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  1. Won't that cause some racking issues?
  2. Cool. How was it dried, what's your setup like? Got any pics?
  3. Excellent work on the bed. I see a Tele back there and a Mesa amp? What kind of stuff you into playing?
  4. Aces! What do you do for bases? Something like this
  5. I B


    That's going to be awesome! More psyched for a Linux tablet though.
  6. Sooooo many hours, so much awesome.
  7. Is there enough tension on the blade and are the blade guides setup correctly?
  8. Painter's tape and super glue.
  9. Close. No punctuation. http://www.mrmccormickmakes.com/
  10. I thought it was the second Tuesday of next week.
  11. Ok, cool. Here's a way to go about making the hollow piece. Then cut one end to the angle you want. Then you'd need to make a hole (mortise) in the bottom board at the same angle. Attach both pieces with a floating tenon. Keep in mind, this isn't the only way to go about it. Just an example.
  12. All right, man. I'm intrigued, but I need a better idea of what you're trying to make. I'm not seeing a PC from your images. You said the block is a power supply, where is the motherboard going in this design?
  13. The thing that helped me most with dovetails was good lighting. Aside from practice. I've got a little adjustable neck desk lamp in my shop that I can move around as needed. It really helped be see where I was messing up.
  14. I've been using these Starrett blades on my 1412 and I like them. They're not expensive and they've done well for me. YMMV. https://www.woodcraft.com/products/starrett-duratec-sfb-bandsaw-blade-115-x-1-2-x-4tpi-hook I use these for curves. https://www.woodcraft.com/products/starrett-duratec-sfb-bandsaw-blade-115-x-3-16-x-10tpi-regular
  15. Scroll saw would be the way to go. Or you could change the pattern so the "mouth shaped" sections end in a curve that matches whatever flush trim bit you're wanting to use. Here's a shitty example.
  16. Just trying to help out, man. Good luck with your project.
  17. Drill a hole larger than the screw, glue in a dowel, and run the screw into the dowel