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  1. Mark J

    Chop saw

    Does the sticking have anything to do with the detents at 45*?
  2. I was hoping someone else would ask, but alas, I will have to admit my ignorance. Why so many holes for the Romex? Is that for multiple circuits coming out of the breaker box?
  3. I have the pictures now. Some of those pieces look pretty short for flatwork. The one on the top in particular looks like it would be a challenge to joint/plane, at least by machine. Do you do any turning? What kind of tree is it?
  4. @Chestnut, how do you draw on a picture like you did? Is that a feature of the forum software, a feature in your phone, or do you use some separate photo processing software?
  5. Mark J


    It's much more complicated than I imagined.
  6. Mark J


    If you call them natural edge studs you can actually charge more for the house.
  7. For a fan belt I have in the past been able to get something that fits from an auto parts store. And welcome to the forum. With a new to you jointer, you're gonna wanna hang out here.
  8. I noticed in the video the guy's board came loose a couple of times.
  9. If you have to change a tire, hopefully it's at least a warm and dry day.
  10. Folks, thank you very much for the kind words and support. You people have been great and a lot of what I know about woodworking, and wood turning, I've learned here. This has been a great place to hang out. I'm not sure where other well known turners /artists would rank this exhibition, but it's a big deal to me. There were 65 submissions and 18 were selected. I live in the metro Chicago area. I'll for sure drop a reminder about the show later in the year. The piece needs to arrive in early Aug so I'm thinking of driving it up to Minneapolis myself. But then I'm
  11. I have to share this news with you folks. In fact I think you get some of the credit for encouraging me. One of my pieces was chosen by the American Association of Woodturners for inclusion in the AAW's 2021 Member Exhibition, Finding the Center. I'm dumbfounded. I just had no expectation of being selected; I almost didn't enter. The piece they selected was "Offering", wip down to the bottom of the first page this journal to see some pictures: The exhibit is at the AAW gallery in Minneapolis and runs from Sept 5 to Dec 30, so I've got a while
  12. Wow John, that's gonna be a lot of honey. Hope the toaster is in good working order .
  13. Any in the tub windows I've had to deal with were tiled, so I have no direct experience. However I echo the vote for an hard wax oil and specifically suggest Osmo Polyx-Oil. The hard wax oils were developed in Europe as finishes for hardwood floors, so intended for hard wear areas occasionally exposed to water and cleaning agents. They have been in use for decades, but have only recently made it into the US. Durable as they may be, there are no surface coatings that will last indefinitely in your environment (or on a floor). If there was, boat owners everywhere would be rejoic
  14. @Chestnut, did the screws you used go through the aluminum angle or just engage the top surface?