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  1. Yeah, we'd have to suspend the "no pictures then it didn't happen" rule.
  2. My wife is eligible for the vaccine two days from now. What's got us aggravated and disgusted is the total lack of any public information on who to contact, where to go or how to get in line. In Illinois/suburban Chicago there isn't even any information about when and where that information is going to be available. It's like being told that your flight will start boarding shortly, but not exactly when, what gate, or even what airport and what airline. Illinois asked for volunteer healthcare workers back in the early days. So I volunteered. Filled out all the documents, provid
  3. My wife and I will get the vaccine as soon as we can. We don't want to "experience" the virus. Contributing to the herd immunity is a secondary factor.
  4. I agree with Mick, start with Flexner and maybe end there, too. I don't believe he has much to say about spraying, but when you get to it the folks here have a wealth of spraying experience.
  5. Mark J


    I wonder how much longer the Domino patent will be in force?
  6. Or did you "stay on part time"?
  7. You might want to hold off on the delivery until you smell some BBQ going on.
  8. Ross, some of the pictures you posted look like you have two blades on your saw at one time. Am I seeing that correctly?
  9. What are you thinking for joinery to attach the legs? The Dec FWW mag had an article about using threaded rod "dowels" and epoxy for a similar piece.
  10. Lovely chairs! I lie the lamp, too. Is that your build, or buy?
  11. Went to the office store years ago to buy a flash drive when they were the new thing and very expensive. Most of the larger capacity drives had been stollen. The shoplifters had slit the packaging with a razor, taken the drive and left the packaging on the shelf. So the only people the welds were keeping out were the people who'd paid for the items.
  12. Welded plastic packaging.
  13. Mark J


    Welcome to the forum @Neal. There are a few members in NC, but why not post your veneer question in the General section. It will get more eyes.