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  1. I saw that! It was purely coincidental! We were actually supposed to release the week before. Thanks for your kind words as well. We have fun... sometimes too much!
  2. You should be getting a discount on your online membership if you subscribe to the print magazine. If you're not check out and let them know. They'll hook you up... and if not let me know... we'll get ya squared away. I'm in charge of content on the site so billing stuff certainly isn't in my wheelhouse but usually the customer service group will get ya straightened out right away.
  3. Honestly, we'll never be able to get rid of all of the pop-up ads. Thankfully they are capped. You should only get one per day if I remember correctly. Nobody is on the website more than me and I seem to get one per day.
  4. Hey there. Just seeing this post. I'm certainly glad to have people signing up for the online membership to I just wanted to chime in and apologize for it being so confusing figuring out what membership is what. It is something that we are well aware of here and we are working on it. Long story short, the online side and the magazine are currently routed through totally different billing systems set up years and years ago. Shortly we are consolidating everything and you will be able to subscribe to the magazine and an online membership at the same time and know exactly how much it will cost you. Mike pretty much nailed it above but if anyone ever has any questions feel free to email me directly at Thanks, Ben Strano Web Producer Fine
  5. Besides my pipe clamps all I have are half a dozen 12" HF f-style clamps and a dozen or so 6" Jorgensons my uncle gave me. I honestly like the HF clamps more. The handle is easier to get a hold on. Next time I'm needing more f-style I'll be going to harbor freight.
  6. I'd think it was overkill. I've heard of home being absolutely emptied. They'd take the shelf too. If someone knew you had a lot of guns (or like in the video... HOLY CRAP A LOT OF GUNS) and saw that bulky of a design I'd worry that they'd figure out the shelf was hiding something and smash it apart with a sledge. If they scaled it back a little bit it'd probably be less obvious to the trained eye.
  7. I have one of the kreg rip cuts. Best $40 I ever spent. Makes any cut under 24" so much easier. I'd much rather use it if I had more than one cut than setting Iona straight edge over and over. What's your concern about it? The only problem I have with it is that the guide part that rides in the reference edge of the plywood is too short and it makes the last two inches of the cut a bit shaky.
  8. Sorry. Lost track of this tread. Due to budget at the time I couldn't drop a lot on a blade and needed a sharp blade right then. I used a hd gift card and got a Freud that is serviceable for now. I'm glad to know that I don't need to worry about kerf size as much as I was. I'll look into those other options and report back when I finally pony up for a blade.
  9. I've got a Grizzly 0715P. 2 horse. I'd go for a full size kerf but wouldn't that make my riving knife less effective?
  10. I may have answered my own question... Concure?
  11. I bought my table saw almost a year ago. I vowed that I was going to only use the stock blade for a day or so. Well... I never upgraded. The crappy stock blade is now a crappy stock dull blade. I'm more than a little confused over what to get. I am looking for a general purpose blade... probably 40 tooth. I'd like to match the kerf to my riving knife as best I can. On my knife it says: Thickness: 0.086" Blade Dia.; 10" Blade Body T.: 0.063~0.079" Blade Kerf W.: 0.094~0.118" So the thin kerf WWII is .125" thick... would that be to large for my riving knife? Thanks, Ben
  12. I just opened my first bottle of 3 today. I was surprised by how runny it was. Is it just me or is it way runnier than 2?
  13. I'd rethink using a dremel for carving. I bought a dremel for my wife to carve with and it died after maybe ten hours of use. Same happened to my dad. Look into a heavier duty unit . (null)
  14. Tom Iovino had a good blog post about something similar he did. Of I wasn't on my phone I'd post a link. A google search should turn it up though. (null)
  15. What about laying down a layer of Masonite or hardboard down and then the rubber? You'd be sure that the bamboo is protected even if it tore but still have the great look and feel of the rubber. Either way my sore back is jealous. Concrete ain't doing me any favors. (null)