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  1. Or a scale drawing on graph paper.
  2. If you're considering an earphone solution, you should also look at the Bose noise canceling ear buds.
  3. I didn't know your father was an author.
  4. They look great. As you say it was nice wood, but your form really brings it out.
  5. Is the table top solid walnut, or veneer?
  6. @curlyoak, are you looking for hearing protection for shooting? Or woodworking?
  7. Mark J


    I have to keep this brief (it's a busy day today). I have Arlo, but I doubt the other products of this nature are any better. Limited to no operating instructions Two of the 5 cameras keep loosing their connection to the WiFi and reconnecting requires removing the camera from the mount (i.e. ladder) or removing the doorbell. The doorbell goes out for months at a time then spontaneously connects again and works for weeks, then off line, then on line. When the doorbell camera is off line the doorbell itself will not ring. On one camera the motion detector no longer works properly. Customer service hasn't been excellent. The heavy Philippine accent does not help the cause. There is no possibility of having a technician provide service, and there's no store front to take the product to for help. I do not like that the system is cell phone based, nor that it is tied to one cell phone as master. You can get the pictures on a computer, but you can only manage the system on one phone. There is a monthly fee ($10), otherwise you don't get recording. At least with ADT, or similar, you do get access to technical help. If you are installing surveillance cameras (especially with a motion detector), do the install in late spring or summer when the foliage is full, otherwise your cameras will have a great view of the trees. Don't ask how I know. If you have the system set to notify you when a camera is triggered and you live anywhere there are cars or people walking dogs, or there is wind, you could have several hundred notifications a day. So you'll be wanting to figure out how to turn these off. These are just my experience and opinions.
  8. Mark J


    I put in an Arlo system about a year ago, and I'm somewhat dissatisfied. Thing is I don't think Ring or Simply Safe would be any better, so if I were doing it again I'd at least look at more serious systems like wtnhighlander mentions. If you want more info on my experience you can drop me a pm.
  9. One trick I've used to keep jaws from marring is to use a wide rubber band to protect the finished surface. This only works for light cuts, like carefully removing a bowl tenon or sanding, though.
  10. I've always wondered about this. How does one eventually dispose of the waterlogged and oily rags? Once the water evaporates aren't you back to an oily rag? I always lay mine out flat to dry, but then we're only talking one or two small rags.
  11. It's a great video and such an interesting story. Had to find time to watch the whole thing. Thanks for sharing.
  12. @wtnhighlander, very ingenious.