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  1. Works very well for me.  Besides using it to make rip/cross cuts I also really like to use it with a dado blade.  Just make sure you don't do what I initially did and put the guides right on top of the blades otherwise you get a deeper dado than expected.  Aside from the limitations Bob mentioned they're great and use them most of the time.  Another piece of advice is to make sure not to set them so they put too much pressure on the wood.  Consistently doing that will deform the O-rings eventually and they ain't that cheap to replace (at least not if you're ordering them from Jessem).  DAMHIK.

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  2. 2 hours ago, drzaius said:

    Oscillating tools are not precision instruments. Not in the hack'n'slash category of a sawzall, but not like a router or table saw. Using a guide block to keep the blade parallel & on the mark helps a lot.

    My personal feeling about them is that they should be way, way down on the priority list for tools to buy. This is coming from a guy who paid over $400 for a Fein Multimaster. In the 10 years or so that I've had it, it probably doesn't have more than about 20 hours on it. There are few tasks that require an oscillating tool, most of what I see people using them for are much better done with other tools. But when you need it, you need it.

    I don’t use it for fine woodworking. But even making openings for outlets is a little more difficult so far. It’s a little more jumpy when you do the initial cut at least compared to my Vecturo.  But it does make the cut a lot quicker. I should note the wall was plywood not drywall. 

  3. 4 hours ago, Tpt life said:

    Sorry, you used trash bits or screws. Everything you just said about Robertson is true of Torx. That is not opinion, that is several tens of thousands of screws driven in my building career over the last twenty years. I have only ever experienced what you describe when bits wear out. Let me get home tonight and I will post some video. 

    What brand bits and screws do you use?

  4. 12 hours ago, Coop said:

    Is that the original color of the bleachers, ie., did you sand or plane the boards? Did you put any kind of finish on it? 

    I just put 2 coats of stain on it.  What ever home depot had.  I think from behr.  It was their lightest redwood stain option.  The bleachers originally had a much thicker stain plus a film finish.  I scraped off the some of the really thick parts and the gum.  Lots and lots of gum :)  Then ran it on my portable planer.  I'm very glad I decided to keep it even after I upgraded to a floor model.  I would have been scared of damaging the floor model planer.  Surprisingly I found all the wood to be heartwood.  Which is great because if I bought a board that large new it would be easily be $50+.  Really kicking myself for not getting more.  The raw wood is more of a lighter pink color but just like any wood if you splash it with water it brightens up.   I'll see if I can find the pic of wood after I planed it.

    I made a set of planter boxes in the past with it and used epiphanes.  Looked great initially but after a year and half or so in socal sun the film started to flake.  I'll probably sand and refinish it eventually.  I did not want to have to sand and refinish around 50 picket fence pieces so I decided to go with the stain.

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  5. Thanks for comments. Besides the mortise in the curved part of the gate it was a pretty straightforward a s easy project.  All but the aforementioned joint was done with a domino. Redwood very easy to work with but also super soft and dents real easy. I dropped one of the gates during install and there’s now a small dent. I choose to call it character lol. 

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  6. 46 minutes ago, RichardA said:

        I don't see a latch on the gate, do you have plans for one?

    I wanted a cleaner look on the outside so I put the latch inside.  The right gate bolts down and the left gate latches to the right.  So you can just open the left and still have the right locked down. 

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  7. 5 hours ago, curlyoak said:

    This costs time and space. Every square foot of space in my shop is valuable. Although every shop I have had has been bigger than the previous, it never is enough. I also believe there is a time benefit. I work for hire, customers frequently hirer me by the hour. There are people with situations when time is not an issue. Even if I am working for me I like to be efficient.

    Also I need 2 batteries more than I have tools. Multiple brands might lead me to 6 or 8 extra batteries...

    I guess it’s a matter of perspective. I’m a hobbiest so For me my tools almost never leave the house so getting a different brand battery or forgetting to bring the wrong bat is not a problem.  There are just some tools I wouldn’t get if I had to pay msrp and some brands might never put that specific tool on sale. In any case it works for me but I understand it’s not for everyone. 

  8. On 11/8/2020 at 11:07 PM, curlyoak said:

    I like to stay with one brand. That way I need one charger and the batteries interchange.

