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  1. I need to re tread a bolt on my jointer fence. It's a 1/2" - 14. I went and bought a set at harbor freight which had the requisite die size but when I got it home it's way too large. I must be missing something on how they designate sizing. Below is a pic of the nut and the die side by side. I want to order the correct one but am worried I'll get the wrong size again.
  2. I'll echo the post on keeping both Dominos. Unless I was really strapped for cash I wouldn't sell either. They both have their places in how I like to work. I almost always use the smaller one if I can. Especially if it's a small piece. Just so much easier to balance. But obviously for larger pieces or when you need a larger depth of cut, the XL is king. That said, if you're fairly certain you want to sell it, now would be the most opportune time given the shortage of supply. I've seen more than a couple used Festools listed for more than retail.
  3. These 2 were waiting for me when I got home. Now I just to find my bearing puller
  4. Great score on the XL. I love mine. You must have been quick. Dominos go super fast on the recon site
  5. jussi

    New Shop Thread

    Looking real nice. What part of socal are you in?
  6. I’ll echo this. My local store is great. The owner is super helpful. My only complaint is they moved to a new location farther away from me. Lol
  7. My newest festool Recon tool arrived today. I got it almost as much for the batteries than the saw it self seeing as buying 2 new batteries is more half the cost of the whole kit.
  8. im sure you’ll love it. Had mine for several years and had zero complaints. Coincidentally enough I just sold it after I I bought the cordless version on the refurb site a few weeks ago
  9. Wow those are gorgeous. Look as nice as vesper gauge.
  10. Here are my 2 RTs. I really like the side handle on the Jessem.
  11. I was pretty sure of the answer but didn’t want to reply until I tested it out. There is no need to do anything to use the bt switch with a corded cool attached. I was just sanding some ply with the rotex connected. Turned the sander off and then turned the vac on then off with bt
  12. Forgive me if I misunderstood the question but do you mean if a tool that is NOT plugged into the vac? If so, yes, this unit comes with a remote that attaches to the hose end. The ideal situation however is to use it with BT batteries. If the tool IS attached to the vac then there is no reason to use the BT.
  13. Beautiful work. Simple but elegant.
  14. I have the woodpecker prl 2 and the Jessem lift which is built in to the table. I like the Jessem better because it has a side handle and makes height changes much easier. If I were to buy new today I would go with the newer Incra mast-r-lift with the magna lock inserts. The slots on the inserts allow for better dc and are tool less to change. Incra also makes the same lift for woodpecker and Jessem.
  15. BT module for vac. I can finally use the auto on feature of the vac with my cordless tools. Felt like a caveman having to turn the switch on and off by hand. Lol
  16. Well done. I really like the space saving you utilized especially the clamp rack.
  17. Second purchase from recon sale. Btw if you're looking to get something from the sale I suggest subscribing to the thread on fog. There is a guy who always posts when the sales are up. That's pretty much when I find out.
  18. My larger vac is a 36 with a boom arm and that thing is as non portable as a vac gets. I have an older Fein (non hepa) that I use for the mitersaw station but that is a little too bulky for me as well. But then again. Maybe I’m just lazy :) This might be old hat to some of you but there are aftermarket bags for the vacs now which are much cheaper than festool. The ones I saw are from powertec and you can get them through amazon. No experience yet but I just ordered my first set yesterday. Reviews seem good though
  19. I was thinking about getting the Mini as well but wanted something with even more portability. I ended up getting this at the recon sale. So far I love it. Just wish it had BT. Just waiting for the other shipment to arrive. Let us know how you like the Mini
  20. Great work. How do you like the vac?
  21. So I finally ran out of my 1 gallon west systems and was initially going to order another gallon but thought I'd ask opinions here first. I've only used west systems so have no basis of comparison. Just saw Cremona's vid and notice he uses Total boat and see that it's alot less expensive than west systems. What have you guys used and which ones do you like? BTW I'll primarily be using it for glue joints and filling small voids not large epoxy fills.
  22. jussi

    USPS insurance

    I recently sold a tool on another forum. Shipping using USPS. It was kind of expensive so I’m thinking about getting insurance for it but not sure if it’s worth it. I was paid via venmo. If on the off chance I did need to file a claim will the venmo receipt be adequate proof of the value of the item. I figure if it’s not then I’ll just skip getting insurance.
  23. There 3 main differences are the grip, trigger and variable speed location. The following opinions are based on corded versions I had in the past but I think they should apply to cordless models as well. 1. For me the barrel grip provides better accuracy when doing curves. I find I have more control over the tool since you hold the tool closer to the blade. 2. The D-handle has a trigger while the barrel grip has a switch. I personally like the trigger better but that is not really possible to have on the barrel grip. It's also safer because you don't have to let go of the tool to turn it off or use your off hand. 3. The variable speed on the D-handle is in the trigger itself. The barrel grip has a dial. Both have their advantages. With the D-handle if you're cutting along and suddenly hit a knot or something you can slow down the cut much easier and faster. Not really possible with the barrel grip as you would need to stop and turn the dial down then turn it up again once you get past. But maintaining a constant speed thats NOT full speed can be a little difficult sometimes (at least for me). I end up pressing the trigger too much or too little and I inadvertently change the speed. With wood it's not really a big deal, especially if you're going to clean it up afterwards but if you're ever cutting aluminum, plexiglass, etc that's where I find the biggest advantage of a dial speed control. If you're primarily gonna use it for rough cutting I think the D-handle is the way to go. The trigger is much easier and quicker to use than the switch IMO. But if you're doing alot of curves and want to get pretty close to the line I like the barrel grip better. I actually had the D-handle version but sold it a couple of days after I got this one. If I could afford it I would have kept both.
  24. Decided to get the barrel grip version.