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  1. I had a couple of 2 x 3 pieces of walnut cut from the same board for some project that were never used. I decided to use them to test the Osmo vs. the Bartley finishes. This is a more apples to apples comparison than I did before where there were other differences between the test samples. I sanded each sample to P1200 and wiped clean with MS. Then I applied 3 coats of Bartley to the piece on the left and 2 coats of PolyX-Oil to the piece on the right. The lighting in the photo's is not great, but I tried to optimize the angle. Each piece was inverted for the second photo.
  2. That has to be devastating.
  3. +1 to the above. And it is worth mentioning that not all carpenter's squares are trully 90*. You usually have to spend a little money to get something you can use as a reference 90*, but how much accuracy you should buy depends on what you're doing (framing a house vs. framing a picture). Likewise on aligning the two track sections, if there is play in the junction it would be good to have a reference straight edge (a meter or so in length) to check your set up. If once fastened the junction is too loose to hold your set up then you'll have to evaluate whether your particular tracks ar
  4. Have you tried the separator out yet?
  5. @Naomi, I'm not sure I'm following the question. What's out of square? The boxes you made, or the cuts you're getting from your track saw? If the latter do you mean that your two tracks are not colinear? Or that the cuts are not perpendicular to the edge of the plywood sheet? Maybe I'm missing something.
  6. Well, OK Chestnut, but what are you gonna do next week?
  7. Really came out great! So what does the boss say?
  8. My suggestion is to fill the nail holes with slow set (1 hour) epoxy appropriate for wood and metal. Then reassemble with the nails before the adhesive sets up. You'll need to figure out a method to hold everything together while it cures. You'll also need to deal with the excess epoxy that may squeeze out. Some epoxy between the bars and base might enhance the hold, but @wtnhighlander's idea of twine or leather lashing is a very good idea and would be appropriate for the piece.
  9. You know, Paul, I just realized you started this thread two years ago. You've done a fantastic job.
  10. The story I heard a few years ago was that Festool was having one of it's rare sales. Rockler, or at least one of the stores, had allowed a customer to buy the item at the sale price a day early, so Festool pulled out of Rockler. Probably they have come to some reconciliation or Rockler has served it's time out.
  11. Just started leafing through my latest copy of FWW and there is an ad for a Briwax hard wax oil product. I don't know if this is a recently released product or one I've just recently noticed, but it's interesting to have a choice from a more familiar name (might be more likely to get on local store shelves). The ad says the product is water-based and that they have solvent based versions as well.
  12. My guess is the long sweep 90 would have less resistance than two 45's which would be less than a short sweep 90.
  13. I was in my local Rockler store this week and noticed that Festool is back on their shelves.
  14. And wipe down the wood surface with mineral spirits to check for marks before applying finish.
  15. Two 22.5* elbows will only get you to 45*, but you get the idea.
  16. @RichardA here is what Leaseman said, his message got imbeded in the quote: This finish looks really good. Changing topics did you use a wood (pore) filler? If so what is it?
  17. Personally I'm OK with the night theme, but I sure wish something could be done to fix the upside down photos.
  18. I think that nowadays you have to go to Australia to get ahold of any jarrah. That makes that urn even more special.
  19. Nicely done, Mick. Is that pith crack superficial?
  20. Take a sample piece of each type of wood you have, sand them, then wipe them with a little mineral spirits to simulate finish and see what you like.
  21. Regenerative braking. The first level of braking engages a generator. With further braking effort the disk brakes engage. When I drove a hybrid I got very good at planning my stops and using only light brake pressure to the point that at 80,000 miles I got a call from my mechanic telling me that two of my brake calipers were completely frozen with rust. I never noticed a thing.
  22. Interesting. This is so contrary to the wisdom of the NiCad days. I wonder that cell phones don't have a 90% stop point on charging.
  23. This was a good article on blotching I saw elsewhere and meant to repost here. Cause,the surface of a board