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  1. Treeslayer, The hair is exhausted through the bottom of the cabinet. the picture shows the bottom of the bench as it was being constructed. This picture was taken before i drilled the holes in the floor of the cabinet. You can just see them in the one of the pictures above. It seems to work fine. There is not difference in suction with the cabinet doors opened or closed. The computer is sealed against the wall. It is an older iMac and the ventilation is in the back. There is space behind the wall to provide some air. Dyami, Your ahead of me on that one. I love the dust collection but drag
  2. Nice work! Your friend must be very happy. What was the finish? It looks great.
  3. I just completed a new base for my workbench and I thought it might be interesting enough to share. The previous base was over twenty-five years old and was made from dimension lumber, 4x4’s and 2x6”s. As one of my first ever woodworking projects it served me well but it was time for an upgrade. I really liked a bench I found on line that was done by Popular Woodworking. This was the basis of this project. I was satisfied with the top I had so this only involved the base. You can look at the Popular Woodworking article and the plans here. I also was intrigued by the the wired workbench that wa
  4. Shaneymac, Yes, that's an older iMac in the wall. I use it for Sketchup, You Tube, etc. but mostly for music. Many of the tools on the wall are held in place with rare earth magnets. Very convieniet.
  5. Beautiful work. Clearly much thought has gone into this project. Your tool collection is impressive as well. thanks for sharing.
  6. Shaneymack, Thanks for the compliment. I tried to keep the construction of this pretty simple. We have five kids and I think I might have to make a few more of these before long. I did take a few pics along the way. All of the uprights sit in a grove that was routed into the top and bottom rails. I simply made spacers to fit between. I had to take the end spacer curved, other than that it turned out to be relatively easy. The green tape in the picture is an attempt to limit glue squeeze out. The pieces on the ends are just decorative. I wanted the base to come apart for storage. The stretcher
  7. My daughter is expecting her first child in December. I built this cradle out of cherry. The design was inspired by a picture I found on line. She wanted the mattress to be a standard 18x36 cradle mattress. She also prefered the dark stain. I used lacquer for the finish and rubbed it out with paste wax and 0000 steel wool. The hinges I used are called pivot hinges from Rockler. Very well constructed with clear installation instructions.
  8. There has been a lot of wisdom scared in this thread already and I'd just like to share a few thoughts. You said you wanted to get into woodworking all your life. The good news is that, having built a bench and a couple of projects, you are indeed a woodworker! My first bench was also made from dimension lumber. The base was made from 4x4's and 2x6's mortised and tenoned based on an episode from the Woodwrights shop. The top was simple 2x6's laided flat. I have since replaced the top with maple but the base is still the same. I was sure I would have replaced it 20 years ago but I still haven't
  9. I just finished building kitchen cabinets with my son for his home. It was a great experience. We took our time and worked mostly on weekends. I would encourage you to give the project a go. He definitely saved a significant amount of money considering the quality of what he ended up with. The build was pretty straightforward. 3/4 in plywood cases joined with pocket hole joinery. Maple face frames constructed with pocket screws and attached to the cases with biscuits. Maple rail and stiles with raised panels. The one suggestion I would make is to try and do as much of the project you can at o