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  1. I just want to say I been very busy for a long time with Barbara,s care. Haven been here much because of it. I do feel good about I took care of her with no help except hospice near the end. I do need to keep it together and get back to work very soon. Plenty of time at night to get upset.. I want to thank everyone for what they have said and done and I really mean it guys.. I will see you guys later today after I get some things done.. Mark
  2. Looks very nice and I really like the grain. Your shop looks like you have made some changes also.
  3. Sure have missed out on some of the great work to be seen here. Nice work John.
  4. Nice work Rick. Love the curly cherry.
  5. Welcome to the forum. Very nice work. Its easy to tell you enjoy what you do.
  6. mat60

    New Table Saw

    Surprised only one belt on a 3hp saw. Not saying there is something wrong with that Kev. Id love to have it.
  7. mat60

    New Table Saw

    Sorry about your bad switch. Im thinking you have 3 belts and to be honest I wouldn't have my belts that tight even if that's what it called for. . I think the most that could happen is it could slip and you would no it. Just my opinion.
  8. I haven't used under mount. When Im building 24 inch base cabinets I use KV 22 inch side mount and my drawers are 22 inch deep.
  9. I had no idea how great the drawer fronts would look before the finish.
  10. Looks good and like it that you used what you had on hand.
  11. To bad you couldn't cover it with contact paper. I honestly don't no how you could get it to look good.
  12. The walnut tops look great. Nice work with the finish also.
  13. Not trying to be smart but Id just pull some out and cut them cut them with a knife or razor blade.
  14. Was that fire because of someone burning wood and never cleaning the chimney?
  15. Just the Red Oak for me also. I agree the WO is nice.
  16. I was thinking you needed to store your yard stuff inside for the winter but I just now noticed you live in Florida. Id be interested in seeing more pictures of your storage shed build as it comes along.
  17. Hi Ken. Welcome to the forums. What are you using for a work shop?
  18. Its going to be great to get that yard stuff out of your garage.