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  1. mat60

    Retirement Shop

    Nice shop. My bench is 36x74 because of what I build most times. A base with draws and open storage would work for me. Like the idea of a small air compressor under the bench. Im kind of wondering why your router table top has holes drilled in it.
  2. mat60

    Built a saw vise

    Welcome to the forums @B. Brinkley
  3. mat60

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Were going to get allot of snow tonight and tomorrow.
  4. mat60

    SawStop inadvertent brake activation causes

    I always thought if I was looking for a new saw it would be a Powermatic. Part of that reason was I thought the Sawstop would be allot more money and I see that's not the case. I also looked into the price of the break cartridges. I see on Amazon they are only $69.00 for a 10 inch blade cartridge and $89.00 for the 8 inch dado blade. I have been in the shop at the tablesaw all day and have given this some thought. Sometimes when you get old you get set in your ways.. I changed my mind. Enjoy your saw.
  5. mat60

    SawStop inadvertent brake activation causes

    I like my fingers but I think it would me understandable why some would not want a SS.
  6. mat60

    Delta Cabinet Saw Dust Collection

    I have dust collection on my cabinet saw but nothing near the saw blade. Thinking about doing what Tom did. With out it you sure get allot of dust in your face and on the floor.
  7. mat60

    domino joiner

    Im trying real hard to wait until this job is done. It will be a while because its a big job. You don't no how bad I want to hit the button.
  8. mat60

    Just some cutting boards

    They look nice Cliff.
  9. mat60

    I've never done this...

    If you make something for someone even if you do it for free wouldn't it be about what they want and how they would like it.? If your wife asks you to make her something are you going to say no if you don't like what she wants.
  10. mat60

    I've never done this...

    I had to stain Cherry for a client. It would have looked so much better with some age. They loved it and I got paid. Best give them what they want.
  11. mat60

    Pekovich Case on Stand

    Looks great. That's some very nice work.
  12. mat60

    domino joiner

    Congrats. Enjoy your Domino. Looking forward to mine Im glad you started this thread and I hope you didn't mind me asking stuff on it.
  13. mat60

    Hello from Ohio!

    Welcome to the forums. Nice work with the clocks. Like the look of the poplar.
  14. mat60

    domino joiner

    The taytools tenons do have good reviews as do the CMT cutters.
  15. mat60

    Sad Storry to Share

    Ya your right … My table saw is hard wired but I the breaker box isn't that far.