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  1. It's nice to have at least one good sized flat cast iron top in the shop. But as I recently had to send back a bandsaw table, I'll echo wtnhighlander's remarks. I have a cast iron router table from Bulldog (Rockler), which was my first acquisition. If I had it to replace it I might go with a phenolic top. Cast iron is also a maintenance issue and I now have a larger cast iron table saw top. If I were interested in a cast iron router table I would look at SawStop's model. It's the old General that was highly ranked and I have confidence in their QA program and customer service.
  2. Mark J

    Sheesham table

    I found an entry in the Wood Database: The more commonly used name is sissoo.
  3. That's a pretty common arrangement for a drill press, so I wonder if the part from some other drill press would fit? Also, would your table slide up and down and still lock in place if you simply remove the bent gear rack?
  4. Speaking as a potential pub goer I don't want my table to rock. Three leveling feet, please.
  5. You can try your A plan with the 90* elbo staying on this side of the partition. If it doesn't collect the dust well enough then you can go to plan B.
  6. With a left tilt saw the fence should be on the right, but what about the miter guage? Does that matter much?
  7. Klingspor. They have a commercial side and then Klingspor Shop. You can probably get what you want from either source. I just bought a bunch of belts in higher grits (220) from my comercial rep. I'm sure you can get spindle sleves, too. Otherwise the BORG sells 80 grit belts and replacement spindle sleeves.
  8. I came across this website which may be of general interest. It's not clear who is responsible for the information (they don't seem to be selling something), but it appears quite informative.
  9. And how long was the "let it sit" period?
  10. Smart economics, now she'll have saved enough money to get that dog.
  11. No real world experience, but I think you are correct that plan B will tend to push itself apart. This could be mitigated with some expansion space between each quadrant. But then when the beer spills....
  12. The 1000HD looks to be capable of more precision than the 3000SE (or the 1000SE), but they have the 3000SE priced much higher? What's the advantage (if any) to the 3000SE?
  13. Speaking of @Spanky, where is he?
  14. Looks like Rockler has the 1000hd for $170. Or did you mean the 3000/3000se, Or for the same $300 the 5000,