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  1. So far so good. Gonna try and do the rest of my hand tools this weekend.
  2. Bought a couple of new stones to try out. For those that don't read Japanese (raises own hand). It's the sigma Power select II ceramic stones. Lee Valley carries them but I ended up getting them domestically from a place called Heartwood tools. Never heard of them before but the website looked cool, saved a little and most importantly I would get them sooner. Bonus they sent a personalized card and stickers. Who doesn't love stickers. I have a set of shapton pros but always thought the higher grits developed swarf super quick and I constantly have to clean the surface off. Specificall
  3. Veritas shooting board and lie Nielsen honing guide. Bought both second hand. LN used but looks to be in great condition. Shooting board was nib. I got the shooting plane a couple years ago well before they even made the shooting board but I kind of forgot about it and sat unused till I got around to making a shooting board. Turns out I was just waiting for LV to make one for me lol
  4. I hit my surfaces with a coating of boeshield. Let it dry for a hour or so. Wipe off then coat with paste wax.
  5. Glad it all worked out @Chestnut in the end and acme did right by you. It shouldn’t be abnormal for a company to stand by a product they sell but nowadays it isn’t always the case. Another expense you save with the Milwaukee is that you won’t have to buy a set centrotec bits to work with the 1/4” chuck. Depending on how many bits or which set you buy that could be as much as you paid for the Milwaukee drill itself. I’ve been very happy with my installation drill and Pretty sure you will as well. As an aside regarding the impact drivers, while it’s true the peak torque is
  6. A while back festool rep told me it’s so the pushing force is in line with the bit which helps not only to apply more force but perhaps more importantly lessens the likelihood of stripping the screw when the bit slips out of the screw. If you can see if they will let you drive some screws in. Let you test out the balance and clutch in action.
  7. I misspoke earlier and meant to say the middle finger depresses the trigger, not index. See pics below. This is different that the traditional T type drill where the index finger is used. I'm wondering if people who have complaints about the toggle switch are holding it in that fashion. For me it's not a problem and I don't have to reposition my hand to adjust the switch. Oh and another critcism I have of the CXS is the switch has 3 positions. Forward, Reverse, and neutral. I have no idea what that neutral position is for. When in that location the trigger is locked and cannot be depr
  8. Also if you like the power of the impact but hate the noise check out Milwaukee's surge impact. They make them both in 12 and 18 volt. It's a hydraulic driver. Peak power is a little less but soooo much quieter. I use the M12 version all time when I'm not so concerned about control. Especially when you need to drive alot of longer screws.
  9. I've used a few 12v drills and my favorite for the type of application you mentioned would be installation drills. Festool started it but as you mentioned most of the bigger brands carry their own now. I personally have experience with the Milwaukee and Festool. Both are great drills and I would be hard pressed to say I personally like one over the other. That said there are features that might be more important to you such as the toggle switch for forward/reverse. Here are the advantages one has over the other, again for me YMMV Milwaukee advantages 1. It's cheaper. Considera
  10. Picked this up off Craigslist. Just playing around with it and it seems well built. Folding it up seems a little cumbersome. Will have to check out the vids and instructions to see if I’m missing something. Didn’t come with rail or saw which is fine because I intend to use my festool rail and saw. Just trying to figure how I want to do it. There’s an aftermarket bracket but it’s a little pricey or I can buy a festool bracket and make that work. For now I think I’ll just butt the rail up to the dogs and use them as reference.
  11. I was at Lowe’s a couple of days ago and the 3/8” osb cost almost the same as 3/4” maple. I think the maple is really old stock and i have a feeling they won’t be ordering anymore of the maple ply anytime soon because of lack of demand but even at this price osb is still in high demand.
  12. My first thought was to use a taper jig like Marc made. You may need to add extra shims or screw on additional hold downs. And after you're done you have the added benefit of having a really nice taper jig. DO NOT however use the more common taper jigs that has a hinge at the front and has no hold downs whatsoever. To me those look like just accidents just waiting to happen. A link to Marc's vid below in case you haven't seen it already. https://thewoodwhisperer.com/videos/the-taper-maker/
  13. If the price is right (for me it would be 25% off or more from msrp) I would definitely get the nordfab ducting as well. That has been on my alerts for craigslist for years and except for 1 listing which only had a handful of items, I've never seen one on craigslist. As for the dc, it should be fine. As mentioned the dust / debris is not supposed to pass through the impeller itself. Personally I would want a decent discount from the msrp for this one however. Good luck
  14. jussi

    Covid-19 Vaccine

    My first shot I had a sore arm for a few days. 2nd shot I had chills and body aches for 1 day. Most of the people I k one who got it had similar reactions. Only one of my cousins had a pretty bad reaction to the 2nd shot. All moderna or Pfizer. No one I know got the JJ
  15. jussi

    Covid-19 Vaccine

    This will be hard to answer without making it political but I’ll try. I read a poll on this and while the answer sounds silly it’s because the (to avoid being too political let’s just say other side) wants them to. Their hatred for that political party blinds them to making (at least to me) right decision. Also certain minority groups have had a history of this government not treating them so nicely with regards to vaccines and that has bread skepticism throughout the years. even now. Finally I think many in the government are foolishly refusing to lislft any restrictions even after you get