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  1. Thank you for the review I have really been considering this kit it's nice to know what it comes with from a user rather than an advertisement which can be unclear. Unless you have had any new problems with it as of late you have helped me make my decision. Thanks Again
  2. I realize this thread has been dormant for quite some time now but I was wondering which router you decided to go with nod? And Greg it seems that you own the MRC23EVSK kit? Have you had any issues to date or any compatibility problems?
  3. Thanks guys I appreciate it. I will definitely do a little more searching to see if what I'm looking for is already here, like I said new to the whole forum thing. I have been reading about the Bosch 1617 kit and like the looks of it a lot but then I saw the Bosch MRC23EVSK and now I'm on the fence. I like the idea of the switch in the handles and the extra power but I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that it has the low voltage track in the motor/base so that it won't really work with other router lifts and tables. I'll keep reading and Thanks again
  4. Hey guys I'm new here and new to forums in general so if I'm going about this wrong please let me know and I'll change my ways. I'm looking into getting a new router set up and I'm wondering everyone's opinion on buying the multiple base combos vs the dedicated fixed or plunge routers. I guess what I'm asking is am I sacrificing anything to get a combo router kit?