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  1. Hey, Your post is from awhile ago but I'd like to ad my perspective as an internet guy. I've helped several of my friends build small websites for their businesses and getting started is relatively easy. This advice is pretty much for the long game, but the internet marketing takes time and it's good to get started. I would get yourself a website with your name and "woodworking" in the URL. Like www.lawlesswoodworking" for me or something. Then as others were saying round up your work, photos, anything you can find and get them online in a gallery for people to stumble onto. Post contact information, some biographical information, pretty much an online resume including everything everyone else already talked about. Then get yourself an account or a listing in as many free directories and Forums as you can and participate in those discussions AS IF you have a business. This type of stuff is the long game. If you do it well and consistently you will begin to establish yourself as an "authority" or someone people might trust to hire for a job. It also looks very good to be able to point someone to a website. It's very professional and it allows them to immediately access a gallery of your work from anywhere. The next steps involved getting listed locally in Google Places, just use your home address as your business address. Adding content to the site, etc. Pretty much I think it would behoove you very much to get going on this stuff as it all takes time and time and time. You can build this type of thing at home on your nights off no matter what your job is during the day. If and when you decide to really start your own business it will be much easier to have this stuff already done and believe me it will be worth doing. Check google for your local listings for "cabinet maker" "custom furniture" or whatever you do specifically. I guarantee you there aren't many competitors listings. This is your opportunity. Within the last year I've helped a friend of mine dominate his local area of Carbondal, IL in this very way. www.judgeservices.com If you google anything about power washing, parking lot paiting, house cleaning, gutter cleaning, etc. in his area and he pops up and he's getting tons of business. Again, this was a long game, he's been doing the site two years now I think. No one else has a site. He's killing it. You can too. I'd be glad to help with any questions you have if you want to get into this and haven't already. Good luck, Derrick Lawless
  2. @wtnhighlander Hey, I understand we aren't a known commodity like the other guys so I took no offense at you being skeptical. I just wanted to take the opportunity to snag a new customer, I'm always on the hustle, haha! We have been growing lately because of our prices, service, and quality. Our biggest obstacle is without a doubt getting people to try our hardware the first time. However, after the first sale we always have a new customer. We are also a Master Distributor for Liberty Hardware and work with them on a lot of their closeout inventory. So we have great prices on their stuff too if you want to play it safe. If you find something you need don't hesitate to contact me at the e-mail I left earlier and I'll set you up with a discount so you can test out our quality with less risk being involved. Have a good one. I'll look forward to hearing from you any time. Derrick Lawless
  3. Hello, I am Derrick Lawless with my father's business www.dlawlesshardware.com. I saw this link in one of my SEO tools. I assure that lock set is equal or superior to any lock set you have looked at. My father spent 30 years, my entire life practically, in the cabinet making and furniture making business and designed this lock himself. I would like to send you one to prove it if you would let me. Our prices our so low because we do our own design and importing and we are the ONLY middle man between you and manufacturer. Our mark up is fair, which is more than I can say for some of our competitors. You will not get a better lock set by paying more money. Now if you like the style of their keys and that's worth 40 bucks to you... lawlesshardware@gmail.com is my e-mail and I'll be glad to send one out Monday. Have a good day, Derrick Lawless