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  1. Question for us newbies. Do you always square up the log first?  Most milling I have watched, which admittedly is Matt Cremona, it he doesn't square up the sides, just starts taking slabs out.  I assume its because of the live edge, but I thought you might do it in the above way to remove as much sap wood as possible?



  2. Wife and I bought a house that was built in 1923, we are currently demoing the kitchen and turning it into a dining room.  We found this in the corner, and old chimney but halfway up.  Originally the previous owners had it covered, we knew it was there since the chimney runs through the bedroom up stairs.  We had thought it was a trash burner, but it turns out it does not go all the way to the ground.  @Tom King I am sure you have seen these before, is it for an old wood burning stove?

    As for the wood working portion, I don't know the best way to incorporate it into the room, It was suggested to remove the bottom shiplap and build shelving below.  Anybody have any suggestions?  We are going with wainscoating for the walls.




  3. Prov,

    I have made a couple of corn hole boards and all have come out nicely with the 6 inch hole saw.  Since it has a pilot bit, you don't have to worry about much, but I made sure After I went half way through, I flipped it over and finished from the other side. I did it with a regular drill.  I think it cost me about 35-40 bucks for the hole saw.

  4. Glad somebody brought this up.

    I have a couple of questions for a beginner.

    1.  When do you know when sandpaper should be swapped out?  On my ROS I usually look for the edges starting to tear, is that too soon, too late?

    2. I have the same respirator as Marc, when do you know when to replace those filters?  I have the pink particle filters and the ones for fumes, I have used both for a while now, just don't know when it is time to swap those out for new ones.

    To add to the simple tip, my tip is to not burp into your respirator after a beer, learned that one the hard way.



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