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  1. Mark J


    What's next, a decline in real estate prices?
  2. Mark J


    I heard this interesting report on NPR and thought of you.
  3. Marc Spagnollo has a couple of books. And if you want to go great guns there's the late Tage Frid's 3 volume set.
  4. Lacking some other more productive amusement, I was looking at the "copies". I found units sold under Triton, Grizzly,Wen & Harbor Freight brands. The copies appear outwardly identical to each other, but different from the Rigid. The belts are reversed with the spindle end being to the right on the copies. The dust collection port is on the left of the copies and on the back of the Rigid. The copies don't have a miter slot. By the way, I too have found the miter slot to be useful. Besides for sliding, it can be clamped in place like a fence, but at a known angle
  5. That would be deluxe, but switching from belt to spindle is pretty quick. @TomInNC, your research might have turned up something different, but the bandsaw boxes I've seen don't get much (if any) sanding on the inside.
  6. I have to admit your logic on the horizontal pieces. Will the structural top & bottom shelves be quartersawn to sorta match the horizontal pieces for wood movement?
  7. If you are thinking of an oscillating spindle sander you should definitely look at the Rigid oscillating belt & spindle sander, or one on the many copies (e.g. Triton). You are essentially getting two machines in one.
  8. Today I drank water from a water fountain. it was weird at first, but surprisingly refreshing. Went back for seconds.
  9. Spent a very pleasant afternoon at the Art Institute of Chicago with my wife. Then went out for dinner.
  10. Mark J

    Covid-19 Vaccine

    The transition to going maskless was a little weird. Just felt "undressed" at first. Now it's my norm and 3 times out of 5 when I still need it I realize it was forgotten in the car and I have to go back for it.
  11. Mark J

    Covid-19 Vaccine

    I've talked with a lot of people and it seems reactions are highly variable. Sorry to hear your experience was one of the more unpleasant. Still, it beats three weeks on a ventilator and waking up with a lung transplant.
  12. So when in doubt consult McMaster Carr. By deduction I learned a lot. I need to drill holes as deep as 4 or 5 inches. Apparently to do that you need more than just a long drill bit (e.g. True Value), but one that is both long and has extended flutes. So McC is offering two bits, one uncoated HSS for $11+ and the other cobalt steel for $23+. Either way pretty "ouch" for a drill bit (and I don't know if the shafts are true which is the issue), but is the cobalt steel worth it
  13. I use 6" long 1/8" drill bits often. I have been buying bits from True Value, but have been disappointed that these bits are frequently bowed. I just opened 3 brand new bits and they're all bowed at least a couple of mm. I need a better resource. Any suggestions?
  14. I don't know if overall your idea is a good one; there are folks on the forum with more electrical knowledge than I have. But I will share some thoughts. Temporary workshops have a way of becoming permanent (mine is 6 years old) so the wisest course of action may just be to put in the panel or at least schedule a re-think in 6 months. Plan the ceiling cord runs with the garage door in the up position to make sure they don't interfere with each other. (DAMHIK) I used simple plastic coated "question mark" hooks from the hardware store screwed into the ceiling joists to run co