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  1. Hello all I curently have a two car garage work shop and live in Colorado. As many of you know sometimes it get a little cold, I was wondering what kind of heaters everyone isusing in there garage to keep it a good temp. Im leaning toward a natural gas type but am concerned of the time bomb affect. I do have dust collection and a air filtration unit though so. Any thoughts would be great thanks.
  2. Another ct26 vote I did get the lifetime bag though which is well worth if ur using it for your track saw
  3. I thought I remember Marc saying what he used just can't hunt it down
  4. Hello all looking for some good ideas for hearing protection with Bluetooth ?
  5. I have the dw734 because they were running a special on it. I personally wanted the 735, but have regrets now one bit I get barley any snipe locked down or not. I also upgraded to the Wikey digital read out which is insanely easy to install where if I remember right you have to drill into your 735. Either way great lunchbox planners. But do get some good hearing protection cause there both screamers. Best of luck
  6. Hello quick question I currently have the Bosch MRC23EVSK router kit and also have the Festool Ts75 track saw, I've been looking around and trying to find a way to attach the router to the Festool track. Cant find anything at all so figured I would ask people smarter than me. Thanks
  7. What would be a good way to tack it and not ruin any of the wood on the bat
  8. hello all, just recently got a request to rip baseball bat in half wondering what everyone's ideas are to do this without messing up the bat or my fingers. I'm leaning to the bandsaw and a v block. Thanks
  9. Hello all still doing homework on a new table saw just wondering how much rip capacity is really necessary. I have the festol track saw is this helps at all. Thanks !
  10. Hello all getting caught up on all the WoodTalk episodes and found that Shannon (sorry if i miss spelt) offering the Hardwood to go site is that still ran by him? or is it someone else now? Would love to support a fellow wood lover if they deliver to Colorado.
  11. Hello Just got a new commission making a kitchen island. Half cabinets half shelfs. The cabinet portion is being painted and is being made out of maple plywood (customer choice) looking on instructional video or advice on painting/finishing. Going for a semi gloss look . Thanks in advance
  12. Hello, Me and my wife are starting to do some commission jobs on the side on the last few we have sat down and really crunched the numbers or so we thought. What we have been forgetting to add is the small things glue, brads, sandpaper, or even putting those hours on the tools that wear them down so on and so on. Just wanted to know how everyone else is going about it? Thanks in advanced. David
  13. Hello all, Lately my wife has been into a rustic phase and keeps begging me to make my projects for around the house "more beat up". I may be alone on this but I have a hell of a time hammering edges or skimming off a shaving or two with my plane on my neatly and perfectly planned out projects. Since all us married guys know the wife is always right. Right? I was looking for a how to or some sort of guidence on roughing up projects to give it a rustic aged look. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! David C. Woodland Renovations
  14. Thanks you guys for all the help. Looks like ill be doing some more homework and a few more hunny do's to get a bigger allowance. Thanks again for all your help.