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  1. New laguna blade. Unfortunately the first one came with surface rust so I had to wait another 2 weeks for a replacement.
  2. I have the whiteside udc9112. Works great and produces a smooth finish even on endgrain and/or figured wood. Only downside is the large diameter doesn’t allow for tight spaces if you have a small curves. Infinity makes a similar one as well that you can get in wider variety of sizes. I plan on trying out one of the 1/4” shanks in the future
  3. Festool rep told me it was because they consistently started doing sales on festool items a few days before they were allowed.
  4. These were scheduled to arrive Monday but came a bit earlier. Still waiting on the 12/14 set which (ironically) is actually the one I need atm. Unfortunately that one has even been shipped yet.
  5. jussi

    BS blade width

    Thanks for all the comments. Just placed an order for a 1" resaw king and for once my procrastination paid off as laguna just started a 10% off sale.
  6. jussi

    BS blade width

    I've always read that wider was better for resawing so I assumed I would just get the widest one my BS could handle. But if tensioning could be a problem and there isn't a huge benefit in adding the extra 1/4" then I'll probably just go with the 1"
  7. jussi

    BS blade width

    I read this as well but while researching prices haven't found it to be true. At least not for my case 150" blade. The cheapest I found the woodmaster was at spectrum supply for $125 + shipping which ended up to be around $142 while the RK was $175 with free shipping. The price difference to me wasn't enough to sway me one way or another. I ultimately ended up choosing the RK because it supposedly lasts longer and can be sharpened. The woodmaster supposedly has a better cut quality but dulls faster and can't be or is a little more to sharpen. But if you know where you can get the wo
  8. I have a laguna LT HD 4.5hp motor. Planning on ordering a Resaw king to replace the current blade. Currently I have a 1" blade. It says max width for blade is 1-1/4" however. Is there any reason I shouldn't go with the 1-1/4" since greater width traditionally implies better resaw results. Reason I ask is I notice (at least it seems to me) that many people go with the 1" width with their larger BS. Will I have problems tensioning it? The saw will only be for resawing btw. I have a 14" for curves.
  9. jussi

    Impact Driver

    If it was just for building / installing cabinets my preference would be an 12v installation drill. Basically a 12v drill with several heads which include a 90 degree and close close quarter heads. Great for getting into tight spaces. I have the Festool cxs and loved it but recently got the Milwaukee and like that one even more. I will echo the comments on going with a regular drill if this is your first one. An 18V and if possible one with a hammer function is a better all around solution. The larger voltage will help if you ever need to drive larger screws / lag bolts and hammer fun
  10. Didn't know they sold the attachment separately. Makes sense though. Unfortunately for me I switched over to a Mirka Deros a while back. I bought the pro 5 just because the deal was too good to pass up but quickly sold it after realizing how weak and slow it was. I think the benefit of the battery powered sander is in it's use with a bag. Don't have one but when I tried out the demo the dust collection was still pretty good. Also I think a sander would be better than a plane when working on end grain or live edge surfaces.
  11. This is a interesting new tool by Festool. Released in October in US. Basically a ROS with base that holds it 90 degrees to the surface. But can be adjusted to other angles. As a hobbyist I don't think I could justify the $564 price tag but could see how a pro might benefit from it.
  12. Being sold by woodpecker. $100 for a pair of 31" and 24". Never used the brand so no personal experience with them but seems like a decent price. https://www.woodpeck.com/bora-portamate-parallel-clamp-4-piece-set.html
  13. JohnG probably has the more accurate answer. But also because 1. Certain tools only come in certain voltages. The installation drill (aka Milwaukee CXS as some on FOG call it) only come in 12v and the router only in 18v. Also I think 18v installation drill would be too bulky / heavy and a 12V router might only be good for edge work (not that this would be necessarily a bad idea. Bosch makes a nice one) and I wanted a little more versatility. 2. A smaller tool is often more convenient for smaller tasks. I have 20V dewalt sawzall but I find it too bulky for things like cutting pi
  14. The router came in the mail but the drill and hackzall I picked up at HD. I thought I was done with the cool aid after I bought the last festool on my wish list. Turns I just changed flavors from lime to cherry. lol
  15. In my area Home Depot truck rentals are 75 mins. Is it different where you live? Before I bought my truck I was fortunate enough to have a good neighbor who let me borrow his truck when I needed.