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  1. Hopefully they have some good vendors


    Rockler Woodworking and Hardware in Pasadena will be hosting a one-day woodworking show on Sunday, March 20, 2016 from 9:00AM to 6:00PM and all are invited to attend. The event will include woodworking seminars and product demonstrations with representatives from major tool companies and local woodworking guilds. The store will also be offering special deals on wood and tools, free refreshments, and more. Though there will be some low-cost “make and take” hands-on projects offered, there is no charge for the event itself. Woodworkers, woodturners, carvers, DIYers, “makers” and the general public are encouraged to attend.

    “The regular woodworking shows have given up on Southern California – they're not even touring anywhere west of the Rockies,” says store manager David Tilson. “We are committed to bringing a show back to the San Gabriel Valley, creating an opportunity for woodworkers, DIYers and makers in Los Angeles County to see the latest innovations in tools, technology and safety.” Last year's show held by Rockler attracted over 400 enthusiasts.

  2. 2 hours ago, Chet K. said:

    Yea I could use some lessons as well.  Any time I do a search for anything in the S.F. bay area in Northern Cal all that comes up is mostly crap and sometimes crapola.

    Nice find Jussi.

    Thanks.  Only suggestion would be to use a craigslist app. There are quite a few out there.  And respond ASAP whe you find a deal. 

  3. My cl alert on my Ipad goes off for JDS multirouter that was just listed.  Like many I first saw it on David Marks show and was intrigued by it but just couldn't justify the cost.  I got reminded about it again when Marc bought his and posted some videos of it.  So when the alert popped up I was definitely excited.  But I already have both dominos so I really didn't need it.  But Marc made it look so cool in his videos and Marc said there were occasions when the multirouter would be the better tool.  Even though I don't think he ever gave me as clear of example of such a case :D  .  So that battle went on in my head for several minutes.  He was asking $1000 and the price, while very good, was enough to give me pause.  Meanwhile the tool addict in me is saying to text the guy now before someone buys it from under you.  So eventually I decide to text me a pretty low ball offer, thinking he'll decline and I can get on watching my favorite tv show.  After several minutes of not hearing anything I figure I was right and the offer was too low.  But another 20 minutes later I get a text saying they accept ?!?!?  Well crap, now I actually have to buy the thing and find a way to get it home.  After trying unsuccessfully to get a hold of my friend with a truck (the multirouter came with a stand and mobile base) I went down in my car in hopes I could remove it from it's base.  Checked it out and most of it is in great shape.  The only small hiccup is a worn out gas spring.  It doesn't affect the over functionallity but if you release the vertical lock the router and plate will fall so you just have to be weary of that.  By no means not a deal breaker.  I'll probably use it as is but will eventually replace it.  It came with a router and 1 template.  He said there are probably more, but he couldn't find them at the time and would call if he did.  It belonged to his grandfather and I guess he had no interest in woodworking.  He was able to dismantle everything and we managed to get everything (including the base and mobile base) in my car.  He had a few other woodworking tools but the only other thing I got was a bridge city protractor for $10.  After all that I got the multirouter home and my wallet is $600 lighter.  I know no pics, so here are few.  Sorry for the incredibly messy shop.









  4. Thanks for all the tips.  Will put them to use on future doors.  I actually had planned on putting some weight on them till I could get back to work but I totally forgot.  I'll try garbage back trick.  Even if doesn't straighten them out I'll do as suggested and see what the dry assembled doors look like.  

    Tom, flat panel doors but the back is raised so it's flush with the frame. 

  5. So I'm milling up some rails and stiles for a set of kitchen cabinet doors.  I did it in 2 stages.  Initially I milled everything up so it was a little over 1/16 final dimension.  Let it rest over night and then milled it again to final dimension, including running them through a drum sander.  I didn't have time route the profiles the same day so I had to wait until the next weekend when I had time.  Unfortunately when I went to check them some of the stiles (mostly on the upper cabinets) have a very slight bow.  I seem to have lost my feeler gauges so I don't know the exact number but I'd say 1/64 or smaller.

    So my question is do I redo those stiles (I can't joint them again without loosing desired thickness) or will the standard "it's wood, it's going to move" apply here?

