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  1. I have to admit, I made the setup block in order to justify having bought the Incra miter.
  2. I replaced the ZCI on my table saw, and made a set up block for the grinder platform. I wasn't sure if cutting the slot was a rip or cross cut, so I used my new combination blade . The set up block has some common angles.
  3. I'd go with the Dodge Ram, it's got that split tail gate . Congratulations.
  4. So @namluke, did you ever get thst router?
  5. @namluke, I have the P-Flux 3HP and generally agree with Chestnut's comments about that system. I can't compare it to anything as I've never used anything else. If you want more info, searches of this site for "p-flux" and "pflux" will turn up some previous discussions. If you have specific questions about the P_Flux, I can give you my opinions/observations, at least on the US version.
  6. At the risk of being redundant, great work. Is this your first go with Osmo? What do you think of it?
  7. You could make a shallower set of punch-outs on the opposite side.
  8. One question I would have is whether the adapters do a good job of attaching to the battery AND attaching to the tool. Particularly for something like a leaf blower where you will be swinging the tool about. The price on the one you referenced was in Pounds so I'd make sure it was returnable.
  9. Thanks, Gary, that was a cool video. It's interesting to see how this is done. I might just give this a try.
  10. @Gary Beasley, I've no experience with flocking. Is it done inside the assembled box, or on the components before assembly?
  11. It was fun and something different and I thank you for the suggestion. So yes, I'll probably give this another go, but it may be a few projects down the road. I'll have to find a source of wood that isn't a perfectly good turning blank.
  12. When you make the table you could put a bit of PVC or something to hold the vac hose under the table and near the belt. Don't hook up the vac when you're doing metal.
  13. Not sure what part of the world you live in , but the 735X (no stand) is $519 at Farm and Fleet. Maybe you can get a price match at HD.
  14. @Chestnut, just curious if you made any provision for DC?