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  1. Mpride1911


    I actually found a Spear & Jackson that I'm really happy with, just north of Utica New York a few weeks ago, paid $48 for it. Earlier that day I found a second line back saw from Harvey Peace for $5. And this afternoon I chatted up a lady at an antique store that I found this morning, she had her husband take me into their store room and I found a Richardson Bros back saw there. Paid little less than 20 for it, and was surprised to see how much those were going for on Ebay.
  2. Mpride1911


    I second this. I've been buying a bunch lately as well, with the intent on using them. If you're doing it to collect, maybe pick a goal or something. Like to assemble a complete set of Type 5s or something specific. I just lean toward Stanley planes without the ring around the front knob. As for saws, I look for Disston, or other brands from the 1800s that I'm able to look up online. I don't buy online, only from flea markets and antique stores, so I make sure I have my phone on me. Lastly, make sure the plane isn't damaged. I bought two No. 7s, one from late 1800s and the other fr
  3. I just bought a wide variety of antique handsaws, so I made it easy on myself and bought the complete set from Lee Valley. I think they were like $45 or something. Simple and worth it. I come across old files all the time that work fine, but I just bought the set so I knew I would have the right sizes.
  4. What's your location? Where I'm at, I've had pretty good success finding old Stanley 4s for around $10-20. I actually got one that wasn't nearly as rusty as I though. Due to my error, the shop keeper actually decided to just let me have the plane for free because of that. It actually cleaned up far better than I ever expected.
  5. I'm up outside of Watertown, at least until this coming April. Then I'll be in Arizona.
  6. According to this chart, it's equivalent to a Stanley No. 3.
  7. Yeah, I'm going to dig into it today and see what it will look like. I'm inundated with old tools right now, I have no room to work at the moment. I went a little overboard.
  8. I bought this one today. It looks like it says Lakeside on the case. Of course I missed the glaring chunk of the case that's missing hear the bottom, but it still works.
  9. Internet searches so far. I do know the rust factor is definitely in my favor there, which is good. I'm no fan of upstate NY but tools here are a buyers market, every store just has piles of them. I've had my parents searching western Montana for me, after a weeks of showing them what I have to search through here. They're finding them, but the prices are more than double what they are here.
  10. I've been buying all of the antique tools that I can get my hands on lately, now that I know that I'm moving to southwest Arizona where there really won't be any, they way they are here. Last Saturday I saw this for $20. I passed. Later I did a google search, and saw how much they are selling for online and immediately started kicking myself. This morning was the first chance that I had to try again. Unfortunately, he knew how much it was worth as well. He said he had an offer on the table for it already, I offered $5 more than that, and took it home. I still got a fair price, and well
  11. I see quite a few of them here where i am. I've considered it too, but don't know enough about them. Seems like I should get one.
  12. It's a 101, I've seen a few in my area. I bought one for $3 and cleaned it up and painted it. I've seen a few more in better condition for $25.
  13. Wow, talk about my mind playing tricks on me. This isnt how I remembered it at all. I thought it was a lot newer. This is way older than I remembered it. At least I was right about the price. The hole in sole obviously destroyed any collector value, but I'm still going to use the hell out of it. EDIT: After I got home, I looked up the dating on these, and it appears to be a type 6.
  14. That's what I thought. Just wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing something. I wasn't sure if wax was the best way to go, but it appears it is the way to go. Thank you.
  15. I use wax on my new planes, and follow Sellar's advice of 3 in 1 on the old planes. Both work for me. I'll probably try and wax the chipped areas too.