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  1. Just giving you a hard time, wait time is showing over 18 months in some cases. I think I would forget that I ordered it, still it is interesting. It will be fun to see what things develop in that sector of vehicles.
  2. Sure and wait to take delivery in 2018, by the time you receive it, it will have depreciated $15,000
  3. Yes there was a question, sorry I was thinking out loud and typing sort of thing. So what was the square footage of your garage? I have about 3500SF to light so it will be a combination T8's and LED's. Thanks
  4. So Mzdadoc, I'm looking at these lights on their website they do look very nice, the guideline was "One car garage one light, Two car two light ect." Looks like you went with 7 in a 2 plus or three car garage? Also list price $400 each? Seems crazy for 400 bucks you can have 10/ 4 foot 2 bulb T8 fixtures and bulbs, yes I know specs aren't they same about 5700 lumens to 13K and 30,000 hours to the 150,000 they claim. Power use though T8 runs 64 watts to the 122W for the BA light. Not to bash your lights or choice just doesn't pencil out for me. So just wondering I must be looking at the sa
  5. Hmm I must be doing something wrong I put in your shop perimeters with 10' ceiling at 400 fc using the LB 4 32 and come out with 84 fixtures. Thanks
  6. So Pete could you tell me what size shop you have? I used the Visual program and looked at another getting some conflicting designs. Also what Foot candle is everyone going for? One article states for people age 40 ,80-100fc is good for detail work such as woodworking but as we get to age 70 we need twice the light so do we shoot for 150-200fc? I'm early 50's so want to plan ahead. Thanks Jeff