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    Axiom vs Avid vs ?

    Do any of these have the option of adding a laser engraver? I think that would be a nice feature.
  2. @wtnhighlander , if that is an older or antique model sewing machine there are collectors. There are also hobbyists that enjoy working on vintage machines. If it's an interesting model you still won't get a ton for it, but you can find it a good home. Try contacting a quilt club or sewing club near you. Paducah KY is home to a major Quilt museum and might have some insights.
  3. Congratulations on completing another excellent project! Can you apply the HP with a rag?
  4. @Chet , that bit has a 3/4" shank. Do they have one with a reduced size shank?
  5. Since most woodworkers don't venture above 220 the distinction gets forgotten. For my turned pieces I am frequently sanding up to P1200 so it's something I pay attention to. It's not that one scale is better than the other, but you don't want to be jumping back and forth in the high grits. What I have found is that "P" grits are the more commonly available (even though they are "european"), so I try to stick with them.
  6. Is insulation for the walls a realistic consideration? It would have big benefits, including cutting down on BTU's needed.
  7. Well, after 20 minutes with the owners manual and a physical search of the vehicle I found exactly one filler neck. For, you guessed it, the windshield washer fluid. So I topped it up.
  8. I bought this DeWalt tire pump, and so far I'm happy with it. It replaced one I bought from the auto parts store that was a certified P.O.S. Loud enough that everyone on the block would know when I was pumping a tire and vibrated so much that I would get a call from the university seismology lab. And best of all it wouldn't really pump air, which was OK because the pressure guage was impossible to read when running and 10 or 20 pounds high when off, so you really wouldn't have known when to stop if it did pump air. The DeWalt makes noise, but not much. It vibrates, but not much. It does pump air and with reasonable alacrity. There are two LCD screens. One is the pressure guage, which is accurate as far as I can tell. The other is the target pressure, which you dial in. The pump automatically stops at the set point. The pressure hose is short, but the 12 Volt cord is long enough to reach any wheel on my Ridgeline, if routed through the appropriate window. There is a storage compartment for the DC cord, but you need some origami skills to get it back in there. There is an optional AC adapter, but it's expensive and hard to find. The pump can be run off a 20 Volt DWalt battery, a feature which is of no interest to me. I have no other DeWalt tools and no batteries. I can't imagine a battery being much use having been neglected in the trunk summer after winter after summer after winter... assuming the battery hadn't already exploded in my trunk . One other kudo. It runs on a 10 amp 12 V circuit. Some pumps pull 15 amps, but some cars only have 10 amp circuits. The pump is not cheap, but there's a lot of crap out there that costs half as much.
  9. I pumped up all four tires on my wife's electric car. She came home and announced that she had a low pressure warning on one tire, so I went out thinking another flat. But check the dashboard to see which one, and all four tires are down 3 or 4 pounds. Then it occurs to me, with an electric there's no oil to change, so no periodic service where someone checks her tire pressure, or brake fluid, or anything else for that matter. --duh. Guess I should check the onerous manual, though I doubt it even mentions that the car has brakes let alone where the fluid reservoir is.
  10. You didn't mention if the sandpaper you are using is graded on the CAMI or FEPA (P grit) scales, and above 220 grit it starts to make a difference. Paper Grit Comparison.pdf
  11. That's pretty dang clever. Is it your invention?
  12. Well, I agree with Chestnut, it's a good look.
  13. Mark J


    Did you try any with a fast, stop motion, shutter speed?
  14. Yes, the bench vises need a little more explanation & demonstration.
  15. That's a good looking bench. I'm curious why you didn't add cypress leg extensions instead of mahogany?
  16. I have to echo, great job!
  17. You'll have to do a little googling, but Dr. Seri Robinson is a noted expert on spalting.
  18. If you are willing to substitute box joints for dovetails, Rockler has a box joint sled that looks like it would be simple and capable. It's on sale, too.
  19. Seeing is believing. Just go to your TS, with the power off, crank the blade down and remove the throat plate. Now angle the blade to 45* and watch while you crank it up. The blade will extend out of the table along a path parallel to the blade and 45* to the table. Dave H beat me to it, but only by a minute.
  20. I thought this might be of general interest. The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship has 50 free videos on various woodworking operations. They feature Tim Rousseau and appear to be well done. I clicked on the first one to check and ended up watching the whole thing even though I don't have any immediate interest in sharpening a bench chisel.
  21. How do you know that you've neutralized all the lye?
  22. Mark J


    Nope. I started having it treated back in like 2008. EAB has already peaked here and the tree is still healthy. This is the tree with the treehouse in my avitar, so it got a little money spent on it. Now that the treehouse is gone I'm not really sure how to stop.
  23. Mark J


    It's the annual ash tree inundation. This is only about half of what's on the ground and only a small fraction of what's still in the tree. It does seem like bumper crop this year, but this is only the beginning. This doesn't end until November.