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  1. Thank you all for your information. I looked at the Lee Valley and Osborne web sites. I will be buying some slides from Osborne! Everyone's comments were very helpful. Thanks, Jeff
  2. Hello everyone, It has been over a year since I have been on the forum, and it is good to be back. I have a question for some of you quality woodworkers out there. I am about to start building a dining table that can slide apart to add a leaf in the middle. Of all the tables that I have built, I have never been asked to build one that could expand. What is some good recommendations for make the 2 sides slide, and the center still be strong. The table will be expandable to about 11' long. I have thought about making a large single dovetail slide between the two sides, and a mortise and tenon connection for the leaf. Please let me know your ideas, or what you have used in the past that works. I would even be interested in retail hardware if it is quality enough. Thanks, Jeff
  3. Ok, I have looked all over for this information and have not been able to find it, so I will ask here. What is the Super Fan Membership, and what does it include that my standard membership does not? I appologize in addvance, because I am sure this has been discused somewhere else, but I have not found it yet. I have been out of pocket for the lasy month and just got back on the site today to notice A LOT of changes to the site and memberships.
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    Yea, for some reason I have a serious Black Widow problem myself. I am currently cleaning out my shop, and spraying everything with a Home Defense Spray that leaves a little oil residue behind. This would not be that great in the up stairs, but in the shop it works pretty good. When I say I have a Black Widow problem, I moved about 30 peices of lumber the other day, and killed probably a dozen or more on them. One of them was the size of a quarter!! That is big for a Black Widow. As far as I know I have never found a Brown Recluse! I would not want to fog due to it getting into the living area of the house.
  5. A really nice shop Vic. One of these days when I Grow-Up I want to have a shop like that. For now, I will have to continue to use my basement. I should attach a picture of my shop!! You would have nightmares if you hate dust. I have just nick named my shop....."Sawdust". Some days, you can not even tell if I have dirt floor or concrete. I really do hate the dust, which is why I have started buying Festool tools, but my router (Bosch) and table saw (Rigid) really do throw out the dust. I was just looking at the Oneida 3hp last night on the web. What made you decide on the Metal over PVC or flexable hose for your dust collection? Jeff
  6. I agree with Beechwood. There is a natural "FLOW" of work in every shop and you need to be setup so that FLOW is smooth. You should not have to traverse your shop several times throughout a project. I used Sketch-up. You can go to the sketchup library and get almost any piece of equipment to inport into your layout. You can make it look really close. I will put my sketchup below.
  7. I replaced the leg vise with the Veritas Twin Screw vise. I know that Marc said he did not much care for this vise, but I have always wanted one on my bench and now I am very close to making it happen. I also replaced the Benchcrafted Tail Vise with the Lee Valley Tail Vise Screw. I did not install the tail vise in the standard way, but I installed it just like the BC Tail Vise. It actually remains pretty stable without much “sag”, even when the block reaches the end of the travel. However, when I apply pressure to it, it has a tendance to rise up about 1/8” to 3/16”. I am considering making some sort of rail system for the block to ride on that will eliminate all of the rise and sag. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Jeff
  8. I really like the Benchcrafted Tail Vise, but I just can not see paying that much money for one vise. I realize that it is supposed to be very smooth and all, but I had rather make a not-so-smooth vise into a smooth vise by lapping the threads, than to spend that kind on money on the tail vise. I do want it to function just like the benchcrafter tail vise though. Most of the tail vises that I have seen look as though they are made specifically to move the should or end cap instead of moving a dog block. I may have to machine my own parts to make it. If someone has any ideas, I would love to hear them. Remember: I want the dog block to move and not the end cap or shoulder.
  9. The dog holes on the left are for extra support. I work a lot with large chunks of rough wood. This is because I like to leave live edges on a lot of by projects. I just thought if I ever need to clamp a large peice of black walnut that is 4" - 6" think and 10" - 12" wide, it would allow be to take some of the pressure off of the vise and let a dog or holdfast carry some of the weight. Some of the slabs that I get take a tractor to load. I included a picture of my dining room table that I am finishing right now. I hope to have it moved up stairs next weekend. It will give you an idea of what I am talking about. It is a bad picture with my phone, but when it is complete I will put some good picture in the gallery.
  10. I am planning on building the Roubo with a few changes. 1st: I am going to pass on the leg vise and go with the Twin Screw. 2nd: I am planning on adding some drawers in the wasted area beneith the top. I would like for someone to tell me if they see any possible problems that I could run into with this design. I left a small gap between the bottom of the top and the top of the drawers so that I could mone any clamps or get to stuff that falls in the gap. I will not be using the deadman with a long holdfast, just small plugs for support. I will also use "push to open" hardware in order to keep the faces of the drawers flush (no exposed handels). I do not want to finish this build and then find out that I am now limited by the drawers. However, I am going to finish the bench before adding them, so I have a little while to think about it. ANY IDEAS???? Thanks
  11. If you believe that the joints will hold without any type of mechanical joinery, then I guess that just using biscuits to help with alignment would be ok? I am going to have a support (on the bottom) that spans most of the width of the table anyway so the top will only need to be supported during transport and setup. Any other ideas would be helpful. By-the-way Bois: I like your web site and videos. As soon as I finish this dining room table, I am going to tackle the 21st Century Workbench. I have a stack of White Oak in my basement that is big enough to build two of them. I just hate being in the middle of a project and running out of stock. Jeff
  12. I say let's all vote to kick momwow out of the guild for suggesting such a thing!! lol Just kidding! My wife already says that I spend to much time in the shop. If I was to try and build a eight sided ANYTHING, I would probably explode and get a divorce. I really like the idea of either a bed or a Perfectly designed Workbench.
  13. That sounds like a really strong option. How deep would you cut the grooves? possibly 2" deep? Jeff
  14. I amattempting my first very large and HEAVY project of this sort. The project is anew live/natural edge dining room table made of Black Walnut. As you can see inthe picture, the table top will be made up of three 2" slabs. The two onthe outside will have the natural edges and the one in the center has been cutto a 2" x 13" slab, to make up the desired width. My quagmire is howto join the three slabs together. I know that no standard joinery is going tohold the slabs together by itself. I will have three boards running crosswaysto hold the table top together from underneath, as well as the table legshelping to support the three pieces together. Before anyone throws the standardanswer of -*Dominos*- out there, I do not have one and cannot afford one rightnow. So, the next choices that I can see are to use a dozen biscuits or dowels.I have also considered using steel dowels to joint them together and use anepoxy for the binder. Any suggestions would be helpful!!
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    Natural Edge Dining Room Table

    My Dining Room Table Project.