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  1. I just returned from the American Association of Woodturners' annual symposium. What a great event! Kudos! to AAW for an accomplishment as successful as it was herculean. Part of the show is a huge Instant Gallery where folks can display work they've done. I brought Offering, Dreamery and Sedona to display. As always there were a great number of truly fanastic creations in the instant gallery, so imagine my disbelief and delight when walking by my spot I noticed this ribbon announcing that I had won an Excellence Award for my piece, "Sedona". What an honor, I'm still stunned. Also, I have had another piece (My Scars Are Me) juried into the AAW's annual Members exhibition. This is the second time this has happened! The exhibition will be in St. Paul like last year, and runs from Sept through Dec. They do a preview of the exhibition at the Symposium, so I took the opportunity to snap a pic.
  2. A very interesting product. Sounds like it acts like both a pore filler and a sanding sealer. If it's pretty self leveling I wonder how much sanding it needs between coats? Sounds like it could be a final finish, but you mention that it is not. Where is it lacking? and what would you use as a top coat? Any thoughts on whether this could work on a turned piece?
  3. You know, that "foreign" bottle of hide glue may not have been Rockler's fault. It's in the realm of possibility that was a customer's doing. Someone buys a fresh bottle, then "returns" an unopened, but out of date, bottle. Not saying that's what happened, just throwing out some doubt shadow. Still, one of the take home points is to check the expiration date on products with a shelf life.
  4. That looks like a fun project if not a bit daunting.
  5. I've never seen tree tubes before. Are they used to get a straight tree? Other purposes?
  6. Coop, obviously that's not "right", but it still may be "that bottle" of glue. I'd keep after the folks at Franklin.
  7. Especially if it's hard maple (aka sugar maple).
  8. Here's my scrap test piece. The acrylic paint was allowed to dry overnight. Gel poly on the left and Osmo polyx-oil on the right, with nothing in the middle. Single coats on unprepared maple. The paint is a titch darker and maybe a titch yellow under both coatings, but it would be hard to tell if all the paint was coated. There was the faintest blue "stain" on the buff cloth, but the cured paint was not materially affected by the solvents. Not sure if I'll go this route, but it's nice to know your options.
  9. That first photo speaks volumes. Personally, I wouldn't fret that bracket for looks. If the corners are sharp enough to scratch skin then I'd relieve them some, just in case someone is putting their hands down there.
  10. I have used acrylic paint just a couple of times now and have been wondering about overcoating it with either a hard wax oil product (like Osmo Polyx-Oil) or a polyurethane varnish. Has anyone ever tried this? If so how and what did you apply? How did it work out? I guess I can try it on scrap wood easy enough, but curious about the experience of others.
  11. Residential units that are hard wired with battery back ups. There is no alarm panel. By design when one goes off they all go off. I just don't understand why any of them went off.
  12. I know there's some well informed people here, and @Coop used to be in the business, so I'll ask this here. Why do smoke detectors give false alarms during a power outage? I'm not talking low battery chirping, but full on every detector in the house blaring. ComEd had a scheduled power outage today. About 15 minutes into the outage the alarms went off (falsely). The sheer intensity of the noise forced me to evacuate my wife's dog (and frankly myself). (Dawg got a truck ride out of this). Sitting on the porch now I can tell the alarms have stopped, but the power is still out, and I'm reluctant to go back inside untill it's on. This has happened before and with other smoke alarms, but I've always attributed it to hot humid summer air. Today is quite mild and dry. Any insights on the cause or how to mitigate?
  13. I have one. Never thought to use it.
  14. My rule thumb, to make it to the garbage can a piece of wood first has to fit in my pocket. Context, I'm a turner, so I don't produce a lot of cutoffs. I find that often enough I need a small bit of ply or maple for something.
  15. Another factor it is important to consider is weight. A large panel of 1/4" glass will weigh a good bit more than acrylic or plexiglass.
  16. I'd be happy to have a key ignition switch again, but then I'm the founding member of the Bring Back Dial Phones Club. For better or worse, the fob is the "key" on this 2018 Honda. If you have the fob on (or near) you, then when you press the start button on the dash the car starts. No fob, no start.
  17. Mark J

    Windows 11?

    Thanks. What I would like to do is have all open documents displayed directly on the taskbar (like in Win XP & 7), rather than have to hover over an icon to find them.
  18. So the other day my wife and I get into our Honda to run an errand. I push the Start button and the car comes to life with a bunch of binging and bonging and a message on the dashboard that the fob battery is low. Bummer. But despite all the hoopla from the dash, I manage to forget about the fob when we get home. The next time I slide into the driver's seat there's no alert. Maybe it was something in my pocket that "blocked" the signal. Anyway, all good. Untill the next weekend, when we're headed out on multiple errands and sure enough the alert is back. Since we make multiple starts and stops on this trip, the alert is repeated. So this time I do remember to take the fob to the shop and change the battery. Now while I don't find this as onerous as changing smoke detector batteries, this is not one of my favorite jobs. But here's a tip. When opening the fob, be sure that the side with the buttons is against the worksurface. Those little rubber buttons are not attached to the case. We won't discuss how difficult the bouncy little things can be to find on the floor, but the search will give you time to hope that they only fit back in one way. Finally kitted out with a fresh battery, all was right with my world for about a week, when the blasted alert is back! Did I get a dud battery or something; now these CR2032's are not cheap, so I'm starting to get seriously unhappy. Returning with the fob to the workshop I open the fob (with the button side down), remove the alleged dud, set it aside and install another new battery. I trudge back out to the garage and restart the car several times. I try all the fob buttons. It all works. Good. Glad that's behind me. Few days later we're leaving for a road trip so I back out of the garage and get the AC running while we load up. Then off we go and all is again right with my world. Until the first stop and DANG! That insane fob alert is back!... Well maybe it will stop; nothing to be done about it now, and anyway my wife has the spare key, so we're good, right. The alerts don't stop and it doesn't matter who is driving. After 800 miles I'm thinking I may end up having to go to the dealer. Then something occurs to me. I stop into an Ace and pick up a battery, and change out my wife's car fob. Sure enough problem solved! The car has been detecting a weak signal from her fob not mine! In retrospect the problem had only been occuring when we've been driving together. Geez, if it's not one fob it's another.
  19. Mark J

    Windows 11?

    Thanks for the clue, I moved the Start Button to the left. Now if I could only get the individual files to appear as tabs on the taskbar instead of having to hover over an obscure icon then have to select from pop up thumbnails.
  20. Mark J

    Windows 11?

    I wasn't able to find it when I looked. Any clues you can offer?
  21. Mark J

    Windows 11?

    Well, I did the Win 11 upgrade on my laptop about ten days ago. While MS managed to make the change without much disruption, I can't say it's added any value in my life. It's change for the sake of change. I really dislike the new taskbar and start menu.