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  1. The odd thing to me from a business plan perspective is that routers were Porter Cable's claim to fame. It's what came to mind when someone said "Porter Cable". After that I'd have to have a good think to remember what else they make, and an even longer think to remember when was the last time I heard someone extolling the virtues of one of those "other" products.
  2. It was seven inches. I guess I didn't need the infeed stand.
  3. I have to figure out how to work around the portable stand.
  4. I don't need to use my table saw very much and so sometimes I'm a little unsure of best practices. In fact shortly after I brought it home I did some research on safety tips and put together a list for myself that I could keep at the saw. Yesterday I was making a simple jig for a turning project and was cutting some 3/4" BB on the table saw. I had one piece of plywood about 4' x 7" which I needed to true up along the 4' edge. Most of the "table" is to the right of the blade so I set up the fence to the right of the blade. Then I set up one finger board on the infeed side, clear of the blade and then an adjustable stand to support the board on the infeed and there was a n outfeed table. And I used push pads to handle the workpiece. But I couldn't figure out where to stand? According to safety sheet you're supposed to stand to one side of the board or the other. Not hard to understand why. But you are also not supposed to let the blade get between you and the workpiece, either. That means standing on the fence side of the cut, reaching over the fence while trying to hold the workpiece against the fence whose surface you can't actually see without leaning out over the work table. Keep in mind that the support stand is also taking up space. I did the first trim cut this way (standing to the right of the blade) and it felt very awkward. And when I had the plywood through the cut I realized that I couldn't reach the off switch which is left of the blade (SawStop). When I flipped the board to trim the other long edge I tried standing to the left of the blade. I had access to the stop button with my thigh and a better view of, and better ergonomics with, the fence, but I was reaching across the blade. I managed to complete the two operations without incidence, and next time I'd set up the cut with the fence on the left side of the blade (with the power switch), but that will still be awkward with the fence. So given a long board to rip, an infeed stand taking up space and the power switch on the left how are you supposed to set this up and where are you supposed to stand?
  5. I'd be interested to hear what you learn.
  6. Congratulations! I understand the Stuby is quite a machine.
  7. Same to you and the rest of this crew.
  8. Does your sled use one runner, or two?
  9. Nope, the primadonna pickup is a Ridgeline.
  10. That would be a nice feature to have.
  11. Honk when you're passing by .
  12. Congratulations, but how far away did you go to buy this?
  13. At least you know in the future to get the shot on a Monday so you can feel sick at work! My thoughts exactly.