    I used to feel that way as well.  But then I found I can pay Ryobi prices for Milwaukee tools when the right deal comes around and I decided to live with the extra hassle of having multiple battery platforms.

  9. YMMV deal.  Anyone looking for a Sawzall?  Great deal.  Not sure if order will get cancelled but I gave it a try.  If you order 2 and use code MKE2610 it's another 10% off.  If it goes through I'll sell or gift the other saw and have an extra 8ah battery.  Never heard of the company but posts from others on SD say they've ordered from them before.  I used paypal so I feel pretty safe.  YMMV


  10. 1 hour ago, curlyoak said:

     The home depot deals are not as good as years before. .

    I guess it depends on what you're looking for.  For me the power tools sales have been great this year.  I've spent more on this year's BF deals than the past 5+ years of BF deals.   Already got both Dewalt and Milwaukee cordless routers, Milwaukee brad nailer and jigsaw, Bosch SDS.  And most likely not done yet.  If you can't tell I'm not brand loyal :)  Whoever has the best deal for a given tool gets my business.

  11. 39 minutes ago, Chestnut said:

    There is the spacer that comes with the domino already in the set version of the tool and I've never used it. A pencil line is more than good enough to set spacing. This seems like a solution looking for a problem... I'm a 1 man shop though.

    I feel like after you get to a product this expensive the shop that'd be looking to buy it would be large enough that they'd be using CNC or something better than the domino.

    The plate thing he uses is avilable here for a lot cheaper.


    The problem with the spacer that comes with the set is that the spacing is fixed and you have to use the previous mortises.  I’ve personally  never used it. The XL is a little better in that it gives you 3 spacing options and I have used that a couple of times. 

    The problem with a Cnc is the size and cost (at least for a substantial sized one).  I know I could never fit one in my 2 car a garage unless I got rid for half my floor standing tools.  That said I’m not sure this jig would necessarily be used enough to pay for itself. 

    I have that same senaca jig but the original none anodized version. Got it cheap when they switched over to the newer version.  Thought about upgrading but can’t really see a reason too besides getting a prettier version.   That jig gets used a lot. 

  12. Seems like it could be a real time saver if you're a production shop.  Like anything Festool it's spensive.  Seller is international so not only is the product expensive but so would shipping.  Looks like 370 pounds or close to $500 before shipping.   If it was half or even 2/3 the price I'd seriously think about getting one.  Maybe if it because successful enough they would mass produce and maybe get a US distributor. 

    Company link.





  13. 2 hours ago, Coop said:

    @jussi, where did you get the jig saw on a Black Friday sale?

    Yah.  Home Depot specifically.  Link below.  Lots of great deals on power tools.   I don't think the sale starts officially till early November but many of the deals are live already.   Going broke on all these "deals" :D


    Milwaukee has a sale which you can choose from over a dozen tools (including the jigsaw) if you buy a 2 battery starter kit for $199.  As an aside I believe you can return either the tool or starter kit but I kept both because I needed the extra batteries. 



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  14. 14 hours ago, Chet said:

    You will be real happy with that jigsaw.  Its a beast,  goes through 8/4 stock like most jigsaws go through 4/4.

    Yah I used it a couple of days go to rough cut some recycled redwood planks.  Granted redwood cuts like paper but still pretty darn quick.  Maybe not as quick as circ but fast enough for me.  And safer.  With the circ saw I was always weary about just grabbing one end of the board with one hand from the ground and cutting it like I see alot of contractors do.  I always put the board on some support.  Which obviously added to the overall breaking down process.  I didn't have that same fear with the jigsaw.  Plus if I have alot of boards to rough cut I have an older dewalt mitersaw on a ridgid msuv that sets up in a few seconds. 

    I'll be curious on how it does on more accurate cuts.  Specifically on how square the blade stays to the plate when doing curves.  I've had serveral corded jigsaws (including the carvex) and haven't been overly impressed by the cut quality.  In fact I ended up selling them all save for one that I use for rough curves only when the piece is too big for a bs.   I heard really amazing things about the Maefell P1cc and am some what tempted but can't bring myself to pull the trigger on a $500+ jigsaw.