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  1. Mark J

    Twin Turbo Vise

    I like the idea of an end vice much better than the traditional tail vice or wagon vice. This is a very clever idea and I think it will have inherently less backlash than the chain drive on the Veritas. It looks like it is open along the bottom edge of the vice chop so I wonder about dust control. With a transparent plate instead of steel you could at least see what was going on in the mechanism, but since the mechanism resides inside the vice chop and hence the chop has its middle "chopped" out that steel plate might be needed for stiffness.
  2. Mark J

    TS Sleds

    Hey Kev, when doing the 5 cut method I noticed that you didn't divide your measurement by 4, so your sled is more accurate than you think. The error is only .001/15 inches, which ain't bad for government work!
  3. Mark J

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Don't know what he's thinking, but I would make it into big turning blocks. I always have an eye out for something very thick and square.
  4. Dang. You beat me. Excellent workbench
  5. Mark J

    Oil + wax mix: finish and maintenance question

    I use wax mixed with mineral oil (which does not cure). You can re-apply it as needed/wanted. BLO will cure, albeit at a glacial rate. So I don't know if that can be re-applied.
  6. Mark J

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Coop, that is purdy, and a real hard act to follow.
  7. Mark J

    Plastics vs. Melamine plywood

    Thank you. Let me evolve the question. I could also use plastic sheet goods. Plastic is about as specific a word as is wood, there are numerous varieties. A bit of searching this morning turned up a variety of materials. Does anyone have familiarity with any of these? Polycarbonate (Lexan) Acrylic (Lucite, Plexiglas) HDPE (high dens polyethylene) UHMW (ultra high molecular weight PE) PVC Since this is a glue up jig I want material that does not adhere to Titebond type adhesives (I to III), although it would be helpful if I could glue the pladtic together with epoxy or CA. It needs to be machinable, as I will cut it to shape and drill several holes. It needs to be smooth surfaced and reasonably rigid, although I could easily back it up with MDF or plywood. I am thinking 1/4" material, and I expect to have access to a CNC router, although some cutting may be on the bandsaw. The PVC is particularly interesting as the local Lowes sells 24" x 24" ceiling tiles which would be a convenient size.
  8. Mark J

    Plastics vs. Melamine plywood

    Does Formica come pre-made? I'll look for the phenolic stuff just to check it out. As to chipping, my concern is chipping during milling. It's a jig so some wear and tear on the edges probably won't be an issue.
  9. Mark J

    Plastics vs. Melamine plywood

    Another thread on melamine has got me thinking. If glue and finishes don't adhere to melamine then it might be perfect for a "book press" I am thinking about. I was honestly just going to use waxed paper, but melamine sounds much better. So a few questions for the oracles. Is there a different plywood clad material that would make a better surface for glue up? It would need to be rigid, smooth and flat. I see melamine plywood is available at the BORG. Are there quality grades/issues to consider? Does melamine machine easily? Or does it chip and crack? I need to cut the panels down to 12" to 24" round and drill a number of small holes in the surface at precise locations (I plan to use CNC).
  10. Mark J

    Router Table Cabinet

    Nice project, Tim. Have you done much router work with it yet? I am wondering if you won't need an opening in the router box for in flow air for better cooling and dust collection. My Bench Dog table doesn't have such an opening and I wish it did. I end up propping the door open.
  11. Mark J

    Triton Dual Dowel Machine

    Hey @Jean [Fr] , where have you been?
  12. Mark J

    Shenanigans on the lathe today

    Nice work. Are you going to surprise her or was she in on the making?
  13. Mark J

    Bandsaw Blades Cutting Curves

    I think your reasoning is sound, only the charts I've seen tell you that for 4 inches of thickness or more you should already be at 3 TPI.
  14. So I want to cut moderate curves (1 or 2" radius) in very thick (>4") stock on the bandsaw. I am looking to buy a 1/4" blade as I think that is thin enough to negotiate any curves I plan to be cutting. Most makers sell a 1/4" with 6 TPI which seems a bit much for 4 to 6" stock. Do you think I should be going for a smaller pitch blade? There are a few with 4 TPI.
  15. Mark J

    Harbor Freight DC with mods vs Grizzly G0548ZP

    Huh! That explains why my DC came with an 8 inch port stopped down to three 4 inch ports (which is half the area), OK, but at what point of closing off ports do you overload the motor because there is no airflow. Am I better running two ports open instead of one? What happens if you close all the ports?