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  1. Shop Layout

    I agree the best place for the jointer is next to the table saw. I always had mine on the left side but the one I have now is two tall.
  2. Coffee Table build

    That's great looking... I like the stile of it allot.
  3. Baby Boat

    Very nice project that looks like allot of fun. Much more enjoyable than building a cabinet. Congrats to you with the child on the way also.
  4. I would just use the hardwood plywood if your time is important to you.
  5. My Mini Split Install

    I have no problem and don't need two hands on a screwdriver to get the lug tight.. Id break the breaker if I did that with two hands.
  6. My Mini Split Install

    Yes I was but nothing wrong with the way you and do it . I don't mind installing the ground and neutral wire on the bars off to the sides in the box but for some reason it just seems more comfortable to me to wire the breaker before I install it.
  7. Interesting Clamps

    Well..I don't want to hurt any feelings but I wouldn't throw away my pipe clamps for them.
  8. Towel Rack

    Looks like a fun project and it looks great.. It shore looks way better than the store bought one we have. Thank you for the video.
  9. China Cabinet

    Nice work Brad. I wish I had that jig sometimes.
  10. Shop Tour

    Yes. It looks like a great shop to work in.
  11. Worried

    Wish I could tell you. I have found small things at times on the shop floor that I save and have no idea where they come from.
  12. Since I’ve been gone

    You do real nice work Brad. Everything looks great and I'm glad to see you here again.
  13. I'm building a shop!

    Everything looks great. The dogs even look happy.
  14. Hello from Northern Kentucky

    Welcome. That's going to make a great shop.
  15. Cherry Bookcase

    I don't think I like the idea of using glue on any of the boards on the back but the guys may feel different. Very nice work by the way Chris.