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  1. the chemical historically used to treat utility poles is pentachlorophenol. This is NOT the creosote that is made while smoking meat. This link provides more information on PCP. Pentachlorophenol | US EPA I have performed a number of remediations on sites contaminated with PCP and it's pretty nasty stuff. If I was anything but a lineman, I would stay far away from old poles.
  2. I've always found pallet wood very useful........for pallets.
  3. Thank you for your kind words. Even after a number of years, I'm very sensitive that my work is only so so. I see the work that some many here do and not sure if I really compare. All who commented here have shown amazing work and I strive to be better each project. Again, thank you for the feedback.
  4. My first time posting one of my projects. I just finished this for my wife's closet. This will make up the non-hanging portion of a closet makeover for her. The first unit has five pull-out drawers with soft close slides with adjustable shelves above while the second unit is six-drawer closet dresser, also with adjustable shelves above. Main structure is pre-finished birch plywood while face frames, doors, drawers, etc are all red oak. The rest of this closet makeover is much more mundane carpentry, removing popcorn, re-texturing, painting, installing a wall safe and sheetrock work. So the not so fun stuff. Thanks for looking.
  5. I have looked carefully to see if I can turn it around and the Soft close is a snap in component I could change out but I also have to reverse the slide mechanism and I haven't figured out how to do that without risking breaking some less than robust plastic pieces. I keep getting automated messages, but after calling and being told someone would call me back and then nothing, getting frustrated. It has been 4 days now with only automated bot replies. It is holding up my finishing my wife's closet organizer and with my son is coming in Saturday for thanksgiving for the first time in two years, don't think any work will be done next week. I got off a professional cabinet builders FB group, and they do have a lot of stuff in stock and seem to get stuff out quickly, but just as Coop said, they are just virtual warehouses. May try calling KV direct. Thanks for everyone's reply
  6. Has anyone tried to use customer service? I ordered some KV soft-close drawer slides and as I started to install them, I found that 5 of the 24 slides were mounted backwards in the slide frame (photo enclosed). I have sent emails through their system, tried their "live chat" which isn't live, and twice talked to a rep who said she couldn't help but would escalate my call to someone who would call me back. So far no human contact. Very disappointed in their service so far. If you just order online they seem to do the shipping well, but don't seem to have anyone who can do the simple things. The soft-close hardware is at the front end of the slide instead at the back end making installation pretty much impossible. The top slide is what is should look like and the bottom slide is the defective part. Very interesting manufacturing glitch. Anyone ever seen this before?
  7. Coop, I think its some hot water contraption that them northerners use to keep warm while we are on on patio's drinking margaritas.
  8. I live in Central Texas. I have also found the CRC works great, but my biggest rust problems comes from working in my un-air conditioned shop and dripping sweat on the tables, which turn to rust in about 42 seconds. I wear a hat and a sweat band, but it Texas and hotter than hell here. On the rust spots, hit it with a little CRC spray and some 600 wet/dry paper and all gone. Hopefully next year I can swing a mini-split for the Garage. Am I the only one with sweat issues on machines?
  9. Really beautiful project and well done. I have a question. The mortice's were made with a domino, 500 or 700? 25 mm deep on both sides? I made an outside door from cedar for my garden shed using the largest domino's made for the 500, and 5 years later, still holding well, but keep hearing you can't make a door using a 500 for joinery. Again, great job
  10. I had a true miss fire a few years ago with a dado blade. Turned the saw on, the the blade disappeared. Was so quiet I didn't even realize what happened for a second. Sent it to Sawstop, they noted the trip was 400 ms after startup (0.4 seconds) and was a real miss fire. Sent me a new cartridge for free. Also, because the saw hadn't really started, there as no damage to my dado blade, which would have been a several hundred dollar loss, but with dado blade and cartridge bonded together, was a bear to remove.
  11. I had a real false trip. Was using a dado blade and had a trip on startup. Sawstop took the brake, and found it tripped in the first 400 ms after startup (less than half of a second. Could find no reason for the trip. Since the blade had just been turned on and had not reached speed, there was no damage to the blade, and Sawstop replaced the brake. Were really nice to work with. That was a couple of years ago, and no issues since, so something just weird, we couldn't find any reason for the trip. I have still not tripped the brake other than this one time, so still on original brakes six years in (and I have two unused spares never taken out of the box yet.
  12. I am still using a series of Dewalt 14.4v tools (two drill/drivers 3/8" and 1/2" chucks, right angle, and impact driver). These are old and pre-dated even the 18v nicads. I have rebuilt every battery I have at least twice and a few 4 times at battery plus. They rebuild for about 60% of a new price and I seem to get pretty good service out of the re-builts. Since all of the tools are still working well after all the years, just can't quite give up and go to a new platform, but if the tools die that's a different story. I would probably go with Milwaukee if I was going to start over. I like having cordless drills/drivers/impact driver, but really don't think I need other cordless tools as I don't do a lot of remote work.
  13. Last year I was redoing the siding on the back of my house. Doing a relatively high level energy efficiency job. Replacing all of the fiberglass insulation with ROXUL, using polywall liquid applied flashing to seal the mudsill to the slab (and waterproof the mudsill with isn't treated) then a layer of zip r-sheathing. That's when the trouble started. as we were adding sheets of the sheathing, we noticed the slab was slopping. All told, we found the slab was out of level by Over 1 1/2" over 32 feet. This required that every sheet of Zip had to be individually cut on a angle (thank god for my Festool track saw). Once this was done and the new Pella windows installed it was time to try to make the hardi level. After a lot of futzing, we finally got the first row done. On one end of the house, 1/4" overlap of the sheathing, on the other, almost 2". I have found that absolutely nothing on this house was built using a plumb bob level or square. Every project is an adventure. I'm not sure if a woodworker should be doing rough carpentry, as I cut my sheathing with a track saw or table saw. Maybe I'm too picky, but the results, while likely too slow, are pretty nice (and who doesn't love tongue and groove Sapele soffit outside my exterior doors.
  14. I have a franken table. Bench dog cast iron top, woodpecker lift, Jessem fence and hold downs, and shop made cabinet. It works great, but as somewhat of a pain to assemble since nothing was designed to fit together, particularly the fence. I also tend to not finish my shop-made cabinets and accessories.
  15. I had my saw about 5 years before an accidental firing. Sawstop confirmed it was a miss-fire (and replaced the cartridge for free). The cartridges have a chip that tells them why the trip occurred and how long after initiation. We never really figured out why mine tripped, ambiguous messaging. A number of possible solutions, but nothing concrete, so I'm not really sure what not to do in the future, but so far no more problems, so ?????. In my case, the trigger happened on startup, so at least my dado blade wasn't damaged (trip occurred 400 ms after startup, so the trip was not very dramatic, as the saw blade had barely started and consequently minimal force/impact on the blade). I do cut a lot of different materials on my saw, doing fine woodworking as well as a fair amount of homebuilding, and always check marginal wood with the bypass feature. BTW, Sawstop was great to work with and very helpful after the firing. Really responsive folks. You will love the saw and if I didn't already have one, would buy one is a minute. No regrets on the purchase.