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  1. mat60

    New (and final) Shop!

    Very nice Kev.. That's going to be great when your all set up. Lucky wife on her part.
  2. mat60

    New jointer season? I think so.

    Im fine with my straight blades but Im also thinking like anything else if I had the Shelix head I wouldn't want to go back.
  3. mat60

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Do you think a smaller fire will work?
  4. mat60

    Mission end tables

    They are looking good Damon. Keep up the good work.
  5. mat60

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    A guy just got hit with a log here in Maine yesterday. That was it for him.
  6. mat60

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Low 30f today and Im trying to get outside stuff done before it gets cold. I must admit I don't enjoy the cold as much now
  7. mat60

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Found it.. That's cool a small stove will heat your shop.
  8. mat60

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    I found the Alaskan stove company. Trapline must be the model. Is it a small stove?
  9. mat60

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    My brother has one and loves it. Heats his home and shop with it. I wonder if anyone here burns wood in any stove or furnace.
  10. mat60

    Table saw arbor nut frozen

    Im thinking you guys have had your nuts seized a time or to also.
  11. mat60

    Scrap wood step stool

    They look pretty strong to me but if you are going to paint the steps anyway you could hide the screws if you feel the need. I hate to tell you its fine without and have your wife get hurt.
  12. mat60

    Scrap wood step stool

    Looking good. Its cool your daughter helps and Im glad her hands didn't get cut by the router bit also.
  13. mat60

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Yes Im burning a pile of wood. The 6 cord I have now doesn't burn well at all because its to wet. Its mostly oak and it goes for 200 a cord cut and split here. I got two more cord of green ash coming for $150 a cord. The ash will burn for me better than the oak even when green. My goal for next year is dry wood and different stove and Id probably burn 4 to 5 max cord. I think a rick of wood is about 1/3 of a cord so 8 or 9 ricks sounds darn good to me. To tell you the truth I don't like my stove. It wont run well with a small fire and I cant get it to burn any less than 25 logs a day while Im working. I think part of the problem is my firebox is to large for my needs unless I load it up to spray finish with the windows open and fan on. My shop is about 1400 SF but with 11ft sealings and drafty windows, poor insulation and large door Im thinking a 2500 sf wood stove with 112.800 btu will do it and use allot less wood. That's my plan.
  14. mat60

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    I been thinking about the newer EPA stove because I hear they burn less wood. I also can burn greener wood in my stove but according to You Tube EPA stoves don't like green wood. I never seem to have the darn extra cash to buy two years ahead to stack and dry it and that's about 7 to 8 cord a year just in the shop.
  15. mat60

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Im not being smart but been wondering it you had just started the darn stove. I cant get smoke like that even with green unless Im not giving it much air and it wont put out no heat for me like that. I happen to think of wood stove smoke today because the wind was blowing just right and I was getting some back draft into the shop today. Got to extend my chimney this weekend.