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  1. Finally got a decent tap and die set. I bought cheap set at a swapmeet years ago because I figure I wouldn't need it that much and could save money by not buying a nicer set. Since then I've found I use it alot more than I thought. It was a pain to use however with both the taps and dies constantly slipping out of the handle. Plus the last 2 times I had to use it it didn't have the correct tap size and I had to buy those specific sizes which negated any cost savings. Picked up this set from the jungle. Made by gearwrench. Played around with it and seems well made and it has a ratcheting handle which seems like a huge plus.
  2. Started installation of Byrd head on my planer. Hardest part was getting the pulley and bearings on and off. Instructions said the pulley should slide right off but that wasn’t the case for me. Had to borrow a puller from auto store. Also since I don’t have a press getting the new bearings on resulted in me putting the cutter head in a freezer. Unfortunately I seemed to have lost a bolt so I couldn’t quite finish the install. Will get a replacement bolt later this week.
  3. Lamello Zeta P2. The main difference between it and a biscuit joiner is that at the end of the plunge it oscillates up and down and creates a trapezoidal keyway or slot at the base of the mortise allowing a place for the mechanical fasteners to lock into. Video below makes alot more sense than my explanation. First one is a quick demo by a retail store and the second is a longer review. I have a domino as well and one thing I really like about the zeta is that when doing angled mortises it registers on the long end of the miter.
  4. It’s not a biscuit joiner although the mechanics of it are very similar. The mortises it makes are for mechanical fasteners. They have several types. Some that can be locked using and Allen wrench which is great for knock down furniture. They also have connectors that snap together and act as clamps. So you can add glue and avoid the need for clamps.
  5. Been wanting one for a while but couldn’t justify the cost. Got lucky and found a used one for a real good price. Have a set of closet cabinets to do in the near future and can’t wait to put it to use.
  6. Had the day off yesterday so I Started install of Byrd head on my planer yesterday but got stuck when I couldn’t get the pulley out. Instructions say it should just pop out but it wouldn’t budge. Had to borrow a bearing puller from auto parts to get it out. Will have to wait till my next day off to finish.
  7. jussi

    My New CNC

    Well I shut it off at night (mostly to be courteous to my neighbors) so I run it for 11-12 hours at a time. I'm sure it will wear life of the router sooner than if it were used intermittently like a normal hand held router would be. But at around $100 per router I figure it's not too bad. Plus I'm not doing 3D carvings all the time. So most of the time the projects will run a few minutes to maybe 1-2 hours max. Ideally I would a water cooled spindle but I'm still debating on which one to get.
  8. jussi

    My New CNC

    Thanks for the compliments. When I checked the estimate carving time initially using the standard settings for that bit I was impatient and double the pass over which cut the time in half but that also ended up with the half as good results. So I re carved everything with the nominal settings and it came out much better.
  9. jussi

    My New CNC

    Here is a my first try at 3D carving. The design isn't mine. I wish I was talented enough. I bought it off etsy. Took 28 hours not including the first failed attempt which took 14 hours.
  10. No. I thought about it especially since I have alot of Milwaukee M12 but I don't think I would use it enough and am happy enough with my Grex corded
  11. jussi

    My New CNC

    It's from Onefinity. Journeyman model with their QCW frame. 48 x 32 cutting capacity. I bought an aftermarket screen and dust collection. Both of which I'm very happy with especially the DC. I flattened the spoilboard which makes ALOT of dust if there's no DC (damhik) and it got 95% of the dust. So far all I've done is flatten the spoilboard put in a grid and added some numbers. As you can see I had to re do the numbers because I screwed up with alignment. Plus when I did the dog holes I forgot to put diameter instead of radius for the hole size and the first 2 holes came out twice as big. Oh well it is a SPOIL board. Otherwise dead on accurate as you can see from the woodpecker square. It's what you expect from a cnc but it still surprised me.
  12. A new to me DC. Sounds like a jet taking off in my small shop. Will have to build an enclosure with some sound insulation. Anyone know the rules on how much air space is needed? And what material to use for sound insulation
  13. Tom is a member on woodnet and goes by TablesawTom. He's a former machinist I believe and sells the moxon kit on their classifieds section. Old post. https://forums.woodnet.net/showthread.php?tid=7361263&highlight=moxon
  14. @Tpt lifeA couple of things. I'd like to use it to make personal complete projects, templates for other projects, some joinery, and eventually make things to sell to hopefully pay for itself and maybe even have a little side business. @Mark J Will do. I still need to make a simple table to mount it on. I was gonna go all out and make a torsion box but seeing the price of mdf now and how long it would take I think I'll just go with a simple 2x design for now. Plus I don't want to put a lot of time in the current design until my base arrives. I also plan on making a vertical support for it to do joinery in the future.
  15. My CNC arrived last week. Came while it was raining. Luckily the UPS guy was nice enough to wait till I got home and didn't just leave it in front of my door to get soaked. Still waiting for my frame to arrive which was delayed but I can use it without it for now. Footprint is huge. At least for my shop but it will be worth it. I hope.