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  1. Well I got the shutters up over the weekend. Think they came out nice. I did get some movement some louvers after I sprayed the paint onto them. I think the movement was a result of an overly heavy coat of paint(my fault) and the sun beaming on them right after i sprayed them. Overall I'm happy but learned things for next time as well.
  2. Not really. Nothing that couldnt be jointed out
  3. Rob thanks for the tip. It makes great sense. Before i had bought lumber a created a cut list and the 12 2x4s worked so perfectly I couldnt fill a gallon ziplock with the waste. Certainly will look at larger lumber next time as well. Thanks. Also here is a pictures of the bahama shutter i built and installed that these will match.
  4. Just finished up a set of Bahama style window awnings. Built a total of seven with 16 louvers in each one. Material was pressure treated two by fours dried, Mill, and finished. Final product will be painted and installed using black Nickel hardware and hand forged Shutter arms. The production of the louvers took a lot longer than I thought. I think a total of 11 hours start to finish from rough 2 x 4 to finished louver I created over 230 louvers for the project.
  5. I couldnt be happier with my bosch 4100. The gravity rise base is great anx it has always been super accurate.
  6. Looking to pick up a drum sander. I'm in the Houston TX area but wouldn't mind meeting somewhere or something for the right deal. Thanks Adam
  7. What if i were to go to the local farmers market with some trays or cutting boards or something
  8. Typical example of what wood do i have laying around.
  9. Aromatic might go by a different name we just Call it aromatic Cedar around here.
  10. Made tray for my wife Reclaimed aromatic cedar main body Red oak sides 2 coats wipe on poly
  11. Thanks guys. Thats more or less my point. I'm not trying to make a living off what I do but if there is a way that i can see more profit in my pocket by either getting business discounts or tax right offs I'll take it. We all know that people just generally don't appreciate or understand the cost associated with a wood project. Dang Ikea!!!
  12. Thanks for the reply. I guess my main concern is not getting in trouble with the law if I make a profit off the items I sell be it a neighbor or a family member.
  13. So I have well paying day job and have been doing woodworking projects on the side. Nothing big like furniture just items like bahama shutters and such. Lately though I've been getting more and more people ask me to build items for them. I'm in no way at a point to quit my job and doubt I would ever be there but as side income its nice. My question is with the increase in commisions should I start a business for tax and income purposes? I think I could get more business if I invested in a website but for now it's general word of mouth. Do I have to start a business to account for the income? Also what about writing off materials and such. I'm assuming that a business is a must before I can do that. What type of business do I need to start? I guess my general concern is that although I enjoy the time in the shop I would love to be able to fully capitalize on the time and effort. Being able to write off items on taxes and account properly for income from sales would be nice. Thanks.