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  1. Thanks so much for your responses and advice. My biggest concern is water marks - I don't always get to them right away. Which finish is the best to protect against these? My concern with poly is that I will need to resand to refinish again - it sounds like a painful process. Will the wax help with the watermarks or is it better to leave it and just wipe with a coat of danish oil periodically?
  2. I am very new to finishing so looking for some advice... I have a walnut table that will be used in the kitchen with 3 messy kids so it will get lots of use. After reading posts and trying a few finishes, I decided to go with Danish Oil in Dark Walnut. I've put on 3 coats with at least 24 hours of drying between - Wet sanding the first coat only. I am happy with the color - it feels very smooth to the touch. Should I stop here or add another coat? So now what? I am not sure if I should use a wipe on poly or wax finish for maximum protection. I don't want a glossy finish - I prefer the satin look. Thanks so much for the advice!