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  1. How much of your house are you able to power with that generator?
  2. Nice work. And welcome back! (I'm curious, why the name change)?
  3. That's enough to invite all your woodworking friends .
  4. A random thought: Unless the resin is opaque, I think you're going to see the miter joint in the resin section pretty clearly, no matter the adhesive. Anyone ever try this before?
  5. Steve Raichlen has done a lot of BBQ cooking shows for PBS in th US.
  6. Did you use a handheld router with the double round over bit, or a router table?
  7. Yes. The clamp heads sit flat on a "shelf". The bars are held up by finger boards.
  8. My assortment of squares includes a 12" square, a 6" triangle and a two inch machinist from Woodpeckers, as well as a 4" Groz. I also have a Starrett combination square (in the red box). For straight I have a 3' Woodpeckers straight edge. These things live safely behind the clamps on my rack and only come down when it counts, e.g. machine set up, or checking square on a turning blank. Otherwise I have a $15 combo square in the tool box.
  9. Mark J

    Next job

    Tell your Mom we're rooting for her.
  10. Good to hear from you @Robby W. Thought you'd wandered off. Congrats on the quick sale, that's gotta be a relief. So do I understand correctly, you're boxing/crating/wraping your tools and equipment, but Allied is going to move them?
  11. I am not a spindle turner, but I would add a standard spindle gouge to the detail gouge that Gary mentioned. And I'd second the comment about sharpening. You really need the sharpening system before you buy any tools. Alan Lacer is famous and I envy you, but know that Lacer is known for his mastery of the skew, so his instruction might be a little "skewed" (you saw that coming didn't ya). But if you can get comfortable using the skew from the very begining you'll be way ahead. Me, I only use mine to open the mail.
  12. Sorry. Makes me motion sick.