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  1. Latest festool recon tool. First time using a cordless ros. Hopefully it’s not lacking in power. They make a pretty cool right angle attachment I may get in the future.
  2. Well done! Any plans on putting dc at the fence?
  3. I've bought some these before. Use them for cleaning up glue squeeze out, rough carpentry (especially when there's a decent chance I could hit a nail or screw), etc https://www.acehardware.com/departments/tools/hand-tools/chisels/2107738?irclickid=07lRUqRQxxyLUcf0RHQK3XRkUkEXKazF0R1QWI0&irgwc=1&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_source=Impact&utm_campaign=10451&utm_keyword=664353
  4. No expert here but I would think a blade with more teeth will result in a better (but slower) cut. With thin stock I find having a zctp (zero clearance throat plate) important If you don’t have one you can run a piece of scrap half way through and then clamp it down.
  5. Really love my local Woodcraft. As noted they are independently owned. The owner of the one near me is super helpful.
  6. Will do Mick. Played around with it a little yesterday afternoon and I really like it so far but I will definitely end up picking the smallest head for narrower (width wise) stock. But even with that head the stock still has to be the same length. Wish they made a head that was shorter in length as well. Cool. Planning on doing the same thing. Do you have it so when the head is flipped up it's about flush with the mft top? Do you know if they have dimensions for that jig? I saw a few people make carts for it and am contemplating on whether I want to do that as well.
  7. I’ve been eyeing the festool vac sys for a few years now but I really couldn’t justify the cost for a new one. The full set cost more than what I paid for my used pm2k. I would check the used market and even set up a couple of alerts on my phone but after a couple of years I never really had high hopes. Well yesterday guess what shows up on CL. Nearly spilled my coffee trying to hit the reply button. Agreed to meet early the next day and frankly I was still not convinced I was going to get it. Been burned more than a few times by Craigslist posters who agree on a price and time to meet then
  8. Craigslist is my go to for tools. There are many apps that can give you alerts for specific tools. But I also have good luck with forums classified section. Check out smc and woodnet specifically since they have a really large user base. And fog if you’ve been bitten by the green bug. If you don’t mind doing a little leg work you can get some amazing deals at estate sales. Only problem with them is you won’t know the price until you get there and there could be lots of competition. But I’ve gotten some great deals on large machinery from there. good luck with your search.
  9. Shows how much of a green koolaid drinker I am that I kept on wondering what the festool of1400 has to do with the pantorouter. Lol. congrats on the purchase. I’m looking forward to the review
  10. Well done. Love both my rt and ts Jessem stock guides
  11. Ended up ordering the SKF and saved a few bucks. More importantly will get it much sooner. Thanks
  12. I decided to get new bearings when I install my shelix head. No clue about bearings including brands. The place I got it from suggested Timken or Nachi. I called a few places locally and they have the Timkens for around $40 a piece. ouch. I checked online for similar sizes but different brands and found much cheaper options but I'm guessing inferior brand. Not really sure as I don't know any of the brands names. They also don't have the Timkens in stock would take a week. One guy said he could get a SKF the next day and said they were just as good. Anyone have any insight on this and i
  13. Didn’t arrive in the mail but I picked up the 2 in Craigslist. I watched a couple videos about the benches and they all say to be careful about the pinch points on the bench. But guess what happened when I was taking them down from my truck. So far I really like them except for that little annoyance.
  14. Another thing I found out is that you have to pair the battery with vac every time you unplug either the vac or battery. Not a big deal since once you do it's paired until you need to recharge the battery. The remote on the other seems to be always paired.