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  1. JosephThomas

    True but still funny

    True story.
  2. JosephThomas

    King Bed

    Looks great. Are there still drawers at the headboard end of the bed, and do they open fully? I have been pondering this for a future build and I'm tempted to just not do drawers on that end since the side tables will always be in the way.
  3. JosephThomas

    Domino DF 500 Connectors

    The parts themselves don't seem so badly priced if you just buy a couple for one project at a other kits, the cost adds up when they put in large quantities of stuff you won't use for a few years (or some you'll never use). The cost of the drill jig and little stuff like that adds up as well. If I were you I'd buy just a couple for one project and see how it goes before dropping 400 dollars.
  4. JosephThomas

    Domino DF 500 Connectors

    I'm finishing a desk that could have used them but I decided I would rather just finish the project sooner. (I threw pocket holes into the connecting rails instead). A more permanent project, or something I planned to move more often would be a better fit, just not sure what project that will be.
  5. JosephThomas

    Veritas Low Angle Block Plane

    I have had things replaced by Lee valley, I always send pictures in my email and they always replace right away and apologize for the incident. It sounds totally normal to me that they want a picture... There are people out there that don't know what is flat or square, and they don't know you're not one of them, yet They'll make it right, just send the pictures.
  6. JosephThomas

    Drawer Orgo

    Well they work today...maybe it was just my work computer yesterday.
  7. JosephThomas

    Drawer Orgo

    Pics not loading...
  8. JosephThomas

    Pine Dresser With "Big Box Pine"

    Nice project. I agree with the comments above, it looks like you did darn well, even if the pine makes it difficult to be as precise as you'd like. For what it's worth, my local HD sells "select pine" which is fairly nice and actually kiln dried (for real, not the 5 second kiln visit they do for the construction lumber). It is basically as expensive as hardwoods because of this though. Like anything else, there is some pine out there that is fairly nice when you compare it with alder or poplar or other affordable hardwoods.
  9. JosephThomas

    Random Tip #15 - Shop Made Flip Stops

    I have tried this before but they developed too much play over time. I don't recall for sure but I might have used plywood, perhaps that is why.
  10. JosephThomas

    Whoops! Spar Urethane

    For future reference, sanding isn't the best way to remove finish anyway. It's better for your health to just use a stripper in a well ventilated area. But you can just keep applying the spar in this case if you're ok with the look.
  11. JosephThomas

    Used lathe rant

    As mentioned above, there are better deals at HF or grizzly than anything I can find on the used market locally. I was kind of surprised at the the grizzly prices...there are a couple lower-end well rated ones that seem to be very affordable ($360 for 12"x18", or $665 for a 16x46). Hard to pass that up unless you want to grab the HF for a while.
  12. JosephThomas

    Morris Chair Pair

    Nice. What did the leather cost?
  13. JosephThomas

    Used lathe rant

    Nova prices their stuff like they're the festool of lathes. Not trying to comment on whether they're worth that at all, just reiterating the point someone made about looking for the right brands. Edit: I keep forgetting this thread was just a rant Do you actually want a lathe, or just to rant? Sometimes I think I want one, and I have the money, but have yet to pull the trigger, so...I guess not very badly.
  14. JosephThomas

    Gaming Table

    Nice material. You sure you wanna use it on a table he's gonna cover with doritos and code red?
  15. JosephThomas

    Chest of Drawers

    Watching time save a few minutes and use dowels instead of the face grain plugs