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  1. Thanks for the input all. As much as I'd *really* like to get started and hit the ground running, there is wisdom in the "buy once, cry once" idea. (I've not heard it phrased that way before, I'm going to have to save that for later). I'm going to start off with getting a set of some basic hand power tools that will let me build some shop furniture and perfect some basic skills.... and maybe find some creative solutions to problems as they come up. Any suggestions on good books to help me get started with techniques as I think the shop should also have a small library. Thanks again to everyo
  2. You all raise some very valid points on things, I appreciate it. Some specific questions: Electrical for the workshop, working by myself, one tool at a time with the lights on makes 100 amps feel like overkill. What sort of tools could I be looking at that would require that sort of amperage? Same with the needing 220, what sort of tools could I be growing into to utilize that sort of juice? I don't want to have to dig it all up and re-do it later.Any suggestions on brands of good hand power tools (specifically circular saw, jig saw, router, sanders) that I could use to get started with som
  3. Thanks for the initial replies. I was noticing my selection options at HD are.... limited to put it kindly, but I'm leveraging some AmEx point collected from work, so I'm sitting on at least $500 - $750 from there currently. I was looking last night at some cordless tool kits from Ridgid to get me started . Beyond that, I have to budget for things and I've got a wedding, honeymoon and then a bigger reception to plan for between now and next May, so I'm unfortunately going to have to go a bit slow on the big tools. For reference I'm in south east Michigan, so gets fairly hot in the summer an
  4. Hey all, I'm new around here so I hope this is the right place for this. I'm new to woodworking. Took some shop classes back in middle or high school, have done a few projects here and there, and I recently build a desk I use everyday and realized that this is something I want to pursue. All that being said, I need to figure out some tools to start filling a shop with as I've got only the most basic of tool boxes in the house for fixing little things. I've got a detached garage that I want to, eventually, turn into my shop space. It's ~25'x30' but it lacks both insulation and power. As it'
  5. Hey all, my name is Joe and I'm just getting in to wood working. I've got an empty and unfinished second garage and a desire to start using my hands to make items I can use around the house. A few months ago I made a new corner desk (picture below) using a 4 x 8 piece of ply wood, some legs from Ikea, a circular saw, jig saw, power sander and a drill and I really enjoyed both the process and knowing that I'm using the desk pretty much every day. I look around my house and I have a ton of mis-matched furniture assembled from college to present and I'm starting to think making my own would be