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  1. Mark J

    Shop Tour

    Too clean!
  2. Mark J

    Retirement Shop

    I know what you mean. I consider my waist size proof the universe is expanding.
  3. Mark J

    Wood ID Flow Chart.

    Found this interesting chart in another forum. Personally I couldn't get past the first question, and I mean the first question, whether or not it has pores. Although I can usually recognize if it's wood.
  4. Mark J

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    But all I want to dry is this 8" x 8" x 4" block.
  5. Mark J

    Retirement Shop

    I thought that might be a downdraft table.
  6. Mark J

    Retirement Shop

    Very nice shop, but the important question is which airplanes?! Got a photo? Former EAA member here.
  7. Mark J

    Roubo Questions

    Assuming you were using the bench more as an assembly table in this instance, you could make a temporary top that's say 28 or 30 inches wide, and maybe not the full length of the bench. This could engage a couple of the dog holes to keep it from sliding. But frankly I don't see anything wrong with making the bench wider and walking around.
  8. Mark J

    11'x4' Oak Slab Problems

    +1 on the Electrophysics meter. The model I have is both pin and pinless, so best of both worlds. Documentation was good and easy to use. I paid $203 a year ago. Neither pin nor pinless mode is going to get that deep, but it will give you an idea of what's going on inside and gives you something objective to follow as the wood acclimates (or as you remove some surface material).
  9. Glad you're getting that fixed.
  10. Mark J

    Clearing the air

    Well, she bought the paint so you could try blaming her. Not saying that will work, but it might buy you some time to get behind one of the dogs.
  11. Mark J

    So this happened today... New SawStop.

    So if you're buying the floor model you might want to know how many hotdogs it's seen.
  12. Mark J

    Some File Questions

    OK, I've heard talk here about people spending real money on files. What I have is a 3 piece set I got new for 20 bucks, so at the outset let me confess ignorance. So first question: What I wish i had is a file that cuts on the pull stroke rather than the push stroke, as in a Japanese saw. Is there such a thing? If so what's it called? Google got me nowhere. Second question: Is it my imagination or do cheap files dull quickly--as in during the first project? Would a better uality file stay sharp? Third: Is there some way to sharpen a file? If i were going to buy some quality files what brands would I be looking at?
  13. Mark J

    SawStop inadvertent brake activation causes

    @applejackson I'm very glad this issue had a fix that didn't involve a hack saw. And good on you for owning up to a mistake. Not sure what kind of a stink you might have made with SawStop customer service, but letting them know the problem has been solved would be beneficial, too.
  14. Mark J

    Chop Saw Miter Saw Bench

    I'll just throw this out for your consideration. I have the DeWalt stand which I use for my Makita SCM, and I have never wished for more. I had to do minor modifications to fit the Makita (a stack of washers to jack up the height of the lumber supports). But the whole thing is easy to clean around and move about the shop, and at least once the whole thing has gone to another location temporarily.
  15. Mark J

    Tormek shipping question

    Sorry that deal went south, Tom. Rikon, Wen and Grizzly all make Tormek knockoffs for much cheaper that might be worth your consideration. There's really nothing that special about the Tormek itself. It's a motor turning a stone in a water bath. (Note the Rikon wheel is 8 inch).