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  1. Mark J

    OneWay Multi Gauge find

    Still, new one can't be that cheap.
  2. Mark J

    Reloading bench and utility desk

    You even made pine look good stained. I'm not following how the inserts stay in place, especially when you operate the machine. How does it stay in place?
  3. Mark J

    Stringing, Fluting, Beading and such

    I don't know very much about string inlay. I have seen a demo once--a guy in our flatwork club does it. He makes all his own tools including blades so you're in good company. I think the reason holly is used is the lack of grain and the very light color. There may be other properties? But it does seem to be the go to wood.
  4. Mark J

    Gun Stock

    Time, use and Sun?
  5. Mark J

    Diving into the Festool rabbit hole.

    I have the CT26. When I bought it I already had a Shop Vac. I can't see filling the expensive Festool bags on bulk pickup so I use the Shop Vac to clean up the pile under the lathe. I use the CT26 for finesse jobs like the ROS, or for when I want to look cool when vacuuming. The CT is a lot easier to carry than the Shop Vac, but the later works on water.
  6. Mark J

    Shenanigans on the lathe today

    Sorry Chip, you're too late. Just give in and buy the lathe. Gary, that's a very nice plate!
  7. Mark J

    New storage shed

    That is wild, too!
  8. Mark J

    New storage shed

    That is wild!
  9. Mark J

    What Lighting Do You Use?

    What an illuminating discussion! Thank you all.
  10. Mark J

    What Lighting Do You Use?

    @drzaius can you give me a little enlightenment on how/if CRI and color temp are related? It seems to me that color rendering would be entirely a function of the "color" of the white light. I am guessing that that the difference in CRI between two sources of the same color temp comes down to whether the source has a broader spectrum or is more monochromatic. But I just made that up. Is there a real answer?
  11. Mark J

    New storage shed

    Stucco is very paintable, but it's troublesome to run through your printer.
  12. Mark J

    asking about sharpening and grit

    +1 to that, but I've never heard of someone sharpening a plane or chisel to 300-600 and calling it a day or moving to a strop. I use the sharpening system that "The Woodwhisperer" describes: ceramic stones 1000, 5000 and 8000 with a 300ish diamond plate for flattening the ceramic stones.
  13. Mark J

    Micro bevel on chisels?

    I was recently given a set of Irwin Marples chisels. They seem pretty sharp out of the package, but the backs could use some lapping. For regular duty hand chisels do people usually add a micro bevel to the primary bevel like you would for a plane blade? Or is it better to put just a single bevel on the tool? In general I am a fan of micro bevels, but don't you sometimes want to reference the chisel off the bevel surface?
  14. Mark J

    Micro bevel on chisels?

    I sold my Tormek and now I'm wondering if I thought that decission through far enough. I still have chisels and other carbon steel that needs re-shaping. I do like Tom's idea, though.
  15. Mark J

    Dressing Table Build

    Nice fix on the furniture. Hope your work thing worked out as well!
  16. Mark J

    Splinters after sanding

    It looks like a kind of end grain tear out. Does the grain run slightly oblique to the board's surface? Does it happen if you pass the board through the drum sander in the opposite direction?
  17. Mark J

    Gray splotches on Ash mantle

    I can only add that those "tunnels" are due to the Emerald Ash Borer".
  18. Mark J

    That corner of the shop ...

    I liked it better with all the stuff hanging out. Looked more like my shop.
  19. Mark J

    Micro bevel on chisels?

    By chance could you be prevailed upon to detail that foolproof system? Reproducibility is the key in sharpening and coincidentally something I am having trouble with. I have the Veritas Mk2 and Shapton stones, but it seems no matter how meticulous I am setting up the jig from one session to another the primary bevel is always off a hair--and that error always seems to result in removing metal from the heel end first. Hence my affinity for micro bevels. I think on a plane blade it makes sense, but if I have a choice between two sharp chisels, one with a micro bevel and one with a single bevel, I'd pick up the single bevel chisel.
  20. Mark J

    Micro bevel on chisels?

    Your answer makes sense to me. I'm not that fond of sharpening.
  21. Mark J

    G&G Bed Frame

    Great piece, and thumbs up for perseverance! Can't believe the Mrs let you spray shellac in a carpeted space. Was she away for the weekend .
  22. Mark J

    Coffee table design

    What's that gonna weigh when you get it all together? Will you be able to move it?
  23. Mark J

    Hepplewhite Sideboard

    Truly great piece.
  24. Mark J

    Greetings from Nova Scotia