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  1. Lacertine_Forest

    Pulley/Sheave alignment on Powermatic 66 Table Saw

    Thanks a lot for the info! I will look into that and hopefully get this bad boy up and running soon.
  2. Hi everyone, I am new to both this forum and woodworking, and I am looking for help regarding a 1987 Powermatic 66 table saw I purchased on Craigslist. When I got the saw home and began reassembling, I noticed that the pulleys on the arbor shaft are not exactly parallel with the pulleys on the motor. I would say there is a good 3/8"-1/2" between the outside edge of the arbor shaft and the motor itself (it's hard to say exactly as getting an accurate measurement tool in there without removing the top is challenging). Upon examination of the motor itself, it looks like they pulleys are about 1/2" from the edge of where the motor mounts to the table saw: It may just be coincidental, but that is roughly the distance that I think the two are apart. Here are a couple of images taken from inside the cabinet, just under the table top on the side with the motor: The big question is whether this is something I should be concerned about, and, if so, how can I make adjustments so that the pulleys are completely parallel? I've been through the manual and several other resources (complete illustrated guide to tablesaws, care and maintenance of shop machines), and I haven't seen anyone talk about pulley alignment - just some guidelines regarding belt tension. The person I purchased it from said the motor is not original, but it is a Baldor 145TC, and he had clearly been using it for a number of years. He had been running it with only one belt (I intend to use all three), and when I checked the bearings with a dial indicator, the indicator barely moved (.001" or less) - so I know what he was doing couldn't have been too hard on the bearings. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!