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  1. Gaming Table

    It is for me.
  2. Gaming Table

    Chet is right. To be honest if something isn't going right I have a hard time walking away until its fixed. Doesn't matter what it is. When I finely call it a day almost always the next morning things go much better. Sometimes its just some small thing I overlooked .Drives me crazy.
  3. Gaming Table

    All I no is your doing a great job. I think your lights are running on 100 watts.
  4. hearing protection

    Mine looked like that also but they came from Home depot and just last week I had a small piece of it break off in my ear. I was able to get it out myself. I have some foam ones I'm using now but may try something else.
  5. Dining room table - COMPLETE

    Its a fine match with the chairs and looks great Chet. .
  6. My first chairs - LOL

    Different in a good way. Well done.
  7. Quick Mother's Day Gifts

    Very nice gifts Jim.
  8. Gaming Table

    I just found your build thread. Going to enjoy seeing your build Coop.
  9. Why I show my work..

    Come to find out the Klingspor is the same paper I been paying more for under the name of Jet. Great news because I like the paper and now I can save about $30 a box. I did a lot of sanding today and noticed that keeping the crepe in freezer did everything you said Steve. I always cleaned my paper allot but today was different . I had some old paper in my sander and pushed it harder than I ever have been able to and I cant believe I didn't burn the paper today. I was going to put new paper on this morning before I even started but I'm glad I didn't now. I have a 6.5 hp sander and was using all of 37 amps at times today and its a 50 amp sander. Its like I have a new machine . Thank you Steve. Where do I send the check?
  10. Fixing fine scratches

    What ever you do test it somewhere that wont be seen.
  11. Why I show my work..

    Thanks for the info Steve. Ill also be keeping the block in my shop freezer now.
  12. Why I show my work..

    Nothing to exciting but finally have my parts ready for the drum sander tomorrow. Been dragging my feet. Need to find a place to buy paper for my sander. I have been using Jet paper but would like to try something else.
  13. Why I show my work..

    Pallet wood. .... Short story. I was in Tractor Supply the other day to see they carried inverter generators in store. Asked about pellet stoves because I was tired of looking at @Kevs stove..I was told they had one out back for $750 because it was a closeout item. it was a King stove and they cost about $1200 reg around here so I took it home hooked it up only to see a big flash when I plugged it in.. So the next day I took it back and they offered me this Ashley bay front for the same price. Its about a $1500 stove so I figured if I don't like it I could get my money out of it easy. I stuck it in just to try it and will be getting a new pipe kit and installing it right before winter. Its great for days that are not real cold. I'm going to keep my wood stove also for real cold temps and also do some insulating of the shop. Hope I don't break the darn glass in this thing.
  14. Why I show my work..

    Feels good to be back in the shop more and have a thread to post some things I have going on for anyone that maybe interested. Working on jobs and a pellet stove today.