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  1. Not sure how crazy that is. 5G promotes the use of cell phones, which promotes the use of "social" media, which in turn creates a tremendous evolutionary pressure to develop stupidity, and stupidity overwhelms the immune system.
  2. Mark J

    Feet Up Rev 2

    I think it's always too hot for yardwork... unless it's too cold for yardwork. It's either one or the other.
  3. Make Tom an offer on his John Deer. It's just about all new at this point.
  4. If I don't need to open it imediately I let it sit a couple of days.
  5. Wait, you have twins arriving and you think you're getting into the shop anytime in the next 18 years?!
  6. What's the first post bench project? Dog bed?
  7. Yeah, that a big fear of mine--having the delivery driver just drop it off at the curb in the middle of a thunderstorm or 6 inches of snow. So if I'm taking delivery at "the curb" I'll have a few twenties on me in the hope that it will be a sufficient inducement to get the thing from the curb to my garage. The last few big items I have bought I had delivered to the Rock-Craft store. That way I have some flexibility to pick my weather window, and then I've rented a lift gate truck and pallet jack(s). That adds some cost, but a lot of times you don't have to pay for shipping to the store. My SawStop was bought used and I ended up having to hire movers to get it out of the seller's basement and into mine. If your looking at a new Grizzly it might make sense to rent your own lift gate and go get it. Don't they have a store in Missouri?
  8. Mark J

    pure joy

    Well dang, man, you got us all expecting like. Best you buy a new drill press, now. You tell us what your looking for and we'll tell you what to get.
  9. Starting to feel the Fever, with a capital "Fee" and that rhymes with "C" and that stands for... Cabin! You thought I was gonna say Covid.
  10. Mark J

    DSLR vs Tablet

    Yes, it's a little upscale from what I was originally after. And a little more complicated than I could wish for. But it delivers much better results than I was getting.
  11. There's no picture, at least for me.
  12. Mark J

    DSLR vs Tablet

    My cousin, who is an advanced ameteur photographer, lent me a Nikon D70 and some other equipment. Here's a picture of the setup and one of my "design studio".