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  1. mat60

    Waxing drawers

    I haven't done allot of wood draw runners but next to my table saw I made a quick storage chest and used Johnson Paste wax on the unfinished wood draw runners and was surprised how well they worked and how long it lasted.
  2. mat60

    How do you transport your wood?

    Ya the wood and chrome wheels look great together.
  3. Yes the job is looking great Steve. Do the side cabinets have lights in them? I see the wire sticking out of the wall.
  4. mat60

    How do you transport your wood?

    When I was young I would half to agree with you but now I don't care what I am seen in.
  5. mat60


    I thought you might be kidding a first but after a PM I see you wasn't. Very nice of you. I need to learn how to use the Gripper so I hopefully don't nick it up. Thank You.
  6. mat60


    Cant say I have a gripper do hickey.
  7. mat60

    Table saw help

    If I had to guess I would think the Jet would have more power if that is something that matters to you. I agree with Chestnut on using them for a while before you decide.
  8. mat60


    Welcome to the forums.
  9. mat60

    2 Presents Done

    Fantastic Ronn.
  10. mat60

    Plumbing leak and rust

    Glad you were able to do the repair yourself. Don't no how much time you will spend to clean up the planes again.
  11. mat60

    it pays to be april wilkerson

    Im the worse on here with spelling grandma. Thanks
  12. mat60

    it pays to be april wilkerson

    And also take it off the favorites bar.
  13. mat60

    Aromatic cedar boxes

    Very nice Cliff. I like the thought of under bed storage.
  14. mat60

    Gee-Dub's Space

    You have some time invested. Nice shop.
  15. mat60

    it pays to be april wilkerson

    I just happen to notice that April is a hot topic here.