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  1. One value of applying surface coatings to "both sides" is to keep the wood movement symetric or balanced as well as slowed down.
  2. I run a little behind on reading Fine Wood Working, so I'm just getting to March now. There's a review of honing guides in that issue. Not surprisingly the reviewer liked the Lie-Nielsen and the Veritas mk II the best. He did comment that the mk II is very sensitive to the pressure applied by the two clamping knobs, and that uneven pressure will skew the edge. Thing is I know this and am careful, but still get a skewed edge. So I don't know how many decimels of precission are expected from the operator. The review also gives the older Veritas Sharpening System (mk I ?) A very good rating. This is a single screw top clamp device sold with a jig to determine angle. Looking at it this might be a better compromise. I have too much invested in the mk II, and don't spend that much time with planes and bench chisels (my woodworking has spun off in another direction), but if I were going back in time I'd look at the mk I more closely.
  3. @wtnhighlander how is this working out after a week or so?
  4. I see the drum, but where's the filter?
  5. It's really a nice job, Dave. Still before you donate it I think you should test it out. Buy a cigar and put it in the humidor. Then take it out and smoke it, maybe with a sip of whiskey, just to be sure. You've certainly earned it.
  6. Ahhh, @DerekMPBS are you sure she didn't mean Jimmy Chu.
  7. Before you go either way (cheap or worthy) take a little time to learn about files and rasps as tools. I can't put my finger on the URL's right now, but I found web pages explaining the types of files (e.g. what is a flat bastard) and their purposes. It's worthwhile info no matter which way you go.
  8. For me, I lean to "buy once cry once". This may be all the router you need today, but you're getting into this activity and you will need a router again tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that. But then that's how my wallet thinks-- all those huddled masses of green paper yearning to be free.
  9. ...or so beautiful as is.
  10. Getting ethanol from a 95% ethanol 5% water solution to 100% ethanol requires the addition of a tiny amount of benzene, which is a known carcinogen. This may be the reason for the availability issue.
  11. That's not piled, it's placed. But give it a little time.