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  1. Tart Tin Chuck Shield

    I need to turn part of the top of a bowl while it's mounted on the screw chuck. I'm leary of bringing the chisels in close to the spinning chuck. This defines the safe sapce and provides a little warning before the real hyper exponential badness would occur.
  2. Fine woodworking Live 2018

    @shaneymack that's a real money making opportunity. I'm sure the Festool logo would fit on the back of that dome. Think what they would have paid to be featured throughout the video.
  3. Fine woodworking Live 2018

    No, the Kumiko class was full. I thought I would just see what was going on when I got there. It's all new to me.
  4. Better & Cheaper type of Scotchbrite Pads

    I wonder about using it in between applications of finish?
  5. That's what I meant by "elevator".
  6. Dremel Rotary Tools?

    Thanks for your feedback and tips folks. I'm off to buy one. I'm thinkin' it will meet the need, but I'll keep the receipt.
  7. Dremel Rotary Tools?

    I am in the midst of a project and I think a Dremel Rotary Tool might be the solution to a problem. It's cheap enough that I might buy one today. Any quick opinions out there on these things? Do they work? Are they difficult to operate? One model vs. another? The 3000 seems reasonably priced. The hardware store had a different model on sale for less, but I don't remember what it was.
  8. Look for an electric hoist big enough to lift the heavy shop equipment you will inevitably buy/sell and not just lumber. The hoist is then mounted on a wheeled carriage to a rail or I-beam so that the load can be moved into and out of the shop through doors on the dormer. The whole thing, hoist, rail, and rigging needs to be sized appropriately. Personally if I were building the garage I would thoroghly investigate the idea of an inside elevator.
  9. Hide Glue

    @Steve B Anderson is there someone (spouse, friend) who can help you with the glue up? Another set of hands can buy you some time with the glue.
  10. Hide Glue

    Yup, and given the number of joints in this glue up that's a real possibility. According to the Titebond literature here are the open/assembly times in minutes for: I. 4-6/10-15 II. 3-5/10-15 III. 8-10/20-25 In my limited experience the 20 to 25 minute figure is optomistic. They define open/assembly time as the time between glue application and putting the pieces together.
  11. JJP-12 Unboxing, setup and review (eventually)

    @jplemonsI would be interested to know your opinions as regards the bed lengths, both for the jointer and planer. Do you think the shorter beds will be a problem for jointing long boards? What about the planer? Since there are no optional bed extensions the obvious solution would be roller stands. For the jointer with its fixed bed height you only have to set this up once. But for the planner every time you adjust the thickness you change the height of the bed requiring a readjustment of the stands, so I don't think stands are a solution. But maybe this isn't a real problem?
  12. Woodworking shops at rv parks

    I never heard of places like this either. Now if I could just sell my wife on the idea of an RV!
  13. Dewalt thickness planer

    I wondered how you got the chips out!
  14. Simple wedge tip

    Why would we do that?
  15. What wood?

    @phinds I was tooling around your website and I realized that besides being addicted to end grain you are quite the bowl turner (very nice work). So I figured I would not only call your attention to this question, but post it in this section. I am wondering what is the best wood for turning bowls. I have spun walnut, maple, sycamore and several exotics, but tulip poplar seems to take the cake. As long as you keep your eyes closed, 'cause that stuff is butt ugly at least as far as these eyes behold it. I am not talking about rainbow poplar, but the cream colored stuff with the big fat green band on one side. I haven't gotten into segmented work (yet) so I am turning large one piece blocks. The properties of poplar are excellent for this. What would be the next best thing that would be attractive, or is there a source for non-ugly poplar in a large block (e.g. 8x8x4)? Here are some pictures of a walnut bowl I turned to give you an idea of what I'm doing. Bringing the tip to a point was a good design, but was not the original intent. Unfortunately the walnut had a tendency to chip and break along the growth ring planes. That could be my technique, but either way the poplar is more forgiving.