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  1. YMMV deal. Anyone looking for a Sawzall? Great deal. Not sure if order will get cancelled but I gave it a try. If you order 2 and use code MKE2610 it's another 10% off. If it goes through I'll sell or gift the other saw and have an extra 8ah battery. Never heard of the company but posts from others on SD say they've ordered from them before. I used paypal so I feel pretty safe. YMMV https://slickdeals.net/f/14526236-milwaukee-2722-20-48-11-1880-108-00-cordless-reciprocating-saw-w-battery#comments
  2. I guess it depends on what you're looking for. For me the power tools sales have been great this year. I've spent more on this year's BF deals than the past 5+ years of BF deals. Already got both Dewalt and Milwaukee cordless routers, Milwaukee brad nailer and jigsaw, Bosch SDS. And most likely not done yet. If you can't tell I'm not brand loyal Whoever has the best deal for a given tool gets my business.
  3. The problem with the spacer that comes with the set is that the spacing is fixed and you have to use the previous mortises. I’ve personally never used it. The XL is a little better in that it gives you 3 spacing options and I have used that a couple of times. The problem with a Cnc is the size and cost (at least for a substantial sized one). I know I could never fit one in my 2 car a garage unless I got rid for half my floor standing tools. That said I’m not sure this jig would necessarily be used enough to pay for itself. I have that same senaca jig but the original none anodized version. Got it cheap when they switched over to the newer version. Thought about upgrading but can’t really see a reason too besides getting a prettier version. That jig gets used a lot.
  4. Seems like it could be a real time saver if you're a production shop. Like anything Festool it's spensive. Seller is international so not only is the product expensive but so would shipping. Looks like 370 pounds or close to $500 before shipping. If it was half or even 2/3 the price I'd seriously think about getting one. Maybe if it because successful enough they would mass produce and maybe get a US distributor. Company link. https://fctools.co.uk/
  5. Thinking about getting one of the modular systems. The Milwaukee Packout set seems to be the best but more than I want to spend given I'm not a pro and won't use it as much. I'm leaning towards the Ridgid. Anyone have experience with that set or a similar Ridgid set?
  6. Yah. Home Depot specifically. Link below. Lots of great deals on power tools. I don't think the sale starts officially till early November but many of the deals are live already. Going broke on all these "deals" https://blackfriday.com/ads/black-friday/home-depot Milwaukee has a sale which you can choose from over a dozen tools (including the jigsaw) if you buy a 2 battery starter kit for $199. As an aside I believe you can return either the tool or starter kit but I kept both because I needed the extra batteries.
  7. Yah I used it a couple of days go to rough cut some recycled redwood planks. Granted redwood cuts like paper but still pretty darn quick. Maybe not as quick as circ but fast enough for me. And safer. With the circ saw I was always weary about just grabbing one end of the board with one hand from the ground and cutting it like I see alot of contractors do. I always put the board on some support. Which obviously added to the overall breaking down process. I didn't have that same fear with the jigsaw. Plus if I have alot of boards to rough cut I have an older dewalt mitersaw on a ridgid msuv that sets up in a few seconds. I'll be curious on how it does on more accurate cuts. Specifically on how square the blade stays to the plate when doing curves. I've had serveral corded jigsaws (including the carvex) and haven't been overly impressed by the cut quality. In fact I ended up selling them all save for one that I use for rough curves only when the piece is too big for a bs. I heard really amazing things about the Maefell P1cc and am some what tempted but can't bring myself to pull the trigger on a $500+ jigsaw.
  8. I thought about it but I ended up keeping both because I actually need more m18 batteries. Have way too many chargers now though. And bags. Maybe I’ll use them as Christmas wrapping
  9. Been transitioning to more cordless lately. Been especially eyeing the electric brad nailers. These early Black Friday deals have me a good excuse.
  10. Not sure if it's a glitch but when I go to check out I get the following. So maybe for certain items you have to be local to get it. The following item(s) are not available for shipment to the location on the order. CM290P, DX60 Block Plane, PM-V11 – Manufacturing Second To proceed to checkout, choose one of the following options: 1) Move the item to your Purchase Later List 2) Change your preferred shipping method
