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  1. Received the replacement table top a couple of days ago, but left it to acclimate to house temperature. Opened it today and cleaned off the cosmoline, which pleasantly was not slathered on. Figured I'd check the flatness before I went too far. ! it's got a dip at the slot measuring 25 thousandths. Poop. I sent Jet an email and will wait to hear from them tomorrow.
  2. I started out by looking at those, and they appear to have a roll, but it's still a chainsaw.
  3. We need a reaction icon for "yikes"! But you see what I mean. There's a lot to be aware of before you even go to the dealer. (...and I was hoping the tree would actually already be down).
  4. What wtnhighlander said. Also be aware that if you're turning much more than one knob you are going to be sharpening frequently--going back and forth to the grinder and the lathe. The grinder will be in your way for lathe work (you need right arm elbow room even for small projects), so the grinder is going to have to go up and down frequently. Grinding tools creates a great deal of dust which is a mix of high speed steel and aluminum oxide. Of course you don't want this grit around the lathe or your work. The shield you are envisioning will help, but only some. You will not be able to use any of the sharpening jigs (Tormek, Wolverine-Varigrind) with your set up. But lots of people (not me) free hand grind. Why not go with the simpler set up first (lift out grinder). Then after you see how you're using the grinder and the mess, etc., you can decide if the phase 2 construction is worth it.
  5. I am looking for safety training on the use of chainsaws for beginners. Preferably a class or something in the Chicago metropolitan area. Failing that written articles or videos. Anyone have some resources or insight? I'd like to understand the risks better before I even contemplate purchasing a chainsaw. I saw one thread on the AAW forum just discussing the various chain types to choose from, so clearly there is a lot to be aware of. And I don't want to just go to U-Tube and tune in to any fool with a video camera. Suggestions?
  6. I'll be very interested to see what others have to say. Although there are exceptions (e.g. the 2HP dust collector) Harbor Freight's reputation for quality is dismal. Never heard of Tacklife and no reason I would have confidence in it. If I were going to take a chance on one of these two units I'd buy the Harbor Freight because it would easier to return/exchange since you can drive it back to the store. While SCM's are not, as a species, noted for their accuracy, there's better and worse out there. I have one that is pretty accurate. I think an inaccurate machine would be frustrating. And then there's the usual durability issues, etc.
  7. Sorry, I've never laid eyes on it. Looks like an ordinary depth stop if that's what you're after.
  8. I used to wrap my brush and roller in several layers of plastic wrap and then place them in the freezer over night for use the next day. Frankly, now I pay a guy to clean the paint brushes... Well actually I pay him to put the paint on the brushes, then put the paint on the walls, and then clean the brushes. After that he puts everything in his truck and takes it to his house.
  9. Of course, now that you've seen all the mixer lift designs it's time to engineer and build your own grinder lift ! Looking at your photo, consider building an open top drawer or pull out shelf for the grinder, then placing the grinder on 3/4" board/tray with stout handles. This way you pull out the grinder to clear the bench and it's easier to lift and carry it to another location. If you don't have a handy "another location" I have and can recommend both/either the Kreg and Portamate folding workbenches. I just don't think knealing down and using the grinder is going to work for you very well, even if you were to raise it up a foot from its current position.
  10. It can't be less intuitive than the electronic controls on the Nova . Curlyoak, what are your goals for your drill press? They all drill holes so maybe it comes down to other factors and features. But what was most important to me may not be at all relevant to you.
  11. What is un-likable about that type of depth stop? I've never seen it before, but it looks like it would be more precise than the type you ordinarily see. Maybe a bit awkward to get at.
  12. Over the last several years jet has had a 15% off sale for a few days after Thanksgiving. Powermatics are also discounted 10% during that same sale. Although "past performance is no guaruntee", my friend at Rockler says to expect the same. When I bought a drill press my overriding concern was not wanting to change belts, so that put me in the big Powermatic and the Nova DVR. Those are up from what you are looking for, but it seems like there was a ton of other drills out there at the time in your price range with multi-pulley belt drives. For example here's a Rikon model with only one belt change: My thing about a bench press is it takes up as much floor space as a floor model while simultaneously consuming bench top space and giving you a less versatile drill.
  13. Wait! Is there another way to get over those things?! Tell her it beats driving around. I agree with everyone above, even the guys who aren't agreeing with each other. I would have no problem buying Grizzly and have considered them with previous purchase decisions (though in the end I bought other brands). There may be a problem out of the box, but I don't recall anyone ever complaining about Grizzly customer service making things right (that seems to be their business model). I would also mention, if you have to add a 240V circuit consider that cost as part of the purchase decision.
  14. General did go out of business, but someone may have bought the intellectual property or re-organized the company. It would be unlike Home Depot to sell leftovers. I'd investigate if the company has been reincarnated, but a budget of a "grand" includes a lot of different makes.