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  1. I have the same jig.  Works great.  Manual is long but thorough.  After I got the hang of the jig I taped a few notes on it to help me remember how to use it and that (along with test pieces) is good enough to help me remember the steps the next time I use it.  I'll second recommendation on the vrs.  Hughe dust/shavings collector.  Otherwise it's a huge mess.  I thought about the upgrade but I'm happy with through dovetails.  I do have a PC dt jig that I can use if I ever want to do hb.


    One tip I have though is make sure the router is completely stopped before you remove it from the jig.  Otherwise you may accidentallychew the fingers of the jig.  Maybe even yours if you're really not careful.  This especially true if you use the vrs because you trap the router between the jig and vrs and can't slide it out without hitting the vrs.  DAMHIK

  2. Anyone order one of these?  It got pretty glowing reviews at fog but they're not always the most unbiased source.  It does look interesting and I love how it supposedly just clamps on without any type of fiddling to get it square.  I have a couple of other things higher on the tool list for now but when funds become available I'm seriously considering buying one.  If anyone bought one and would care to share a review I'd be very interested.   They're also supposed to come out with a square version as well.





  3. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/tls/5585994676.html

    May 21st. is the next Anderson Plywood Old Tool Swap Meet from 6:00 AM until Noon. The address is 4020 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230. We start setting up at 4:30AM. If you are new, wait until Laura or Lionel get there because some areas are restricted.

    Please do not bring trailers. Most of the spaces can handle normal size pickup trucks or vans. There are several new spots that require unloading your tools and then parking your vehicle in the Elks parking lot. If you only have a few tools, you can put them in Laura's space. For more information, call show contact info The Swap Meet will be held Rain or Shine. If it is raining, we set up inside Anderson Plywood.

    There will be Old Tools, Antique Tools, Good Quality User Tools plus Many Miscellaneous Items including some small general antiques and collectibles. Please be sure you bring at least 50% to 75% tools or tool related items. This is a tool swap meet.

  4. It's an Agazzani (sp?) 18".  No other details besides that. Will check out this weekend. Ive of the brand but don't know too much about them. I believe their on par with Laguna or even a little better?  He's currently asking $1150.  Wacha think?




  5. I persoanlly like the 12" and 31". I initially got 24" but found I was clamping things at or just a little above their capacity.  If you've built some things maybe see what sizes you used the most. Check CL.  Depends on the area and how quick you are but you can find some real deals on clamps 

  6. Take a look at the Incra version of the Jessem.  I beleive its the same system except the Incra has the magna lock system. Which is their own design of the insert rings that attaches via magnets and is tool less.  They also have slots in them to allow for the dust to be sucked down (assuming you have under the router dc) when doing trapped cuts like dadoes, sliding dovetails, etc. 


    I currently have have the woodpecker prl2 and like it but when/if I ever upgrade I think I will get an Incra model.  They also make a woodpecker prl version. 

  7. 4 hours ago, Gnarlywoodguy said:

    What is that cute little thing?

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    Harbor freight calls it a mini cut off saw. Works well but the very small motor means you have to cut slowly  



    5 hours ago, gee-dub said:

    Yes.  The Festool version is $1032.00 so the HF version is a real bargain!

    If I paint it green I think I can sell it for close to that price on fog

  8. Picked this little guy up at a garage sale a while back.  I've been using it to cut small pieces that would be way to scary to cut in a mitersaw.  Yesterday I used it to cut some dominos that were a little too long. 


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  9. 16 minutes ago, Brendon_t said:

    Kev, with longer rods,  how would you even use it? Does the ft "head" move down the rods rather than the rod move through the router base? 

    Both move.  I use the longer rods to attach a 2nd fence on the opposite side so it can straddle the work piece when doing mortises. 

  10. I love both festool and woodpecker products but this one is a pass from me.  I have their 26" framing square and use that thing all the time.  If you're alot of repetitive cuts on sheet goods I suggest the parallel guide.  But I think the aftermarket ones are better designed.  I had the festool ones and sold them and got one from Seneca. 

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  11. My local Rockler has them on display.  You may want to see if your branch carries it. I didn't inspect it very thoroughly but it seemed very light weight. Perhaps it wasn't set up properly but the one rocked with very little pressure on either of the wings.  

  12. 45 minutes ago, Brendon_t said:

    Is there another option for connecting dust collection to the domino than the festool hose?  I don't have a CT vac

    I plunged a few mortises but could tell the chips were pissing the cutter off. 

    You could buy just the fitting. It threads on similar sized hoses. 27mm. I have may kapex connected to a fein Vac using a Bosch hose that connects to the fitting  




    Rockler also sells this hose kit  





  13. 22 hours ago, Brendon_t said:

    So here's the scoop,  I was making my rounds on CL through the normal key words and Festool hit on an ad that had been posted 4 minutes prior. 

    I sent an emailed the seller and apparently was the first one. 

    Congrats!!!  I saw the same deal.  If didn't already have one I would have jumped.   Glad someone here got it. I got mine on CL 3-4 years ago as well.  The good old days when hardly anyone knew about them and you have more tan 4 minutes to reply :D  I notice alot of green tools popping up on cl in last month or so.  Crossing my fingers for a good deal on RAS 115 to show up.

  14. The extension tables help alot.  Either buy Dewalts (which is probably the easier option) or make supports.  Make sure you have good dust collection.  If you don't, the chute could get clogged and if your not evacuating the chips fast enough they  fall back on to the stock and (especially in soft species) leaves indentations as the feed rollers go over them.


    Buy good hearing protection.

  15. I'm was in a similar position when I was looking for a segmented cutterhead for my jointer.  I didn't find any alternatives that were significantly cheaper.  I eventually ordered my byrd head from Brian at Holbren.  He offers a discount to woodnet members.