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  1. mat60

    Gap fix

    You just couldn't stand looking at it could you. Nice fix.
  2. mat60

    Where to buy sandpaper

    Another vote for Klingspor thanks to some guy named Steve.
  3. mat60

    Gap fix

    If that were my gap Id be worried that by trying to fix it I would make it look like poop. I no it bugs you as it would me but Id leave it also.
  4. mat60

    Its Just about done

    Its a very nice addition it your shop.
  5. mat60

    New shop and beginner woodworker

    OSB crown. Looks fine. Great way to use up leftovers.
  6. mat60

    New shop and beginner woodworker

    What a difference.. Doesn't look like the same place jayhalk.
  7. mat60

    34 761 Rockwell Unisaw

    Welcome to the forums.
  8. mat60

    Jointing plywood?

    Unless you have some knives you don't care about you could install for this job.
  9. mat60

    Jointing plywood?

    I think the glue may dull knives sooner but with that being said just today I planed down some ply to use spacers inside a cabinet to install draw slides. Opinions may very.
  10. mat60

    Pyramid Screws

    I guess there is no point in fixing my thong now is there..
  11. mat60

    Misc Hardware

    Its funny when you inherit shop stuff how thankful you are even if its something small.
  12. mat60

    Pyramid Screws

    A socket is the first thong I would try also. I have some of them drill adaptors and they have come in handy.
  13. mat60

    Push blocks

    Wood push sticks and blocks to face joint. Everyone here seems to love the Gripper. I don't do small parts very often.
  14. Id pocket screw this job. Why not. I;m not sure about much glue.