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  1. Shop Storage Shed

    @Chestnut What does your house look like? My highest priority would be to match the style, roofline, overhangs, etc to the main house as best I could (unless you plan on changing that stuff in the near future). Whenever I see people build secondary structures that don't match, it doesn't matter how nice it is if it differs too much from their house. Just my 2 cents. Add a couple pics of your house if you can! Dormers add complexity. They look amazeballs, as @Alan G showed us, though. If it were me, I'd be hard pressed to justify it, unless I were retired .....someday (sigh).
  2. Supermax conveyor stopped

    Did they decide it was a manufacturing defect? Or was the motor overloaded at some point? Wondering if there's anything to learn so I can avoid this myself (even though I have the other model).
  3. Supermax conveyor stopped

    Simpsons reference? Here? Nice...
  4. Supermax conveyor stopped

    Crap, I just assumed it was the same 19-38 that "most" of us have. My mistake.
  5. Trestle Table

    Looks good. I doubt Mar was there, I don't see any dimples
  6. Shop Layout

    Thanks guys, good thoughts.
  7. Shop Layout

    Another question I have is ho to use any of the space in front of the main garage door. I know I want table saw/outfeed in that general spot int he middle, so I don't anything by the door that obstructs it's use...maybe I could leave the drum sander or planer on their rolling carts up against the door and roll them back a bit when in use? What does everyone else put near their doors, anything? Seems like such waste space.
  8. Morris Chair Pair

    Same here. I've heard some ppl claim they get burning when they do this, but I've had 0 problems, I just leave it at full speed.
  9. Morris Chair Pair

    Yeah use the rubber lock like the guys say...."a lot of bent lams" does mean more glue so it is possible you just gummmed it up real bad and now it's toast. Clean it often and it will last quite a long time in my experience.
  10. Supermax conveyor stopped

    I looked into this because mine has conveyor problems as well. One common problem is for the coupler between the motor shaft and the conveyor belt rod to be disconnected / too loose. Go to page 19 where the troublehsooting section is...I don't see an exact match at first glance, but if you follow steps to fix a "shaft couple loose" or a similar step you might find a solution. I had to spend a little time looking at the diagrams in the back of the manual to figure out what each part was named, but maybe that's just's a pretty good manual, one of the few worth opening IMO.
  11. Shop Layout

    Ha! I'm definitely not ready for guests, even helpful ones
  12. Shop Layout

    Thx all for the ideas! For future reference this stuff is all on wheels: Table saw, outfeed table, planer, drum sander, dust collection, and the future jointer I don't have yet will eventually be on wheels too. I have found this to be a luxury I am willing to spend money on. Yeah I'm buying a jointer, just wanted to move and get settled first. Table parts are packed away, I'll find them eventually then I can do finally glue-up and finish work. I like stuff at right angles, were gonna have to disagree on that one I considered rotating the bench, but that side is the back of the bench, so it should leave a clear walkway all the time. I liked the idea of having it there to keep other shop stuff from moving into the walkway "accidentally" if that makes sense. Dust tends to be ok, and I'll even vacuum or dust off the laundry machines once a week to keep the wife happy. Yeah, I've lived places where the laundry is actually just sitting outside's nuts here. If I owned the place I would def. be moving it like you said. As for what I do, I just like making medium sized furniture for our house. I'm working on an outdoor coffee table right now....a few projects in the queue over the next few years: queen bed frame, bookshelves, a couple floating shelves, entertainment center, a small hall tree bench for by the front door, dresser for my boy's clothes, and eventually I'd like to make a bigger workbench. I'll likely make a handful of cutting boards and stuff like that to give as gifts to family as well. This is the only real reason I own the drum sander, I don't use it nearly as often as the other tools, I just dropped it in there. Notes about what is on wheels are listed at the top of my post. Yeah it's mobile, I have one of those 10' long hoses I just plug into whichever machines I'm working on. It's in the middle because I didn't really like it up against any of the walls...seemed to interfere with maximizing the lumber storage ont he back wall or the miter saw ont eh right wall. So I just dropped it in the middle for now, looking for a good idea. Good points on the jointer, I will def. try it on the right of the table saw before anywhere else. I wouldn't mind putting the drum sander off in a corner somewhere, I just don't want it's normal resting spot to interfere with long boards moving thru one of the commonly used machines (table saw, planer, jointer, or even the miter saw). Agreed again on the jointer. How close would you move that group of machines towards the miter saw ? Within 2 feet? I have becomes used to only having about 8" gaps between stuff in the tiny space I had, so I'm clueless on how a normal area should be spaced. I agree on the sink. I have a little sharpening area that rests on top of the drying machine, but an in-sink setup would be nice. Mail me the money bro, I'll buy it tonight.
  13. Shop Layout

    Moved to a larger shop space, trying to draw out some ideas for shop layout. It's a great nice big space from what I'm used to, super excited...however, I'm renting this house so the odds say we're only likely to stay 2-3 years, so keep that in mind with any suggestions. Also, my wife enters the garage to do laundry, so it's in my best interests to keep a clear path from the laundry back to the house Also, all this stuff is in a fixed position, and can't/won't be moved. --> Water heater, water purifier, laundry, sink. Also not going to move the door locations obviously Owner also has a moderately sized "bench" up against the right wall that I'm not likely to mess with. Images are just crap edited on the fly to give a general idea... And here's my stuff kinda of hap-hazardly tossed in there... Tstaks == these are like systainers for those not familiar (better according to @shaneymack ). Most of them fit below bench height and give me a little workspace on top. I like them here because the first couple are dedicated to normal DIY stuff for the house so it's nice to have them close to that door. Other cabinets are just some other cheap cabinets, I may replace them with better storage eventually. Current bench is a little shorter than what's shown but I'd like to have next year. I like this placement of the bench for a few reasons, so I'm trying to come up with a layout that lets me keep it right there. Back wall is just for clamps and lumber storage and plenty of it. I can probably fit most of the horizontal lumber storage above 48" (but I have extra racks to put below if needed), so I could probably roll a machine under there for storage. I plan to just setup a miter station next to that fixed wall "bench" on the right wall to utilize that as the left wing of the MS station, and some utility space when not in use. Table saw is roughly in the middle...I don't open the door when machiens are running so I'm trying to keep it where I can have 8' in front and behind of the blade. Planer, Bandsaw, drumsander, and DC are kinda just floating around...not sure what's best. I don't have a jointer (sold before I moved). Will probably get a 6" again soon, so I need to have a spot for that too. Seems like there is plenty of space to work with, just looking for some ideas before I waste too much time moving all the heavy stuff around. Any ideas appreciated. Thx.
  14. Morris Chair Pair

    Awesome. Only one footrest? Girl in picture will not be happy.
  15. China Cabinet

    I think you're on the right track. My guess is it would be pinned/doweled/screwed for strength, similar to how G&G furniture is done.