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  1. Matt

    Table saw purchase?

    Thank you, Mark! I'm learning that there is a lot to consider (just as there was when I was first setting up my studio). I am very thankful for ALL the advice and wisdom from people that have already been through the process. Since I will be needing to share the garage with my wife's car (obviously, it won't be in the garage while I'm working), it will be very important for me to be able to move the larger tools around on mobile bases to work with it and then be able to find a wall or corner to store it. When I was younger, we did a lot of camping and boating and so I've learned that you need to be able to make every inch of space count and everything has o serve, at least, dual purposes ! At this point, running the electrical is going to be quite a project. As it is now, there is only ONE outlet in my garage. It just happens to be on the same line (to the breaker) as some of our kitchen outlets. The electrical box to the house is on the opposite end of the house from our garage. My plan is to put a small box in the garage with a few dedicated breakers for the shop. I need to speak with a few electricians to get some idea as to how best to run my main power line to the new box in the garage. From there, I've wired up rooms and such before so, I feel okay working from the box out into the room. The part that I'm needing more advice on is going from my current box to a new box in the garage. So, this will be a process......... in the meantime, I am trying to learn as much as possible from all the other woodworkers. Thanks again for your advice, Mark!!!
  2. Matt

    My shop overhaul

    This is inspiring me SO much to get my shop put together!!!! Thanks for posting this!!!!!! I hope to post the results of my shop build too.
  3. Matt

    Table saw purchase?

    Hello Jim DaddyO, I respect the point that you made. I'm coming from a musical (recording engineer, musician) background. I realize that, although the tools we use ARE important, in the right hands, with the right attention to detail, some imagination and the willingness to put some extra effort in, you don't necessarily have to have the "Cadillac" of tools to get the job done well. Point taken! By the way, I subscribed to your YouTube channel today and took your shop tour. MattK, thank you for your insight!! Until now, I hadn't considered that some of the saws require 220V. Thank you also to Chris H, wtnhighlander, franklin pug and shaneymack!!!! By the way, what led me to woodworking was while I was making a Cajon, which is basically a wooden box that is played as a percussion instrument, I had sooooo much fun doing that project that I realized I REALLY love working with wood. It is such a creative and rewarding pursuit. While I was building the Cajon, I came across the Wood Whisperer YouTube videos. I am absolutely OBSESSED with woodworking and putting a shop together now!! One of the best things about it (aside from the creative aspect) is that it requires skill that is passed along from one woodworker to another. The woodworking community is fantastic!!
  4. Matt

    Table saw purchase?

    To: mat60, RichardA, Shaneymack, Chet K, and weithman5 Thank you all for your warm welcome and helpful feedback!!!!!! LOL yes, Shaneymack, "not wealthy" wasn't the most precise phrase to use....... sorry I'm hoping to stay somewhere around $800 to $900 if that is possible. My hope is to be able to find a cabinet saw as opposed to a job-site/contractor saw. It seems that many of you speak highly of the Grizzly Tools. I am going to look into that. I noticed that many of the woodworkers I see on YouTube use a 10" saw. Is that a fairly standard thing? Thanks again to all of you for your advice!!
  5. Matt

    My shop overhaul

    I'm just starting out and hoping to put together a shop and your post opened up my eyes to a lot of things I'll need to consider! Thanks for posting this!
  6. Hello, I am a new aspiring woodworker. I have a question for you. I am just starting out and I am looking for a good table saw. I believe it is the centerpiece of the woodworking shop and so I am looking for something that I can work with now as well as once I am a more seasoned woodworker. What price range should I be looking at? I'm NOT wealthy so I need to get the best bang for my buck. Also, any specific make/model that you would recommend? Thank you !!!