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  1. I've seen a few comments about adding your time into the equation. I have no deadline whatsoever. I look at it this way. I work a 40 hr/week job so i'll be working on them in the evenings and weekends. The money i'm saving in labor is essentially being paid to me in a sense. Granted, the $/hr will end up being way less than minimum wage but still, i consider it making money. I would be losing money let's say, if i turned down overtime or something else that i could be making money on the side. I'm single, so there's nobody else that would have to deal with it. And on top of it all, i'm adding value to my home. As long as i can do a quality job of course.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I have a full basement for doing the work and for storage and there is no deadline. I don't have finishing experience but with a fair amount of practice, i'm sure i can handle that as well. This project won't start until next year sometime, i'm hoping to get some deals on tools during holiday sales. My budget for tools isn't set in stone. I could spend more if i had to. There's more to it than saving money. I hope i didn't come across that way. The satisfaction of doing it myself would be a nice feeling. And at the end of it, i'd have a nice foundation of tools to delve into woodworking. I could also just sell the tools. Please don't feel you are shooting my idea down. Actually, I welcome replies telling me why maybe i shouldn't do this. Food for thought is what i'm looking for.
  3. Hi all. This is my plan and would like your thoughts. After watching many videos and alot of research, i've decided that building my own custon kitchen cabinetry is something i can tackle. I was quoted $15,000 3-4 years ago for cabinets, counter top and installation. My thought here is by doing it myself, i can buy all of the tools i need to do this and have the tools pay for themselves and maybe even save money on top of that. I plan on spending $2000-$3000 on power tools. Table saw,router table and router,planer,jointer,and misc. stuff like clamps jigs and such. I have a miter saw and some other tools already. Thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated.