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  1. I've used a guide with a router (which is admittedly a different animal) and found it difficukt to follwow the guide. I have since bought a used Festool track saw and found this much eadier to set up and operate. If I were spending my money I would go with the track saw. Also, here in Chicago I get my plywood from a lumbar yard and if possible I have them make at least one cut so it's more manageable in the shop. Of course plywood panels here are 4 x 8 feet, rather than 5 x 5 feet, but even still.
  2. Mark J


    @Coop I just tap the blue "Wood Talk Online" banner and get both.
  3. My first suggestion is to check your blades for flatness by laying them out on a large flat area of the floor. Every now and again the blades will have some warp. After that my suspicion would be that it is an issue of tension and tracking. My go to guru for bandsaw set up is Alex Snodgrass who has several videos on the subject including one he did on The Woodwhisperer site.
  4. Mark J

    Translucent Wood

    Now here's something completely different: A translucet wood product. Gives new meaning to the expression boarded up windows.
  5. Well, if your expectations are low enough, I'm sure we can do something . I'll send you a PM.
  6. I prefer to have the electrical surface mounted. It obviates opening the walls to make the changes you know are going to happen. And the conduit is a useful place to put something up with a magnet. A lot of people like white walls in a shop, but me, personally, I like a little bit of color. The natural finish that Marc did looks very pleasant.
  7. Mark J

    We're fine

    And don't you just happen to have a sawmill?
  8. Of course you should be spoon carving.
  9. That's a good quality brand and a nice assortment. Great to learn on and when you're ready to step up these will be great to have to try out different gouge grinds, or scraper shapes.
  10. I turn wood so I invested in a PAPR. I haven't needed them yet, but I had purchased a replacement set of filters when I bought the unit last year. That said, I have been able to find KN-95 masks at my local Ace hardware store. KN-95 is the Chinese government standard which is equivalent to N-95. They ain't cheap with a 5 pack going for $25 (my wife and I are each allowed one per month). While if you believe the Chinese, these are very nearly the same as N-95, however, they are not N-95 certified and probably can't be substituted for N-95 in industrial or health care applications in the US. One suggestion, if your regular supplier says the item is back ordered, go ahead and order some. What I am finding is that some of these items are eventually getting back in stock and delivered. (Although come to think of it, I'm still waiting for some saw blades from Infinity).
  11. I'd forgotten about that review that Marc did: Looking through the comments I was directed to this Instagram post: If you don't have Instagram access he filmed trying to vacuum up shavings with and without the separator on his festool and it was pretty sad. Guess I'll wait for an improved version or go with a cyclone.
  12. Why put the topper on the truck? To keep it from being blown away?
  13. I like mesh abrasive for turning, too. It's just easier to clean the sawdust off with a finger flick. I use the 3" rounds that Woodturners Wonders sells.