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  1. Couple pens

    @Marmotjr you're back! Awesome! Hadn't seen any posts from you in a long bit. I thought maybe you had wandered away from the forum. Missed your furry face. OK, we return now to our conversation about pens.
  2. Couple pens

    Showed my wife. She said they're really great, and for once we agree.
  3. drying logs

    Good to know.
  4. Well if the wife is going to let you buy tools to do the project then you want to choose a construction approach that will maximize your need for new tools!
  5. An interesting bit of joinery

    Interesting history bit.
  6. drying logs

    +1 on the moisture meter. I recommend pinless, but pin types work as well. I got a combo unit from Electrophysics that is both pin and pinless. I have had very little experience turning green wood (so far), but I have learned that you have to control the drying as soon as the tree is cut. So if you can't coat the pieces you picked up right away at least get them into a closed plastic bag while you decide what to do. Otherwise the blank is going to crack. If you choose to turn a piece that is wet and are not going to complete the rough shape in one sitting you should bag it overnight, otherwise next morning may be .
  7. Help my friend get started...

    Another voice for wood turning. Not saying you can't spend a lot of money on turning, but it's possible to get started on a budget, particularly if you focus on a particular type of turning e.g.bowls or pens, etc. If he went that route I'd suggest holding $400 for later purchases (e.g turning blanks additional tools). Then with the remaining grand look for a used mini lathe, with a chuck and jaws or a mandrel and pen equipment. A used set of 3 carbide scrapers can be made brand new with replacement carbide tips about $25 each and are easy to learn. Add a face shield and filter mask. Thing is you can't do all kinds of woodworking on $1400, but you might be able to do some of one kind.
  8. An interesting bit of joinery

    Good looking joint. I have seen that pattern of "dovetail" done by machine & template, but that looks like it was done by hand.
  9. Hernia Surgery

    You mean Surgeons get splinters, too?
  10. Hernia Surgery

    Just keep your eye on the prize, Dave. Getting back to woodworking!
  11. Laguna 10" Jointer/Planer

    Glad you at least got the fence on, but not square... That's not a square deal.
  12. Shop Air Filtration

    I was thinking along the same lines recently. I ended up with the big Jet, but if I had it to do again I would probably do the two smaller units. The Jet pulls and cleans the air, but I still notice a good bit of dust settling on the other side of the shop.
  13. Some time back Farm and Fleet had a special ($499 with the tables and extra blades) on the DeWalt plannner. I took a brief look and it seems to still be valid. There is some other commentary in the post. In particular a lot of users recommend the replacement blades from Infinity.
  14. Hollowing systems

    I am looking at hollowing systems and wondering if anyone here has any insight or personal experience with these? I have found three main contenders: Carter Hollow Roller System HR1000 Clark Deep Hollowing System and Harrison Simple Hollowing System
  15. Where do you put your grinder?

    You asked: