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  1. I was recently in Honduras and had the chance to check out a small woodworking shop there. They were using several woods that I had never heard of before. It is possible that I simply couldn't tell the wood species because of the different language, but I think there were also species I had never seen. Does anyone know of any books/resources that could help me learn about foreign wood species?
  2. I am purchasing a set of 12 Narex chisels for my grandfather. I have practically no experience using chisels and absolutely none in sharpening them. Any advice on which sharpening stones are best to begin with? I need something that is relatively cheap, but will do the job right. I've looked online and it seems to be a rather controversial subject. I would greatly appreciate any help! Josiah Brown
  3. I just finished installing the oneida v3000 3hp dust collection system in my 40x20 shop. The only problem is that I don't have a remote. Oneida says that they can sell me one for $35, but I feel like there must be a cheaper solution. Any ideas? If possible, I would like to order off of Amazon. Thanks in advance, Josiah
  4. Josiah Brown

    Oak Wilt

    My grandfather owns a ranch with a large grove of oak trees that have been killed by oak wilt. The trees are dead but still standing and as far as I know have not been infested with bugs yet. Does anyone know if trees that have oak wilt still make good lumber? It seems to me that if the wood is still solid there wouldn't be any problem with it. Thanks in advance!
  5. I do actually own a half inch veritas chisel already and its great. I might get one slightly larger, one slightly smaller, and hold off on the rest. Jmaichel if I buy the ohishi stone, how many different grits would I need? Is a traditional dovetail saw easier to use than a japanese dovetail saw? I have a japanese dovetail saw and haven't gotten around to using it much yet. The few attempts I have made haven't been great but that could very likely be my lack of skill.
  6. This was my first end grain cutting board and I decided to try to make it 3D. Turned out pretty well!
  7. Sounds like I need to do some more research and practice with sharpening. I know it's an important skill but I often push it aside because it doesn't seem as worthwhile. Thanks for all of the suggestions!
  8. Will the Tormek system not work for sharpening chisels and planes? Or do I need to buy the DMT plates to hone after sharpening? (obviously I have very little sharpening experience)
  9. What difference does the bevel-up or bevel-down make? What exactly is the bed-angle? What is the difference between A2, O1 or PM-V11® tool steel?
  10. Ok that's what I figured. If I can only buy one right now which one would you suggest? I've read that smooth planes or block planes are good to begin with? In the area of sharpening I think I'm set up already. I invested in the Tormek T-7 system a few months back.
  11. I'm beginning to acquire more tools and am looking at buying some new chisels and hand planes. I have most of the power tools I need (table saw, planer, jointer, bandsaw, router table) but I want to develop my skills in the finer side of woodworking. I have very little experience with hand tools and was unsure which tools to buy. My budget is around $300-$400. I read an earlier thread in the forums and found a set of 8 Narex chisels for $140 which is fine. But the hand planes on lee valley are around $150-$250 each! Do I really need to buy a plane which costs so much or are there other options which are better? I plan on using thee tools for many years so if I need to buy the best then that is what I want to do.
  12. I'm willing to go pretty expensive if it is actually worth it. If its not necessary though for me to buy the highest end product then that would be great
  13. I'm in the process of building a new shop and need to buy a dust collection system. The shop I am in now is 20'x20' and has no system installed. I have done all cleaning up with a small shop vac and a broom. My new shop will be about 40'x 25' and I have the budget to buy a system for it. One guy I met recommended the mini-gorilla which is a portable unit, but I'm not sure if portable or stationary is better. If all of my tools are not up against the wall would the stationary system be a problem? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Thanks for all of the suggestions! I like the idea of salvaging nibs from other pens but it seems like the parts would not be compatible...