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  1. Music Boxes

    Wow good stuff. Thx for sharing.
  2. A couple comments: Marc is about to do a similar build at the Marc Adams school of woodworking. I had requested they film a post-build video with some of the basic dimensions, and Nicole said "maybe" because he's very busy. I asked for this because I'd like to do a similar build in the future as well. I think given how much smaller the footprint of the table will be (and the lack of outer grooves), 3/4" rails is possible within reason but depends on a couple other factors: How wide will your rail material be (how "tall" will they be when you're looking at the finished table)? How much weight are you planning on putting in the middle compartment (including the weight of the bottom panel itself)? I think reducing the thickness of the top to 3/4" for the solid wood "border" is completely reasonable and would probably look better....the problem is that the center panels were thicker so that they could span the large distance without sagging. Check out the sagulator with your dimensions of plywood and your spans (be sure to select "floating" since the ply inserts won't be attached): Welcome to the forum! Excited to see a post in the project section once you get started.
  3. Mahogany King Bed inspired by D & W

    20-26" wide is just is just insane, in any thickness or species, let alone 16/4 mahogany... I honestly did not think such wood existed for sale anymore because I've never seen anything over 18" or so and that was only a couple times....Where did you find such a haul?
  4. Mahogany King Bed inspired by D & W

    Very nice. Where did you get that hardware (threaded insert and bolt)? Looks very classy compared to what I usually see at my local home center.
  5. My shop overhaul

    Have fun Cliff, congrats.
  6. Dining room table - some assembly required

    Look in good. Do you find those spring clamps hold the boards well enough for the jointer? I've used f-clamps before and I'm always paranoid about them being too loose...too scared to find out how much pressure is too little.
  7. Morris Chair Pair

    Makes sense. I know very little about leather, as it doesn't go well in hot climate homes with no AC Good luck.
  8. Morris Chair Pair

    Chairs look amazing. Good luck with the leather. Any idea what color/tone you are going to get?
  9. Built In Bunk Bed --- Woodworking ish? :)

    Try to find the BB ply that has some football patches on one won't matter for your purposes and it saves a ton. I think my cost here is under $40 for 18mmx5x5
  10. Oops. Wrong Epifanes

    What Brendon is explaining is that Epifanes recommends a few coats of gloss before switching to satin, if so desired (it's in their instructions)...when Spags and Cremona were using it for outdoor projects they talked about this on the podcast and I thought the takeaway was that the gloss was obviously superior at reflecting light, so an equal number of coats of satin would not protect the wood from the sun quite as well. If I were in your shoes I'd continue and just be sure you have plenty of satin on there (6 coats at least)....reason being you're either gonna strip/sand back to bare wood now, or in a couple years when it starts to fail...might as well let the experiment run at this point.
  11. Arched bookcases and Fireplace surround w mantle.

    I't enough pictures, but definitely not "too many". Thx for sharing.
  12. Wine stain

    I did this today as well, a couple of the ideas mentioned above are there as well as a couple others, like baking soda diluted with mineral oil (which was my first though)...I will probably try a few of these ideas starting in order from least harsh on up to the nuclear options. Thx all.
  13. Built In Bunk Bed --- Woodworking ish? :)

    That came out awesome Vinny!
  14. Small Project: Bed for a Special Little Dog

    Yeah I cried a little when I saw where the beautiful mahogany was going, but you gotta use it will be a special bed indeed.
  15. Sawstop Overarm Dust Collection

    I have it and I think it works pretty well. It's not giving you festool level of dust control, and it is variable based on what you're cutting but I do like using it, especially when I have a bunch of rip cuts to do in a row. I generally crosscut with the TS sled so I don't use it in that case.