  11. https://www.leevalley.com/en-us/lee-valley-and-veritas-seconds-event?utm_campaign=70512_VeritasSecondsSale-US&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Lee Valley &dm_i=6EER,1IEO,12YH78,6VWK,1 Too bad they never seem to have the plow plane on sale.
  12. Btw it looks like some of the deals are live already.
  13. @Chestnut I totally agree the biggest downside to having multiple brand tools is all the chargers. I have a spider web of chargers on the wall and absolute mess of tools. In fact, my current project is make a cabinet to organize them. But I'm willing to put up with that if I can get the best tool and/or bargain. I love Festool but sometimes the premium you pay for them doesn't translate to better performance. To me the drills fit this category. I have the cxs and c15 and both are great drills but the I personally like my comparable Milwaukee ones a little better. I haven't done a timed test but charging times using the fast charger for my milwaukee and dewalt tools seem comparable with my air stream for the my hkc saw.
  14. @Chestnut I used to feel the same way about sticking with the same battery line but I’ve found that if you find the right deal companies are baSically giving batteries away. So unless space is an issue I would recommend on getting the tool best tool available. I was in a similar situation as you a few months back with getting an new impact driver. Festool was coming out with their newest model but Milwaukee has some crazy good deal. Basically For the same price as the bare festool impact I would get the Milwaukee with a charger and 2 batteries. Plus the Milwaukee was a hydraulic impact so muuuch quieter. I even asked opinions on fog and most suggested Milwaukee as they have a longer reputation in making drills. Their 12v installation drill is also my new favorite go to. Slightly better than my cxs
  15. I love my Milwaukee surge impact drivers. So much quieter than a regular impact. I liked the 18v so much I ended up getting as the 12v as well. I have both Of the smaller 18v Milwaukee And dewalt drill drivers and cant see a big difference.
  16. Looks like it starts 11/8 this year. There's a link on the first post to a pdf file. Looks like dewalt deals are a slightly better than Milwaukee this year. That jigsaw is tempting. https://slickdeals.net/f/14468516-home-depot-black-friday-deals-live-11-8-2-pk-milwaukee-compact-tape-measures-10-gorilla-aluminum-slim-fold-work-platform-23-88-rigid-6-5-amp-tile-saw-99-more?v=1&src=SiteSearch Direct pdf link https://slickdeals.net/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=9501785&d=1603731667
  17. https://www.homedepot.com/p/DEWALT-3...1556/301867227 On sale $69 Discounted from $99. I’ve read that the price and/or availability might be regional so YMMV
  18. Found this guy at Home Depot clearance section
  19. New laguna blade. Unfortunately the first one came with surface rust so I had to wait another 2 weeks for a replacement.
  20. I have the whiteside udc9112. Works great and produces a smooth finish even on endgrain and/or figured wood. Only downside is the large diameter doesn’t allow for tight spaces if you have a small curves. Infinity makes a similar one as well that you can get in wider variety of sizes. I plan on trying out one of the 1/4” shanks in the future
  21. Festool rep told me it was because they consistently started doing sales on festool items a few days before they were allowed.
  22. These were scheduled to arrive Monday but came a bit earlier. Still waiting on the 12/14 set which (ironically) is actually the one I need atm. Unfortunately that one has even been shipped yet.
  23. jussi

    BS blade width

    Thanks for all the comments. Just placed an order for a 1" resaw king and for once my procrastination paid off as laguna just started a 10% off sale.
  24. jussi

    BS blade width

    I've always read that wider was better for resawing so I assumed I would just get the widest one my BS could handle. But if tensioning could be a problem and there isn't a huge benefit in adding the extra 1/4" then I'll probably just go with the 1"
  25. jussi

    BS blade width

    I read this as well but while researching prices haven't found it to be true. At least not for my case 150" blade. The cheapest I found the woodmaster was at spectrum supply for $125 + shipping which ended up to be around $142 while the RK was $175 with free shipping. The price difference to me wasn't enough to sway me one way or another. I ultimately ended up choosing the RK because it supposedly lasts longer and can be sharpened. The woodmaster supposedly has a better cut quality but dulls faster and can't be or is a little more to sharpen. But if you know where you can get the woodmaster for half of the RK that would be enough for me change my mind. http://www.spectrumsupply.com/woodmasterct.aspx Thanks for the info. Do you rely on the tension gauge on the BS or use an after market one. If the latter, which one?