hae been building up some tools and tyring to make a workshop out of a one car garage. A car mechanic by background but really enjoyed woodshop in high school. American, but moved family to Edinburgh with my Scottish wife about 12 years ago. Look forward to some interaction with other woodworkers at all stages of expertise..looks like fun and a challenge! Matt1