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  1. me neither ..anymore and forevermore...learned my lesson and will build it better next time
  2. because it was inside the cab I only wiped the stain on w a rag and wiped it dry to a streak free color and then let dry over nite which was more than likely not enuf dry time
  3. thanks for all of your replies on the Agulente offgassing...I had previously contacted my supplier Wurth early on but their reply was only that they never had this problem before...not helpful...guess I need to contact a Campbell chemist. I failed to mention I did try scuff sanding and recoating a spare shelf with oil based polyurethane but problem still persisted....I suspected the stain from the getgo--- frustrating thinking about stripping it all down to redo .. .as Mike says "I will build it better next time!" As new ideas surface I will keep yall posted on any successes
  4. Been a woodworker for 40 years. I built kitchen cabinets with oak plywood, stained to match exterior finish because doors have glass fronts. Used Minwax Gunstock oil based stain. Let dry 2 days. Sprayed interior and exterior w satin Aguelente full strength using Fuji HVLP ...Nice hard finish! However 3 years later, there is still a chemical odor emanating from the cabinet that lingers on all the glassware stored in the cabinet giving any beverage a hint of the odor whether the glass is stored upside down or not... rinsing the glass before filling w beverage does work to eliminate it.