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  1.  If the price is right (for me it would be 25% off or more from msrp) I would definitely get the nordfab ducting as well.  That has been on my alerts for craigslist for years and except for 1 listing which only had a handful of items, I've never seen one on craigslist.  As for the dc, it should be fine.  As mentioned the dust / debris is not supposed to pass through the impeller itself.  Personally I would want a decent discount from the msrp for this one however.  Good luck

  2. My first shot I had a sore arm for a few days. 2nd shot I had chills and body aches for 1 day. Most of the people I k one who got it had similar reactions.  Only one of my cousins had a pretty bad reaction to the 2nd shot. All moderna or Pfizer. No one I know got the JJ

  3. This will be hard to answer without making it political but I’ll try. I read a poll on this and while the answer sounds silly it’s because the (to avoid being too political let’s just say other side) wants them to.  Their hatred for that political party blinds them to making (at least to me) right decision.  Also certain minority groups have had a history of this government not treating them so nicely with regards to vaccines and that has bread skepticism throughout the years.  even now. Finally I think many in the government are foolishly refusing to lislft any restrictions even after you get vaccinated you still need to follow all the current restrictions like wearing masks outside,  still wearing masks in a place even if everyone is vaccinated, etc.  Which  In that same poll many of those who were hesitant would do it if they could live life normally again.  

    hopefully this is ok. Mods please feel free to edit if it’s not

  4. You may want to consider a separator as well. Makes emptying the dust so much easier. Downside is you lose a little cfm. For me it was worth it.  I have a similar dc (delta 50-760) and  I made a one using a garbage can with a thien baffle. 

    Also I would still wear a respirator. You won’t capture 100% of the dust and depending on the tool and how well the DC was designed it could be quite significant. 

  5. Anyone try it?  How does it compare to other brands you've used and specifically does it last significantly longer?  Currently use a mix of Festool and Abranet.  I need to restock on certain grits and was thinking of giving the cubitron a try.

  6. You may also check out the used market.  With the savings you could add a helical head and pay less than a new straight knife.  I just finished putting on a Byrd head to a used Delta DJ-20 8" jointer I got a while back.  The head cost 3x as much as what I paid for the Jointer itself.  And this jointer is replacing a 6" PM jointer I also got used and had put in a byrd head.

    If you have your mind set on getting new I would give Grizzly a consideration.  Cremona has a 12(?) inch Grizzly and I believe he has commented on woodtalk about how much he likes it. 



  7. 54 minutes ago, TomInNC said:

    On the dust collectors, for a given CFM, is there any advantage to running on 240v as opposed to 120v? 

    One advantage I’ve found with all my stationary tools when going 220 is the amperage draw.  When I had my dewalt “lunchbox” (it was one heavy lunchbox) planer it would frequently trip my breaker especially if I took off too much.  Went away completely when I got my 220v floor model shopfox. 

    One side note about DCs (which you may already know) is to be careful how often you start and stop it.  The start up requires a much higher current draw and puts more strain on the motor.  I don’t think this as big an issue on the smaller 1.5 hp DCs because the impeller is relatively small but the bigger 3hp and especially 5hp DC actually have warnings in the manual on how often you can start it within a given time period (1 hour I think)  


  8. On 4/15/2021 at 8:43 AM, Chestnut said:

    I like shop made edge banding better. It allows me to match materials a lot better imo. And that thing is really expensive.

    For nicer projects I agree. But a majority of times for me edge banding comes In the form of shelving, shop cabinets, etc. For those times I would be great to have a conturo. But the entry price is ridiculous for someone in my situation.   I have been eyeing those edge banding machines with table and built in heat gun. Freud makes one. Reviews seem to be mixed however so I’m hesitant. 

  9. For me it would be the jointer for sure.  Being able to mill my own lumber profoundly changed my woodworking. Ymmv obviously.  Being able to use rough lumber and milling it down to my desired thickness was a game changer for me. Not to mention a big savings for and often times the stock was better quality. If you’re using a lot of hand tools I would go with a bench next.  If not then a bs would be 2nd for me.   Initially I used only power tools and was more than satisfied with my wood whisperer inspired assembly / extension table / workbench.  

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  10. No expert here but I would think a blade with more teeth will result in a better (but slower) cut.  With thin stock I find having a zctp (zero clearance throat plate) important    If you don’t have one you can run a piece of scrap half way through and then clamp it down. 

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