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  1. Mark J

    Just made a website - feedback & criticism?

    Well hey, congratulations on the web site. I opened it on my phone and it has a nice look and feel. Looking at the home page photos I have these suggestions: Relocate the workbench photo. It doesn't go with custom furniture. And in fact it got interposed between the table and the close up of the table's dutchman. I would recrop the dutchman close up so that your feet are out of the picture--not to say those aren't nice toes . Lastly loose the food pictures. You don't have testimonials yet, but you could put in the workbench photo and your own personal quote or motto. Good luck with this venture. I hope the web page doubles your business.
  2. Mark J

    Fay and Egan jointer

    You have a friend with a forklift?! And he's just gonna drop by with it? Man I want a friend like that.
  3. Mark J

    Your input is appreciated

    @jplemons has the Jet and likes it. He did a review here somewhere. However I don't think the Laguna model has ever come up for discussion before.
  4. I finally have a wood stash worthy of the name. Went out to Sycamore IL on Monday and scored two beautiful 16/4 boards: 8" by 8 ft butternut and 7" by 4 ft clear Honduran Mahogany. My friend recently gave me these other boards which were leftovers from building a log home. I am not sure, but I am guessing pine, don't feel heavy enough for oak, etc. They are 14/4 by 7 1/2" by 3 1/2 ft. And then there's all the store bought blocks and other found bits I've acquired. Quite a few nice pieces including a 10 x 10 block or Peruvian walnut.
  5. Mark J


    That was a great story, Tom. Thanks for taking the time to write it.
  6. Mark J

    End grain bowl advice

    End grain offers more resistance to the tool and the surface will be rougher than the the long grain surfaces, but the difference is not that dramatic. Just give it a spin and expect to do some sanding.
  7. Mark J

    router bits for slab flattening

    So @Mick S what you're saying is that if I did have a CNC machine my ripples would be way more precise and uniform. And who doesn't need uniform ripples. (Back me up here guys 'cause that's how I'm trying to sell it to Mrs. J.). Thanks all for the help and reality check. I ordered the 2" Woodtek bit just for the future. The block is all cleaned up and purdy now with six flat and square surfaces.
  8. Mark J

    router bits for slab flattening

    Yup. I've already gone on with the project. Just trying to understand where the error... ahh, I mean variation is coming from. Used the flattened bottom for reference and flattened and trued the 4 sides on the SCM. Now I've set up to flatten the top (6th surface), but that's for tomorrow. We'll see if changing direction changes the outcome.
  9. Mark J

    router bits for slab flattening

    It is very hard to tell with the rounded bit and the very shallow passes. I just dismounted the block from the flattening sled and placed it flat side down on the cast iron top. Tapped all four corners and zero woble, but rotate the block 90 degrees and whoa is there woble. One corner visibly lifted; feeler guage says .012. So I pulled out the refference granite stone and checked. One corner of the block is elevated about .005. I think I'm OK with that, but I am looking for any reasonable and rational improvements. I did notice that the steel throat plate had burrs along the edges which were interfering with the jig's skids so I knocked them down with some fine sandpaper. When I try this next I am going to change the jig direction 90 degrees and go perpendicular to the miter slot rather than parallel. That will put me on a different section of the table.
  10. Mark J

    router bits for slab flattening

    I took a look at my setup and as near as I can measure (which is not very precisely) the bit is parellel with the table top (and flat across the top). The insert is as coplaner as I think it can be made to be, but nothing is perfect. I know the table top has a low spot in back of about 4 thousandths. Maybe that's all it takes.
  11. Mark J

    router bits for slab flattening

    I am using a 1 1/4" tray bit with 1/4" round over. Right off I think a wider bit with a smaller round over would be better. But the bit is supposed to be, and appears to be, flat in the center 3/4". Here's what I am doing: The sticks on the left form a fence. Each is 5/8" thick so I can remove them one at a time and insure each pass overlaps. 1/2" passes would be better, but 5/8" is what was laying around. So here's what I'm getting: I am expecting the surface to be kitchen counter flat, but instead I have a very subtle washboard. Are my expectations unreasonable?
  12. Mark J

    My Last Major Equipment Upgrade - New Drill Press

    I can give some feedback on those "blister buttons" for the on off switches. I have them on my Nova lathe and I don't like them. Very difficult to actuate. But you do get a big red stop botton. The rest of this drill press looks great.
  13. I am flattening a small block (or at least attempting to) with a small router sled that I have made for the purpose. But I am not getting the results I expected. I am thinking it is the bit as I am using one I had on hand. What are the best bits for slab flattening? I have come across one from Infinty and two from Woodworker's Supply: Infinity Mega Dado & Planner Bit: Woodtek Dado and Planner Bit: Any thoughts or experience with these? Something else?
  14. Taking this out of context, Tom, but I love this quote. If I had the means I'd make a sign for my shop (and a line of T-shirts).
  15. Mark J

    Bailiegh DC 2100c owners?

    I have had the Laguna P-Flux 3 HP for about about 8 months. If you have specfic questions about that, post or PM. Sorry, no experience with the Baleigh.