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  1. Hey everyone, Selling my practically new Shark HD 4 cnc. Has less than 2 hours run time on it. Works great, just my circumstances changed. Included: CNC shark HD 4 Porter Cable router 890 (2 1/4 HP) with plunge & fixed base- bought new for the CNC Six brand new Amana Tool cnc router bits One Whiteside bit 2 original and 2 rockler hold down clamps Flash drive Everything you need to get started! I spent well over $4,000, reasonable offers please Located Near Chicago
  2. A co-worker is selling his ridgid r4331 planer for $200...good deal? He says it's in good condition barely used. How would I check to make sure it works properly? Never had a planer so I don't know what to look for.
  3. +1 for the Ryobi 18 ga. It was cheap and works great - No compressor needed.
  4. A 4'x8' Melamine sheet is $25. I need to build another one of these for my younger one so if this works out, I will definitely go with a hardwood ply. I was going to do melamine edge banding because it seems easier but face frames are a good idea to hopefully avoid or postpone sagging.
  5. Thanks all for the suggestions! I'm leaning towards pocket screws right now. I don't have a dado blade yet so dado is out of the question. (I've tried dado with a single blade and it was a pain)...I picked melamine because it's cheap and if I mess this up it's no big deal to buy an extra sheet. If I was to go with a nicer wood that would be close in cost, what would you suggest?
  6. So I plan on putting in a built in closet in my sons room this weekend, similar to the pic attached. Any suggestions as to how to join the shelving and base? This will be my biggest project so far. Probably going to use Melamine boards for the whole thing.
  7. Mike, I've got a great plumber if you want. Unfortunately I've been seeing him a lot in the past year.
  8. Got it thanks! I had a hard time phrasing my question but you guys got it.
  9. Yes but if I don't have/can't buy a jig, how can I route the dovetails?
  10. I just noticed I put in the subject dovetail jig...don't know where that came from lol. I meant dovetail joint, Could it be done? If not, is there a jig I can build?
  11. I know this can be handcut but is there a way to use my dovetail router bit to make "finger joints"? (not a sliding dovetail joint) I like the look of box/finger joints, but instead of the square joints...I want dovetails. Is this possible? Sorry for not using the correct terms...I have no idea how to better explain what I'm looking for. I have a router, dovetail bit, and a makeshift router table, but no fence for it yet.
  12. That's really nice! Would like to see some more details as well
  13. I'll chime in here. Been smoking for years, tried everything from patches to gum to hypnosis... and nothing made quitting smoking easier than Ecigs. My wife bought me a starter pack of Ecigs as I had no intention of quitting anymore after failing so much. It's been almost a year and I haven't looked back. I feel better, can walk and run without running out of breath. Every few months I drop my nicotine levels. There's no doubt that E-cigs are much better for your health than smoking. I would definitely encourage all smokers to switch.
  14. Thank you for the suggestions. I think I'll epoxy the bottoms and put a few coats of outdoor poly. Now that I know I can make this I will use better wood.
  15. Thanks! Haven't decided yet. Not really sure what would look good. Any thoughts?