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  1. Some of the Chinese websites like banggood sell them. No personal experience but there are a lot of YouTube vids that do reviews on them. Most of them from Europe. Example below. Corner jig starts around 9:15 also YouTube by hookedonwood also does similar reviews. Haven’t gotten around to it but I’ll probably order a few in the future oh and they have many versions of the corner jig. They also have 45 degree versions as well as round over
  2. Good points. I will wait until I actually start the project but I will probably use a miter gauge. Just curious because I had never seen this technique before and was wondering if anyone else has used it before.
  3. I'm in the middle of watching the Morley lounge chair project. He uses a technique that I've never seen before and was curious if any of you have and whether you think it's safe. He is cutting the pieces to final dimension using a template. But instead of completely using a router he cuts the straight portions using an L-fence on a table saw. It seemed like a cool technique that I couldn't wait to try. But when he used it to make crosscut (one time with no miter gauge) it made my spidey sense tingle. Now this guy knows waaay more about ww so far it be it from me to question the man's technique but just based on my limited ww past it made me pause for sure. Now to be fair he said you can use a miter gauge if you're not comfortable and the piece he is cutting is very small (most if not all will probably be eaten up by the blade since it's not much more than the blade kerf). But you're still applying lateral (some at least) towards the blade. Anyway curious to your thoughts. Can't wait to start the project. Hopefully my helical heads won't take too long to arrive.
  4. Well done. Looks like a real space saver.
  5. Came a couple days late but finally got here. Got it from recon sale and Surprisingly comes with 2 chargers while the newer ones seem to only come with 1. Will be nice when using both batts though. Didn't realize how much bigger the systainer is compared to the corded model. Gonna figure out how I'm going to fit it in the cabinets.
  6. Yes and Heck yes. lol I kid. MSRP they're a little more. But you can often find really good deals on other brands and many stores will allow you to stack discounts or match competitors so you can usually get the batteries for a fraction of MSRP if you're patient and diligent enough to find the right deals. Festool almost never has sales and when they do vendors cannot apply any other discount. One thing about the new Airstream batteries is that because of the built in cooling system (hence the name) they charge real fast. Alot faster than my regular Milwaukee and Dewalt chargers and maybe a little faster or at least on par with the fast charger.
  7. Is that the cordless version? How do you like it? I ordered one from the recon site as well but so far 2 days past delivery estimate Glad I didn't end up selling my corded version right away as I initially thought about doing.
  8. I have older model of the jessem with the lift integrated in the table and the side handle crank that I absolutely love. Especially the side handle. Makes bit changes a lot faster for me and don’t have to look constantly put in the handle when fine tuning a pass or if you’re absent minded like me misplacing the handle since the last time I used the Er and spending even more time looking for it.
  9. Looks like Milwaukee is finally coming out with a 23 gauge nailer. I've loved using my brad nailer and am hoping the quality holds up for the pin nailer. I currently have a Grex but I've been slowly going cordless on alot of my tools and have not looked back. I contemplated getting the cordless Grex but couldn't justify the cost. The Milwaukee is set to retail for less than half and with all the promos they offer I wouldn't be surprised if you could get it even cheaper. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Milwaukee-M12-12-Volt-23-Gauge-Lithium-Ion-Cordless-Pin-Nailer-Tool-Only-2540-20/314484000?irgwc=1&cm_mmc=afl-ir-1241153-456723-&clickid=3b0TOgXtTSkyy1w2Xs3uowHGUkEUYGXRIQ2%3ARk0
  10. Works very well for me. Besides using it to make rip/cross cuts I also really like to use it with a dado blade. Just make sure you don't do what I initially did and put the guides right on top of the blades otherwise you get a deeper dado than expected. Aside from the limitations Bob mentioned they're great and use them most of the time. Another piece of advice is to make sure not to set them so they put too much pressure on the wood. Consistently doing that will deform the O-rings eventually and they ain't that cheap to replace (at least not if you're ordering them from Jessem). DAMHIK.
  11. I haven’t done it yet but I’ve read that if you already have a vacuum press setup you can use that with the vac heads with a couple of adapters. This is probably the route I’ll go in the future.
  12. Beautiful work! How long did it take?
  13. Pretty sure that's to hold small pieces on a Router table. Not sure why they're using it on a TS Edit: Didn't notice angles so maybe not.
  14. I don’t use it for fine woodworking. But even making openings for outlets is a little more difficult so far. It’s a little more jumpy when you do the initial cut at least compared to my Vecturo. But it does make the cut a lot quicker. I should note the wall was plywood not drywall.
  15. Decided to get a cordless to accompany my vecutro. This one is a lot more aggressive. I didn’t take note of either stroke length but the Milwaukee feels double. Great for quick cuts but a little bit harder to be precise. Maybe I just need o get used to it.
  16. I just put 2 coats of stain on it. What ever home depot had. I think from behr. It was their lightest redwood stain option. The bleachers originally had a much thicker stain plus a film finish. I scraped off the some of the really thick parts and the gum. Lots and lots of gum Then ran it on my portable planer. I'm very glad I decided to keep it even after I upgraded to a floor model. I would have been scared of damaging the floor model planer. Surprisingly I found all the wood to be heartwood. Which is great because if I bought a board that large new it would be easily be $50+. Really kicking myself for not getting more. The raw wood is more of a lighter pink color but just like any wood if you splash it with water it brightens up. I'll see if I can find the pic of wood after I planed it. I made a set of planter boxes in the past with it and used epiphanes. Looked great initially but after a year and half or so in socal sun the film started to flake. I'll probably sand and refinish it eventually. I did not want to have to sand and refinish around 50 picket fence pieces so I decided to go with the stain.
  17. Thanks for comments. Besides the mortise in the curved part of the gate it was a pretty straightforward a s easy project. All but the aforementioned joint was done with a domino. Redwood very easy to work with but also super soft and dents real easy. I dropped one of the gates during install and there’s now a small dent. I choose to call it character lol.
  18. I wanted a cleaner look on the outside so I put the latch inside. The right gate bolts down and the left gate latches to the right. So you can just open the left and still have the right locked down.
  19. An early Christmas present for mom. She's up in age and has been stuck at home since covid so gardening is her only form of exercise. Made out of recycled redwood bleachers. You can still see some of of the stained bolt holes. Decided to leave them in instead of cutting around them.
  20. I guess it’s a matter of perspective. I’m a hobbiest so For me my tools almost never leave the house so getting a different brand battery or forgetting to bring the wrong bat is not a problem. There are just some tools I wouldn’t get if I had to pay msrp and some brands might never put that specific tool on sale. In any case it works for me but I understand it’s not for everyone.
  21. Sorry about that. At that price they were bound to sell out.
  22. I've seen these types of hoses but no actual experience with them https://www.ptreeusa.com/dust_hose_stayPut.html Lee Valley also used to make a hose end that had magnets you could lock on to your dp table. Don't see it on their site now though
  23. I used to feel that way as well. But then I found I can pay Ryobi prices for Milwaukee tools when the right deal comes around and I decided to live with the extra hassle of having multiple battery platforms.