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  1. Mark J

    Black Friday cometh

    Still no flyer at my house. I've heard that Powermatic is 10% off, so I assume Jet is on sale, too. But does anyone know if Jet is 10% or 15%?
  2. Mark J

    Black Friday cometh

    Literally the most important non powered tool in my shop. A place to sit stare and think.
  3. Mark J

    Black Friday cometh

    I was just wondering if anybody had gotten any mailings yet?
  4. Mark J

    Choosing a Band Saw

    Besides saving on shipping you get some breathing room on the delivery date.
  5. Mark J

    Stuck Chuck

    The chuck body wobles visibly when spinning. Although run out at the bit is only 3 thousandths I'm not keeping it. The company did send out a replacement chuck but no arbor. The replacement is a different model, and while the original had an open bottom that allowed me to use a steel pin to knock it out (when enough wham was applied) the new chuck only has a 1/8 hole in it's bottom and no pin that diameter is ever going to knock out a stuck arbor. I know the drill spindle is good--no measurable run out. So at this point I just want to get a good arbor and chuck, maybe keyless.
  6. Mark J

    New Planer - Ripples

    I think he is saying that the washboard develops over time. Immediately off the machine the surface is pretty flat, but 15 minutes later it's rippled. But I agree at some point you need to talk to Jet, Steve.
  7. Mark J

    Stuck Chuck

    Nope all's good with the Lervad, I think the wooden clamp helped distribute the load. But thanks for mentioning that and for recognizing the bench. It was a graduation gift from my father many decades ago so I should treat it with respect. On the other hand it is a workbench. I probably should not mention this, but I was originally pounding on the cast iron table of the brand new drill press--not one of my brighter moments. Did not know that about resonant frequency. I was tapping all over, but I should have played some Christmas carols or a drum solo. And oven or not, I think I still qualify for a beer. So here's this remaining question, if I want to get my own replacement chuck and arbor (and I never want to go through this again) should I pony up for the McMaster-Carr chuck or just buy something like Grizzly?
  8. Mark J

    Stuck Chuck

    All Right @Tom King I owe you a big fat... ahhh... handshake! After the last message I was just lookin' at that thing and I said screw it, Tom said hit it, hell I'm gonna break the d*** thing. At least I'll get the satisfaction of smashing it. And kapow the arbor came out. Took that much wallop. I don't see any obvious explanation for it being stuck. No obvious grit or foreign material (of course now it's covered with oil). Some light scratches, but mostly circumferential.
  9. Mark J

    Stuck Chuck

    Good ideas, both, but still no joy. I don't suppose Big Mike could come over. Honestly I am so exasperated I would ship this thing to Hawaii if I could find the address of that volcano!
  10. Mark J

    Stuck Chuck

    I don't have the wedges and not thinking that's a True Value or Woodcraft item. I could see if the auto store has the freeze spray. It should just be a light tap through the chuck and the arbor pops out, but here is my latest attempt: That's clamped as hard as I can with two hands. And I've doused the chuck with Liquid Wrench and tapped it repeatedly every where.
  11. Mark J

    Stuck Chuck

    Over night soak with penetrating oil and no joy. I've tried pressing it out with clamps and no luck. Looking for replacement 3/8" chuck and MT2 arbor. I checked McMaster-Carr and they have keyless chucks but for $200+, arbor sold separately. Grizzly is way cheaper, and it's Grizzly. Any thoughts?
  12. Mark J

    4 Axis CNC?

    Thanks Mick! Not sure how far I'll pursue this given the cost and complexity, but I will follow your leads another couple of steps at least. To answer your question maybe 4 to 12 inches in length. I am actually trying to make up a twisted block as a turning blank that would then go on the lathe. If you want to see, I posted in the Digital Design section last week when I was just trying to "see" the shape. So as much as I would like to venture into the adventure of CNC and do this and a lot of other things maybe what I should do for now is look for a company that already has a big CNC and would make me up some blanks for a fee? Any ideas where I might find, or how I would search for, such a company?
  13. Mark J

    Moving large machines...sanity check

    So I understand you (and I don't think I did completely before), you plan to install the Portamate 3500 mobile base under the Hammer while it's crated on the pallet then roll this accross drive, grass and patio to your walk in shop? Possibly with a temporary plywood pathway over the lawn. I have a Portamate 3550 mobile base which I just put under a drill press (chose this model because all the wheels retract). Couple of concerns/questions. The Portamate is very robust, certainly for my application, but closer to its rated capacity I would expect a little sagging, particularly when the frame is at the upper limit of its size range. I assume you've checked that the mobile base can expand to fit the pallet/crate for the Hammer, but the pallet and crate you were led to expect may not be the one it arrives with. That's happened to me twice. The wheels on these bases are still small diameter, only 3 inches. Under load I wouldn't expect mine to roll over grass, a threshold or anything but smooth pavement. I expect even an expansion joint would be a challenge. A plywood path seems a must, but I am wondering how a single sheet of even 3/4 inch on soft ground might bend under the load. Also if two adjacent sheets move creating a gap between the sheets I think that will be very difficult to negotiate with these wheels. Consider overlapping the plywood like shingles so it is always a step down as you move to the shop. That will take more than two sheets. Much of the above would apply to a pallet jack, but to a lesser degree. The front wheels are wide steel rollers and the back wheel is larger diameter. The fact that you can lift the load a few inches is also going to be helpful (e.g. at the threshold). Still a pallet jack is going to have its challenges. Just some things to consider.
  14. Mark J

    New jointer season? I think so.

    Or they could just make the payment policy very clear each and every time they quote the price.
  15. Mark J

    Stuck Chuck

    I've got a problem and hoping someone has a suggestion. I am trying to get the MT2 arbor out of this chuck and it's stuck. I have recently had the chuck and arbor apart so I know how the parts come together. I have tried to knock the arbor out of the chuck at first with the gentle taps that sufficed in the past and have now graduated to multiple forcefull blows. I have tried penetrating oil and WD40 and have now puddled some penetrating oil on top and left it to sit overnight. Any other ideas?