  6. 1 hour ago, Pwalter5110 said:

    The only festool I have ever seen on craigslist local to me is their drills unfortunately.

    I got lucky and started using craigslist when hardly anyone knew of these strange green tools and paying their prices was unthinkable to most. Took a few years but I managed to get most of the tools they carry in the US for no more than half retail.   

    Much rarer now and the competition has vastly increase but I still see the occasional tool. 

  7. I'm planning on using it on my assembly table.  I built the ubiquitous torsion box assembly table a while back and it doubles as an out feed table.  I have an mft but really like the added space of the assembly table especially for connecting large face frames via pocket screws.  I actually bought the kreg clamping table on craigslist a while back.  It worked well but had to sell it because I didn't have enough room after getting more stationary tools.   Hopefully this setup will be just as good.

  8. I thought Sef should have gone home.  Poor craftsmanship, bad time management, and taking unfair shorcuts by stealing the drawers.   Plus the "soundwaves" were unrecognizable.  Even when he told you what they were supposed to represent it still-looked like a beat up corrugated roof that he painted teal. 

    Probably biased because it was made of wood but the chair was my favorite piece of the whole season.  I thought it should have won.

  9. 1 hour ago, CharlesC said:

    It's an hour drive for me. Is it worth it? I do love me some tools and I do love me some deals.

    Just like any Swapmeet the best answer is, it depends.  On who shows up, what they bring, and what they're asking.  It's only 20 mins from me so I've gone to all the ones they've held for the last 3 years.  Some days I go home empty some days I get some amazing deals.  Even bought a couple of the green tools.  But you have to get there early for the gloat worthy deals.   It's around 75% hand tools. Mostly antiques/older type.  But there are some bctw, veritas, LN as well. Even if you don't buy anything it's fun to just check out tools 1. You didn't had never heard of or 2. Only seen pics of  

    They Swapmeet circulates in 3 or 4 spots in socal from pasadena to San Diego.  The culver city is the largest from what I've been told. 

    Plus if you're interested in Festool, Alan the festool rep shows up all the time with his large tool filled van.  He brings pretty much any tool they sell in the US and will demo it for you. 

  10. This could just be marketing hype but according to Festool Rubin is designated for bare stock. 


    I switched to alot of my sandpaper to Abranet last year and really like it.  Well actually I use Autonet because it's cheaper and the same product (just marketed towards auto industry).  I could use it for a really long time and it never clogged.  The only down side is it will wear much faster when working on edges and doesn't work great on curves.  Which is why I still have 25% of granat paper.  If you use it on your Festool sander make sure to get an interface pad.  It's much thinner than regular sandpaper and the hooks on your pad will eventually melt after extended use.

  11. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/tls/5446497022.html

    February 20th. is the next Anderson Plywood Old Tool Swap Meet from 6:00 AM until Noon. The address is 4020 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City, CA 90230. We start setting up at 4:30AM. If you are new, wait until Lionel or Laura get there as some of the areas are restricted. We hold the swap meet Rain or Shine and if it is raining, we set up inside Anderson Plywood. For more information, call 310-397-8229.

    There will be Old Tools, Antique Tools, Good Quality User Tools plus Many Miscellaneous Items including some general antiques and collectibles. Something For Everyone!

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  12. Check and see if there is a state / community college near by that offers woodworking classes.

    There are also many prestigious woodworking schools around the country.  I know in my state (CA) we have the college of the redwoods founded by James Krenov.  Here a few listed on Pop woodworking site for PA.      http://www.popularwoodworking.com/woodworking-schools#pennsylvania

    I would also check out many of the woodworking content online.  I learned all I know from guys like Marc.  I'm just a hobbiest and was able to take my time with my progression.  Being that you want to make this your career, you probably need that education accelerated and a hands on type of education would probably be better as the primary source.  But the online content could certainly be a supplemental tool.

    And of course if you have questions, forums like this are invaluable. 

  13. Use the included limit stop.  See pic below if you don't know what I'm talking about.  Butt the saw up against it and then make your plunge cut.  You didn't say what thickness.  Only time I have ever had it kick back (and unfortunately this was before I started using the limit stop) was on some 10/4 stock.  I still have a reminder on my track of the incident.  Also I have the front of the blade slightly toe in.  Not much.